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Uplearn Scholarship – Uplearn is an institution dedicated to bringing out a world-class living experience from students. Established in 2016, they have committed to giving students scholarships in different forms; all they did was encourage education and ensure students benefit from existing knowledge.

The rise and need for educational experts triggered the formation of Uplearn. Hence they are in the process of creating a future where it will be possible for everybody to learn and succeed in any area of life.

Most significantly, these are to be channeled to the expanding development of technology. Overall, their goal is to help all students expand their knowledge in every subject.

According to them, they exist so that “anyone who wants to learn anything, can. We envision a future where humanity can learn as efficiently as possible, where success is never in doubt, and the only thing you have to think about is where to invest your time.”

One of the ways to realize this is by sponsoring as many willing students as possible to take higher challenging studies. This they’ve made possible through their scholarship program. We shall look more into the requirements and what it takes to get the scholarship. Keep reading.

Uplearn scholarship program Overview

Being allowed to study at such high quality would, no doubt, change many things in person. To reduce the number of people out of the study, Uplearn has provided free Scholarships to students in various Universities so long that they’re included in the Uplearn scholarship program.

The most important part of everything is that parents sponsor the lives of unprivileged students, giving them equal opportunities to showcase what they have upstairs. This will further boost the quality of education and prevent it from being one-sided.

If not for anything, no institution under the benefit of Uplearn would have a deficiency inequality between the “rich” kids and the “not rich” kids.

With this practice, many of their past students have been able to handle top positions in famous Universities like Harvard, Oxford, London School of Economics, and many others.

Many scholarship students achieved far better grades than they believed they could have. Having elaborated much on this, let’s move to the eligibility for this scholarship because it is not for everyone. But who knows if it’s for everyone? You don’t know either; keep reading to find out yourself.

Eligibility for Uplearn scholarship

One thing to know about the eligibility for the scholarship, such as origin, sex, academic requirements, and all standard requirements in a regular scholarship, is that there are no particular criteria for choosing applicants, but don’t rejoice yet because it’s not yet over.

However, there are some minor requirements you have to beat to be considered for it. Again, don’t worry because it won’t be as stiff as you may be thinking. Here are the requirements; you only have to fulfill one to be eligible for the scholarship.

1. IntoUniversity

Be registered at an IntoUniversity Centre. You can discover more about your current institution; it’s one, then good luck to you.

2. The Access Project

Be enrolled at a school supported by the Access Project and be in their program. Just as simple as that sounds.

3. Crowd Scholar

Be a Crowd Scholar. If you complete this requirement, you’ll automatically be eligible.

4. Sutton Trust

Applications are usually open from January to June each year. So make good use of the opportunity when it’s time.

5. Free school Meals Students

Students who wish to receive a free meal ticket from Uplearn must show their eligibility. This meal ticket must be accompanied by proof from one of the following documents.

6. Income Support

You’ll provide a 4-page letter from Jobcentre Plus that dates to last eight (8) weeks, stating that the person is currently receiving Income Support (must). A copy of all four pages must be visible upon submission.

  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) – You’ll need to provide a 4-page letter from Jobcentre Plus, dated within the last eight (8) weeks, vividly showing that the person is currently receiving income-related ESA. A copy of all four pages must be visible upon submission.
  • Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) – You’ll need an entire printed page or PDF 4-page letter from Jobcentre Plus, dated within the last eight weeks, stating that the person is currently receiving income-based JSA. A copy of all four pages must be visible upon submission.

Note: According to them, the Jobseeker’s Attendance Card cannot be used as proof. Here’s why; it does not specify that the JSA is income-based. Contribution-based JSA is not a qualifying free school meal benefit.

  • Universal Credit – You’ll need a complete copy of your last universal credit statement, including a payment breakdown and a comprehensive overview of your household income. Your household income yearly must be less than £7,400.
  • Support under Part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 – You’ll need a recent letter from the UK Borders Agency confirming that the claimant is entitled to receive support. A copy of all four pages must be visible upon submission. You’ll also be required to provide your NASS (National Asylum Seeker’s Service) number, date of birth, and surname of the claimant to complete an eligibility check, and please take note of it.
  • Child Tax Credit – You must provide the most recent 6-8 “page Tax Credit Award notice” (TC602) from HMRC relating to the current year. You must fully show all pages without any utterances. You’ll need to receive Child Tax Credit, have income below the £16,190 threshold (page 3), and have no ongoing entitlement to Working Tax Credit (page 4).

Special note: Those who have received more than £16k for the current financial year are not eligible.

If two people are on the same Tax Credit Award, income levels and tax credit elements will apply to both claimants, including Working Tax Credit.

  • Working Tax Credit run-on – Paid for four weeks after you stop qualifying for Working Tax Credit. You must present your latest Tax Credit award notice (TC602) and a letter from your most recent employer vividly showing the date your employment was terminated. A copy of all pages must be visible upon submission.

Special note: You can only be eligible during the four weeks after employment. Anything else than that would not be regarded

  • Guarantee element of State Pension Credit – You must provide a 4-6 page letter from the Department of Work and Pensions not older than three months stating that the claimant has received the Guarantee element.

Special note: Pension Credit payment books will be outrightly rejected because they do not specify the type of Pension Credit the person involved is receiving.

How to apply for Uplearn Scholarship

Going through the above requirements, you are only required to meet one of the above requirements, and you’re good to go.

Once found where you’re eligible, you may wish to click here to apply.


In conclusion, Uplearn is willing to accept more people to benefit from the top-notch quality education offered at various Universities. If you seem to be eligible, do not miss the offer.

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