INSEAD Scholarships For International Students (Diversity)

INSEAD Scholarship

INSEAD scholarships are one of the best scholarships that offer financial aid. Due to the competition, there is a limited number of acceptable applications yearly. Most of the scholarships are granted according to their requirements and categories. All INSEAD scholarships fall under two categories: need-based and demerit-based. 

The scholarship is based on a yearly review. This means that students who are full of scholarships will need the benefiting students to step up their academics to maintain the scholarship.

Eligibility Criteria

The INSEAD scholarships have different eligibility criteria. This is based on whether the scholarship is merit-based or need-based. All applicants would be judged based on the merits of their essays and the qualifications they provided when submitting the documents.

The committee will also consider the applicant’s academic and professional achievements. 

Also, applicants sponsored by companies cannot use them as a source of financial aid. Therefore, all applicants who use companies as financial sponsors will be automatically denied admission. 

INSEAD Diversity Scholarship 

This acts like a channel that pushes the applications of applicants to the right spot for consideration. The diversity scholarship category will look out for students in need and award them the need-based scholarship. The great advantage is for financially incapable students. 

Also, the merit-based scholarship will recognize candidates who contribute to the growth of diversity in the MBA program. Things supporting the scholarship to be awarded are the candidates’ background, experience, and achievements.

Candidates selected for the merit-based scholarship must display proof of significant contribution and take care of documents from their region. For the diversity scholarship, there are specific documents that will be asked for. Therefore, get them ready. They include:

  1. The bank statements, at least for the past three months.
  2. Proof of salary and source of income.
  3. Supporting documents such as education and medical reports are also needed upon request.

Application process

The scholarship application process would be an online one. Applicants need to register on their official website. Upon registration, you will be given a personal ID and password to navigate the scholarship website.

You must complete your profile setup upon registering, including your name, photo, contact details, and educational background qualifications. The provided information will serve as a landing spot for your application process. 

As long as the online application is still available, candidates have the complete option to withdraw the scholarship applications at will. Online websites provide a means for tracking your application progress and possibly notifying you where attention is needed.

Financial Aid Rules and Instructions

The institution directs that scholarship applications be submitted at the interview stage when due. Applicants are also encouraged to keep the number of applications to a maximum of 5.

Submissions do not automatically mean all applications will be accepted. Any application can be rejected if found to be inconsistent with the requirements. 

Finally, all beneficiaries that, in one way or another, get another scholarship would automatically be disqualified from the INSEAD program and the slot allocated to another person. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any age limit for applications?

No, there’s no age limit or any sought of that. Instead, the institution looks forwards to people who are just starting their careers and can learn more. It doesn’t matter your age but rather your working experience. However, candidates with more than ten years of working experience may consider applying directly for the INSEAD’s executive MBA programs, where they will have the opportunity to learn with more experienced people. 

How many years of working experience are required?

Well, there are no specific years of working experience that are pronounced. However, working knowledge of 2 years or above would have a chance of earning the candidate a scholarship. 

What are the Test options for GMAT/GRE/TOEFL? 

 Submitting a test result is compulsory for the master’s program. Without it, your application remains incomplete and may not be considered for admission. 

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