Useless Courses To Study In Nigeria – Top 25 Ranked

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Nigerian students are lured to offer courses that are not marketable in institutions, the useless courses to study in Nigeria yearly. The reason is that the institutions would not lose students, which will, in some ways, affect the revenue the schools generate.

You see, we have to admit the fact that Nigeria is not yet a developed country. This means you can expect very little or, at most (setbacks) from the country.

That is the fact you want to know.

Disclaimer: This is not to condemn the country or the courses mentioned here. The article is deemed to enlighten students on what courses not to take in the country. Also, as a case study, we are not saying that the courses here are useless everywhere, just in this part of the world.

Useless Courses To Study In Nigeria

We have twenty-five (25) top useless courses to study in Nigeria. They are:

  1. Animal Science
  2. Anthropology
  3. Animal Husbandry
  4. Applied Microbiology
  5. Adult Education
  6. Botany
  7. Computer Science
  8. French
  9. Food Science and Technology
  10. Fisheries
  11. Geography
  12. Geology
  13. History
  14. Library and Information
  15. Music
  16. Marketing
  17. Microbiology
  18. Political Science
  19. Psychology
  20. Physiology
  21. Sociology
  22. Social Studies
  23. Soil Science
  24. Theatre Arts
  25. Zoology

We will taking few courses and tell you why they are Useless courses to study in Nigeria:

Adult Education

If you think you have used your years in the university wisely, studying Adult Education, you might be making one of the biggest mistakes you don’t fall into.

The only case where your studying this course will certainly help you in a country like this is when you already have the vision of owning a school after your education.

Useless Courses To Study In Nigeria

Otherwise, it might be really hard for one to settle down with a degree in adult education in Nigeria.


Of all the courses on our list, I think this is better. You can be a teacher of the language in some Nigerian secondary schools. Only that teaching might not be your thing.


With the all-time advancement of the internet, social media has made it possible for singers to become famous, even without stepping into the four corners of a school wall.

Theatre Arts

Another course I always wonder why people study in Nigeria is Theatre Arts. I can’t just help but imagine that some Theatre Arts graduates have been in the movie industry for years without getting recognized by many people.

Meanwhile, the most influential Nigerian actors and actresses study courses like English, Business Administration, Human Resources Management, etc.

Unlike a few other fields, your competency, which you can, will speak for you in the movie industry; nobody cares about your certificate.


The chances of getting a job as a Zoologist in Nigeria are very few because the country is still lagging in several aspects.

Why You Should Not Study These Courses

Below are some reasons you don’t want to study the courses tagged as the top useless here and on other places on the internet.


I am sure you don’t want to sit at home seeking a job for years after your degree program. If that is so, then it is one reason you should not study these courses.

This is one of the greatest problems facing Nigeria:

Whether directly or not, I want to admit that studying the wrong courses at the university is the problem facing most Nigerians.

Although now and then, people will claim not to get jobs. Let’s tell ourselves, “A man studying sociology is seeking a job in Nigeria. Can he work in NNPC?”

That aside, we must understand that the country does not have room to take people with certain knowledge.

Studying the wrong course is a significant problem facing Nigeria if we consider that lack of employment results in the ever-increasing rate of crime.

Wasted Years

If there is an important reason why you should not study a useless course in Nigeria, it is for your future. What are the chances of securing a good future with a wrong certificate?

One might have equally wasted the entire years studying at the university.

Not getting a job on time (in cases where you might later secure one) can be so demanding, as you might have forgotten all you studied in school.

What to do before choosing a course to study in Nigeria

Understanding that one can make the mistake of studying the wrong course with the four years they spend in school as a Nigerian, we should consider some of the things students should note before choosing a course.

Thence, this is more like a solution to studying any of the top useless courses in Nigeria. You should look into the following as you make for your degree program in Nigeria:


Mame inquiries from people ahead of you. And if you think they are unreliable or you don’t have some of them around, you can use the internet to get to know lucrative courses and those that are not, just as you have seen some mentioned in this article.

If you have no idea what you are good at, ask people around you.

Ensure you are going for your mind, not what friends or circumstances bring you

Consider Your Aptitude or Potentials

Have you recently discovered what you do best? If yes, you might want to give it another thought before filling out that JAMB or Post UTME form (note that some schools take only Post UTME. You might want to check out previous articles on our platform for more understanding).

Perhaps, you just discovered you understand things better when practicals are done. This might indicate that you would perform better in science courses.

Nonetheless, this is not to say that your potential alone is what you consider. But then, even as we look at the top useless courses to study in Nigeria, we must also learn to balance the lucrative courses and our abilities.

Therefore, do not leave behind that which you are good at doing because of the shape of the country (which favours some courses at the expense of others).

What To Do After Studying a Useless Course in Nigeria

Well, I would not be numbering this because it is our advice for people that might have fallen victim to any of the top useless courses to study in Nigeria.

Think Of Start Up Business

Firstly, think of starting up something on your own. Yes, you studied the course you took at the university and most likely chose to study it yourself. This means you must have had a vision before taking this action. Hence, you should sit back and figure out how to establish yourself.

If you studied fisheries, for instance, you might want to get some plots of land and start doing something with artificial or natural (fish pounds) – depending on where the land is located.

Think outside education and assume what you can do to survive without having it. This might require you to our your potential into use.

Go for your Master’s Degree

Secondly, if you have the time and money, you can go for your master’s in any course similar (but lucrative) to the one you have taken in your degree. Or kindly go for another degree program in a different course. I guess this is not what you want to do.

Travel Out Of Nigeria

Thirdly, you might also consider travelling out of the country to a greener pasture where the certificate you are holding is appreciated.

Put God First

If you are religious, you can pray, do not forget the God’s factor in everything you do.

Since you are studying an useless course, what you have to pray for is mercy and favour.

Why Do People Study Useless Courses In Nigeria?

If you are also interested in knowing why some people choose to study useless courses like this, this is part of the article for you.

  1. Some people have no choice but to take up those courses, perhaps because it was the only offer available due to their JAMB or Post UTME score
  2. People may also study the wrong courses because they are in haste and can’t wait to get good courses before going to school
  3. People also study the wrong courses as a result of ignorance. Certainly, no one will deliberately go to school to waste their years. This means that many people most likely do not know that the courses they offer are useless in a country like this
  4. Sometimes people also find themselves studying the wrong courses because they follow the choice of their friends. Always remember that whatever becomes of you in life is your cross to carry. No one else in the world should be in for our misfortune, so we have got to choose what we do wisely
  5. Lastly, some schools lure students and make them see reasons to take some of these courses, to populate all available faculty and departments in the school

Things like this often happen in Private institutions since they often rely on students’ school fees for their funding.


In conclusion, as obtained from sources, many claim that you should study only the courses above, but you should not study any course ending with ‘logy’ in Nigeria. The reason is simply that the country is not developed intellectually and scientifically developed in this case.

You must congratulate yourself if you are reading this before gaining admission into the university. Kindly share this piece with others online if you have learned something new.

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