15 Awesome Jobs For 18-Year-Olds (With or Without Experience)

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Jobs for 18-year-olds – When you are 18 years old, there are several jobs around you that you can do to make a living. Most countries in the world have that as the age limit for adulthood.

This means you are no longer considered a teenager under the law. This article brings you a lengthy list of jobs for 18 years old with and without experience that you can fix yourself into and make extra income.

Understandably, at this moment of your life, you are young to have some life experiences, but they are some jobs that do not require that you have experiences to do them.

An 18-year-old is usually still in college or newly admitted into the university. So it invariably means that if you are still in school by that age, you will take this part-time job for students.

However, if you are not in school for any reason whatsoever, then you can also take them as part-time jobs or go with it as a full-time job for 18-year-olds. One good thing about this job is that it has little or no formal requirements for certifications or work experience. Although, if you have any, it could be a plus for you in your bid to get the job.

15 Jobs For 18 -Year-Olds and Salaries

Let us look at an interesting list of high-paying jobs for 18-year-olds. Some of the jobs require some level of experience while others do not and we will make that specification for you to take note of them.

More so, we will include the average salaries for the jobs for 18-year-olds. This will help you know and estimate your Salary for any job you are looking for and decide whether to apply for it.

1. Construction worker

Average Salary: $15.76 per hour

One of the jobs an 18-year-old can undertake as part-time or full-time that does not require formal experience, but only your strength is working on the construction site. Well, this kind of job cannot be done by anybody because you will always be busy. The job includes:

  • Demolition of buildings
  • Giving bricklayers cement for building
  • All other forms of tasks

Most big construction companies hire workers to help them control traffic, dig foundations, manage heavy-duty machines and sometimes carry out basic construction under supervision.

If you are an engineering student, it is a good choice to work in this kind of environment. This will add to your working experience when you pursue a career path in civil engineering.

2. Apprentice electrician

Average Salary: $18.55 per hour

The job of an apprentice electrician is to follow an expert electrician to a place of work to assist them. The name “apprentice” means that you are following the process and learning the practical aspect of electrical engineering. At your initial stage, you will carry equipment for your boss and give him the equipment when he needs it.

After that, when you have learned a bit, you can assist him in isolating and fixing some electrical parts like switches and a few other repair and maintenance tasks.

Then when you have learned the work for years, you can get licensed and start on your own. If you are an electrical engineering student, you should consider taking this apprentice electrician job for 18-year-olds.

3. Data clerk

Average Salary: $14.49 per hour

Every company requires the job of a data clerk. Sometimes, small businesses might not want to spend so much money hiring an expert data clerk, so they prefer to go with less experienced workers. The basic job of a clerk is to enter records of goods and every transaction that occurs in that business or company.

This extends to proofreading entries and creating reports using spreadsheets and MS- Word. The data clerk also interprets information entered to give the business a good record of their stocks and goods in their warehouse.

4. Customer service representative

Average Salary: $13.57 per hour

I believe you have contacted a customer care representative before in a company. It could be for your account issues or goods delivery issues. Every organization in the world, either big or small online or offline, has a customer service representative who directly interacts with customers to solve problems and assist them.

The task you will do as a customer care representative depends on the company that hired you. You can place orders, process refunds for deliveries not made, respond to customer complaints, or sometimes you find yourself explaining how to use a product or service.

A customer care representative must remain calm and maintain professionalism when responding to customers via phone, email, or live chat support system.

5. Lifeguard

Average Salary: $12 per hour

A lifeguard is a person who guards a swimming pool which could either be outdoor or indoor for their master. It could also be a company or a personal residence.

This kind of job is very sensitive, but the age requirement is usually at least 16 years old. This means that it qualifies as part of the jobs for 18 years old that you can apply for at any time.

A lifeguard must always be on alert whenever you are on duty. More so, you must know how to swim and undergo lifeguard training to get a certification to be hired since you are in charge of swimmers’ safety in case of a mishap.

6. Fast-food Worker

Average Salary: $10 per hour

The truth is that this is one of the hardest for 18 years old to do for a living. A fast food worker assembles dishes and cooking ingredients if you are in the kitchen department. If it’s a big restaurant, you might have various rotational tasks that you share with other colleagues.

This might extend to acting as a cashier and waiter or waitress. It is a good job for you to take part-time because you might not work at all times. However, you should avoid this kind of work if your school is still in session because it can sometimes be tiring. If you plan on becoming a nutritionist, or a professional baker, you can go for this job.

7. Delivery Driver Or Bicycle Courier

Average salary: $15 per hour

Many companies nowadays will need the help of hourly workers to deliver food and packages to their customers in various locations. The advantage of this job is that even you do not need to have a driver’s license to function as a bike delivery man.

One good thing about this job is that the pay is reasonable for an 18-year-old. You can also work according to your schedule, which makes it more flexible to assist you in focusing on your studies in school. It would help if you also were very careful while doing your job because you will be moving on busy streets. That is the only risk associated with this kind of job.

8. Tutor

Average Salary: $20 per hour

It is a good thing to be a brilliant student while you are in school. If you are fond of helping your mates, lower students, or kids do their assignments for free, and you should start charging a few dollars for your time.

Many students are struggling with some courses in school, especially mathematics, English, chemistry, biology, physics, and economy subjects. If you are very good in those subjects, you can meet them and negotiate to teach them as a private tutor, and they pay you.

On the other hand, it could be a parent looking for private tutorship for their kids who do not fancy learning them in school. You can apply for the job and work it as a part-time task.

It helps you in your communication skills, and it builds your self-confidence. If you get an opportunity for tutorship, I will advise you to go all out for it as it has been one of the best jobs for 18.

9. Cashier

Average Salary: $11.02 per hour

When you go to a store and finish shopping, there is an attendant who you will meet and make your payment. That is a cashier. A cashier’s job is to process payment for goods bought by customers in a store.

They also help to package, assist customers in making a good choice or finding a good product and any issue the customer is having in the shop. Sometimes, the cashier must also be security conscious while discharging her duty.

One good ability you should have is to be good in mathematics so that you do not run into losses in the business. Sometimes, you are required to meet a sales quota by referring other products and services to customers if your payment is by commission.

10. Busser

Average Salary: $11.02 per hour

A busser is a person who removes the dirty plates and arranges the table after cleaning it in a restaurant. This kind of job requires you to act professionally because sometimes some customers can be overbearing and annoying. Bussers also refill drinks and serve dishes to customers.

This job does not need work experience or a high school diploma. Another important thing is that bussers are trained to have manners and should not rudely speak to customers. Bussers can also earn extra money through tippings given to them by customers.

11. Pool attendant

Average Salary: $11.23 per hour

The job of a pool attendant is to keep the swimming pool neat at all times. They also change the water and purify it when necessary. More so. When you come to a swimming pool, the attendant registers you and gives you towels and other equipment. You should always ask the attendant if you need a tire or yourself.

Sometimes the attendant acts like a lifeguard in a pool that is not too busy. Pool attendants also organize games in the pool to make it fun for the swimmers. A pool attendant must know how to swim well so that if they need to save any life, they can help the lifeguard.

12. Host/Hostess

Average Salary: $11.45 per hour

A host/hostess seats guests at a restaurant in a hotel or in a very sophisticated restaurant. They are usually neatly dressed smartly. They are the first person to attend to customers when they come.

They do the following; maintain the reservation system for the restaurant, provide wait times for guests, clean menus, roll silverware, and seat guests once their tables are ready. On some occasions, they can answer phone calls and may take customer orders and effect delivery to them when required.

13. Barista

Average Salary: $11.46 per hour

A barista is a person who professionally serves coffee in a coffee shop. They also make teas, beverages, and other kinds of smoothies. They are taught how to use the espresso machine, which is used to make nice coffee for you.

Baristas are also trained on how to use the machine and to make the coffee following the instructions of the shop owner. The steps in making a coffee also have to be followed, which include grinding the beans, extracting the coffee, and applying the milk properly.

14. Housekeeper

Average Salary: $11.76 per hour

A housekeeper is simply a cleaner. Suppose you are passionate about keeping your environment neat, such as a family house, offices, and other buildings. The housekeepers clean the windows, vacuum, dust, mop floors, wash windows, sweep, wash dishes, and take out the trash.

They also sterilize the utensils in the kitchen for the house owner if they are working in a home. This job is very good for an 18-year-old to start his living and earn extra income. It does not require any degree, although you have to be careful so that you do not end up damaging the properties of your hirer.

15. Swim Instructor

Average Salary: $17.44 per hour

A swim instructor, also called a swimming teacher, helps children and adults practice and learn how to swim well using the proper techniques. The job responsibility of a swimming instructor includes:

  • Monitoring each student’s performance
  • Taking attendance
  • Making sure that all the swimming aids are available for them

A good swimming instructor should be patient and enthusiastic, motivate the students, and ensure that all rules of swimming are followed.

So if you know how to swim well while following the rules, you can apply to be an instructor as an 18-year-old.


We have given you 15 jobs for 18-year-olds with and without experience that you can fix yourself into and make extra income. It is good too as it will help you pay some school bills and avoid taking many student loans.

You have to check the job that suits what you can do. You should avoid taking a risky job for an 18-year-old because it is not safe for you.

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