Is Electrical Engineering Hard? See Detailed Answer

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Is electrical engineering hard? What if I say people only think this course is demanding because they are entitled to their opinions? Or to let you know that is just a postulation if not a pontification!

This article has been written about whether or not electrical engineering is a challenging course.

Rather than analysis and all of that, you will hear different scholars’ points of view in this piece. So kindly remain on the page and read through carefully.

Is Electrical Engineering Hard?

No! For many reasons, electrical engineering could be rugged, but you don’t want to stop here and have us call it a day. Run through the entire article, and I promise you, in the end, you will begin to develop your love for the course – right here.

Is Electrical Engineering Hard

There are several things your subject teachers may not disclose about the said course, many of which, due to thorough research, we would let you know in this piece.

Let us start with this question, going from the known to the unknown.

Which Engineering Course Is The Hardest?

Mechanical engineering is the hardest. Some people say no to this. But in many instances, either electrical or mechanical engineering is accepted to be the hardest, so both are the top most challenging engineering courses. But why not conclude that one of these two is the most difficult?!

You will get to understand the whole thing if you can get this question across to your colleagues offering other engineering courses. I can assure you of getting several answers, even the ones you never thought of. The reason is that we cannot always help to talk beyond what we can see.

For instance, if you offer the following courses at the University:

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • English
  • Maths

And in the end, probably because you are offering English as a second language, it is the only subject you always fail; what will be your opinion of the most challenging course?

In a case like this, you will always wonder why many people find Physics hard because your strength is there (probably because of its practical nature or your ability to think logically).


Kindly know that this is the case with the question for which you have come to seek an answer.

It is hard for humans to find strength in something and agree it is hard, and so does it happen. That is the major problem facing the supposed true answer to this question.

Since there is no exact answer to this question other than the fact that it depends on people individually, we shall examine why this course is always taken hard.

Why is Electrical Engineering so hard?

  • Logical Reasoning
  • Poor Fundamental Knowledge
  • Understanding Your Strength

1. Logical Reasoning

Most students don’t want to think outside the box, so they find electrical engineering, which requires logical reasoning, challenging.

To be a successful EE student, one must be able to reason and create a clear picture of things mentally.

Unlike other engineering courses, the one at hand requires a higher level of thinking. It is to the extent that with your brain, as a student running the degree program, you would have to paint concrete pictures of abstract ideas in your mind.

2. Poor Fundamental Knowledge

There are two subjects you are expected to be good at before taking the EE course – Mathematics and Physics.

Knowing that both maths and Physics, the core subjects in this course, are hard on their own is enough to make students take the EE course for the hardest in the universe.

I remember coming across some theories about physics being the most challenging course a few weeks ago. Here we are today to talk about physics in addition to maths – electrical engineering.

Is Electrical Engineering Hard

Work on your ability to work through Physics and math efficiently, and you will be many steps closer to understanding how electrical engineering as a course works.

3. Understanding Your Strength

Do you love more theory than practical or otherwise? You should have studied yourself and know what your strength is. This will help you define whether this course is meant for you or not.

If you discover you hate Maths or Physics, for example, it is enough to signal that EE will be the wrong choice for you to settle for.

Physics requires you to think of abstracts and bring them to reality, while mathematics involves a lot of calculation. Your weakness must not be in any of the two required skills.

But this is not to say that you cannot still learn the skills if you are set to – know yourself.

No student determined to pass this course excellently will be moved by whatever thing makes the course hard. Some people take up the most challenging courses because they are hard. All it takes for electrical engineering to be simple or hard is the state of your mind.

According to Muthyala Sudhakar on Quora, electrical engineering can only be challenging, not hard.

Sudhakar gave reasons for saying this. As obtained, every new level of our lives as humans is often very challenging because we have never done such before. But it is always a matter of time.


When we were only months old, sitting became a challenge for us. Gradually we passed through it, and the next problem was standing. That being accomplished, we learned to walk, taking one step after the other.

This exactly is what Sudhakar was trying to make us see with that comment.

Therefore you should make up your mind that the course is only looking hard because you are just starting, start focusing on it and you will soon find it simple or at least interesting.

Come to think of the world as a place with electricity. You would not be holding your phone or PC, no blog articles, no Google map, no cars, etc. Think of these things as a way of building passion in the course.

Reasons why you should study Electrical Engineering

There is almost nothing that has advantages without disadvantages on the planet Earth. And for this reason, we should look at the encouraging parts of EEE since the previous subheadings have dealt with difficulty in learning it as a disadvantage.

1. Your work ethic gets improved

If you ever think of having an education passing through you, this is one of the best options.

Studying specific courses like electrical engineering at the University will cause changes in you to some extent.

After your years of studying Electrical Engineering at the University, you will discover a drastic improvement in how you begin handling all other work outside school. The reason is that your body has tasted the new change that the course will cause you, and it wouldn’t be able to help but adapt to it.


To cut it short, studying Electrical Engineering can help students with personal development.

Some students taking the said course said that after completing the course, one should expect positive changes in all aspects of life.

2. Development of your Mathematical Ability

Indeed, you must have been a good Mathematics student before taking the course. But what will change in you after studying this course is how you see Maths in the past.

According to successful EE students, your understanding of Maths will be apparent; thus, you will take it as a more superficial course.

Think of every advantage you know an excellent Mathematician can enjoy and see yourself in that position – EE is a more advanced course than mathematics.

3. Job Opportunities

Even in today’s world, when people have to seek jobs several times before getting one, Electrical Engineers are always in demand.

Since it appears that the advancement of technology in the world happens almost every minute, causing extension in that area, the need for electrical engineers is high in several countries across the globe.

Be determined and get a degree in Electrical Engineering, to share the room with a few other personalities in the field. Sources make us understand that only a few study electrical engineering as a significant course, fewer of the few stay until the end, and even fewer work in the field after completing the course. Be set to make a difference!!


One other thing to remember as a motivation to get through this course is that despite job opportunities, many are running away from the system. This means more options among the few who choose it as a major.

Remember that nothing is tough to do if you are passionate about it. To some people, electrical engineering is complex, and to others, it is not.

With this, we can equally say the decision of whether or not the course is challenging is left to you. The ball is in your court, and your hard work can always determine what will turn out.

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