Disadvantages of National Open University You Must Know : Top 8 Ranked

disadvantages of national open university

Are you a student interested in studying at the National Open University or want to know more about the National Open University? MyEduScholars got your back as we will solve your doubt with this article on the disadvantages of National Open University.

Let’s go, firstly:

What is the National Open University

First, of its kind in West Africa, the National Open University of Nigeria is a government open and remote learning school. It is commonly called ‘NOUN’ and is Nigeria’s largest tertiary institution in terms of the student population.

The Disadvantages of National Open University

1. NYSC exception letter

Please remember that the NYSC was not established to verify academic degrees. “You have served your country” is what the National Youth Service Corps certificate says.

National Open University graduates are not eligible for call-up letters for youth service. As previously stated, the student body of National Open University currently numbers over 400,000, which is the equivalent of the student bodies of 10 to 20 universities.

disadvantages of national open university

NYSC will need to practically treble its current facilities to accommodate that population if they include them in NYSC.

Despite this, many people believe that the NYSC is a waste of time that could have been better spent either going for a Master’s, gaining professional experience, or learning some vital practical skills that will benefit your entrepreneurship once you have completed your education.

Yet, I considered the exception of NYSC as one of the disadvantages of National Open University.

2. Admission is accessible and open

The National Open University has a lot of strange features for me. You don’t have to take JAMB or post JAMB to get into their schools. National Open University accepts new students every semester, and application forms are always available.

Even though you don’t need JAMB to get admitted into the National Open University, I consider it one of the most significant disadvantages of National Open University because there will be poor and dull students.

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board was created to regulate higher institution admission. Students with poor scores will be denied admission, which has dramatically helped universities in Nigeria admit brilliant and well-performing Students.

3. National Open University students are less Employed

This reason might be one of the most significant controversies in this article. Did you think National Open University students lack experience? Wait a minute, a university that except her students from NYSC, what did you think would happen?

Of course, such students will be incompetent due to a lack of experience. Moreover, little or no company employs people with no experience, which is likely difficult for a National Open University student to be used.

4. Worst Education Environment

Come to think of it, National Open University Centers across the country are the worst educational environment you can ever think of in the country that an average primary school is better off.

Due to the National Open University facilities, it can be better known as an advanced secondary school, understanding topics being taught won’t be convenient in an Un-Conducive Environment.

disadvantages of national open university

5. Students do not attend lectures at National Open University

Please take a look at yourself; you are in a University whereby you don’t attend classes. All you do is buy hand-outs which are not always readily available for collection in their School library.

I am half sure you won’t use a second to withdraw from such a university if you are reading this for the first time; yes, students attending the National Open University don’t attend lectures.

Maybe you have a friend or relative there, and they told you they went for lectures; they are a LIAR.

6. Confusion in the system

A hacked portal for the T.M.A. (Tutor marked assignment) has made it easier for students to get 30/30 in the T.M.A. After all, the answers for the test and the examination are already available there, making it unnecessary for students to study for the Tutor marked assignment because the same exposed T.M.A. will be repeated.

7. Student union is forbidden in National Open University

I hope you know why the Student Union Government we termed “SUG” is in various institutions? The answer is simple the student union is established to fight for the right of students of the institution.

I could vividly remember in my fresher days in the University, some ‘big boys scammed me,’ it was the same student union that fought and stood for me, so I was able to collect what I was scammed of the back.

Here we go, the National Open University does not tolerate any form of a student union that works to fight for the student’s rights. I classify the exception of students union as one of the disadvantages of National Open University due to my experiences.

8. Young National Open University Students are quickly turned into destitute

My neighbors that are studying at National Open University do sorts of immoral things till they eventually graduate.

In some people’s opinion, the school is to collect money from students and award certificates.

You’re free to add the disadvantages you know student attending the National Open University has, don’t hesitate to use the comments box below to ask questions, and feel free to contact us.

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  1. You are wrong… infact, if you sited examples only from your neighbors and you didn’t take your time to conduct proper reasearch then you just came here to say your views about the school which is nothing but err, and i have to say, your view about JAMB is totally myopic, I must say, I am a Graduate of NOUN, and I am sure you won’t even be able to face me on a one on one debate in real life about this post if it comes to it. NOUN an advanced secondary school? Where your lecturers in other federal universities come for their PHDs and Nurses do their B.Nsc just to mention a few? You are a joker, i can say for a fact that you need to have a personal experience before you can actually type this and I am guessing you might be part of the not too bright ones that left NOUN out of sheer frustration and can’t sit down to discipline themselves to actually study on their own, anyways I rest my case, no need of taking to debased mind(s) who draws conclusions out of a selected few and then generalizes it! If you are up for some proper education about NOUN, you have my mail, afterall it should be in your database, i.e if you actually don’t pay a web dev. to do it for you and all you do is just errs typing all day long. I really do hope I (or anyone) don’t come across your post again through Google’s search index i.e if you have made up your mind to keep typing myopic things such as this… have a nice day…

  2. This is a poorly executed write-up filled with condescending rhetorics and un-researched presumptions. You keep talking about “dull students” but you don’t seem very sound either.
    Why do you think “poorly performing students” students should be denied an education? What is your rationale? So “dull students” should be kept out of the educational system and remain disenfranchised? Who does that benefit? have a rethink and rewrite or even better, delete this biased and prejudiced piece.

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