Careers In Chemistry That Are Marketable

Highest Paying Chemistry Jobs

Careers in Chemistry that are marketable – There are several opportunities you can enjoy as a chemist, many of which can make you bless your years at the University.

Looking at the difficulty of Chemistry, one would say it is the most lucrative job in the universe. But that is not so; experts who fail to get the correct information may end up on the wrong side, going for the chemistry careers that are not worth it.

Because of this, we have written this article to help make your years at the University fruitful by providing you with a list of the top careers in Chemistry that are marketable.

Information that makes up this piece has been gathered from various reliable sources, including Kiiky and BLS, so that you can be sure of the validity of this work. If for any reason some changes have occurred, we can assure you it will be a slight change and one that cannot affect the fact that the jobs here are marketable careers in Chemistry.

With this, we shall go to examine the topic of the day immediately.

  1. 10 Top careers in Chemistry that are Marketable

1. Water Chemist

This is one of the top areas where you can work as a graduate who holds a degree in Chemistry.

You may even become very passionate about the job, raising the activities involved in the job/position above what you are being paid if you love humanity.

Many people love humanity, but the question is whether your strength lies in something like this.

As a chemist, you ought to have known, though, but not to assume, that a water Chemist is responsible for maintaining the health and quality of water – ensuring the well-being of humans.

Other terms associated with water Chemists are hydrogeologists and hydrologists.

Water is an essential part of life, so this job can get interesting if you understand and are passionate about the well-being of others.

Nevertheless, it is a marketable chemistry career.

Salary: As a water Chemist, you can earn around $14k to $350k, as gathered from sources.

2. Chemical Engineer

One of the top careers you want to check out in the said field is this.

As a chemical engineer, you would, alongside others, be in charge of creating, planning, designing, and developing new products from raw materials.

You would also need to have good knowledge of Maths, Physics, Biology, and Chemistry to succeed in this field. Some common issues that will arise in the process will require all of the application of principles taught in the said subjects as mentioned above.

Maximize your ability as a creative person in this career, and get paid for doing what you love to do.

Creating new things is one common attribute of Chemistry students – at least those who have not been able to are also eager to.

Salary: Chemical engineers earn well, but like all other jobs, it depends on the company you are working for. Nevertheless, the estimation is that you can make around $52 per hour doing this.

3. Nanotechnologist

If you choose to work as a nanotechnologist, you are already on the right path.

But who is a nanotechnologist? Chemists who do this carry out experiments on analyzing and investigating nanoscale systems after planning. Due to the nature of the job, Nanotechnology is a chemistry career that requires one to be more based in the lab.

Typically, nanotechnologists spend thirty-seven (37) hours weekly working.

And the good news about this job, which would probably revive your interest in it, is the BLS’s report on how high the demand for nanotechnologists will be. According to the report, the employment of nanotechnologists will increase by 24% over ten years (2014-2024).

4. Analytical Chemist

The career involves:

  • Carrying out fundamental lab analyses, both quantitative and qualitative matter.
  • Processing them.
  • Creating awareness of the facts generated.
  • These people test products/raw materials daily to discover new things.

As one of the marketable careers in the field of Chemistry, analytical chemists earn around $70,000 annually.

5. Geochemist

Geochemists often work with oil companies, research institutions, and other institutions that deal with or have some things to do with studying the earth.

As a geochemist, you employ the inorganic and physical chemistry principles to make your findings on the earth’s structure, composition, and other bailiwicks.

I want to believe you have been taught most of the things you would be required to know as a geochemist in school.

To be confident that you are good to go, you can visit the internet for more information on this career.

Depending on your deal with the company you are to work for, you can earn around $80k as a geochemist. So lovely a job!

6. Toxicologists

Toxicologists are needed globally, almost as much as we need doctors.

These people examine how drugs and other substances (whether natural or made by man) affect biological systems.

To perform their responsibility, toxicologists spend most of their time in the lab making analyses.

Salary Structure: Like many other jobs, especially the ones on our list, toxicology does not pay all practitioners equally.

But as obtained from the research, A toxicologist can earn between $67,000 and $95,000. Nevertheless, some top earners in the United States are said to be earning around $111,000 annually.

7. Hazardous Material Management Chemist

Another career on the list of the top marketable Chemistry career is the  Hazardous Material Management chemist.

These people team up with other scientists like biologists, toxicologists, water Chemists, etc., for the easy fulfillment of their jobs.

The HMMC is responsible for the shipment, treatment, and disposal of hazardous waste materials in water, air, and soil.

That they would also have to work on the wastes in the air and water is one reason Hazardous Waste Management Chemists cannot do without water chemists.

It may sound not very easy, but be sure that your experience as a chemist will take care of this if you get such a job.

Salary: Chemists in this area can earn about $140k annually.

Making it a real marketable career any qualified chemistry student can venture into after their years of studies.

8. Academic Research chemists

As the name implies, these chemists come together to conduct further research on things concerned with the entirety of the chemicals.

They study chemical compounds in new drugs, medical treatments, and other chemical materials.

Salary: As an AR Chemist, you can earn about $20,000 to $27,000 yearly.

9. Forensic Science

This is the area for all patriotic citizens. From experience, many in this field are not there for the money alone. Most of them are passionate about the discovery and adoption of criminals.

You know our existence as humans are tied to the notion that the world is a predictable place, making it essential for every right-thinking human to have a sense of social order. This may be why most chemists are interested in working as forensic scientists.

Forensic scientists often work on investigating things that happened at crime scenes. They usually keep pieces of evidence of their physical analysis by taking photographs of the stage.

That is, by the way, the primary assignment of Forensic scientists is to help maintain the health condition of individuals who might have gotten affected by certain disorders (natural or manufactured) in a given region.

They also have to conduct several tests of the human blood and other lab parts to get the desired facts.

10. Pharmacologist

You may also think of going for this in the chemistry career because it is marketable.

But as discovered on this end, you may have to go for a four-year course to obtain the degree of a Doctor of Pharmacy before you are enabled to work here.

Nature of the Job

Pharmacology is a common branch of chemistry. Those who work here are often required to work full-time rather than in other aspects.

Pharmacologists, like toxicologists, are scientists who work on the development of new drugs, thereby spending much of their time in the lab for experiments. The job involves analysis (testing) of new medicines and chemicals on living organisms to confirm how the drugs will interact with them.

Salary: As a pharmacologist, you can earn around $96k per year.

Highest Paying Chemistry Jobs

You may also be interested in knowing the top-paying chemistry jobs since they align with the marketable Chemistry careers. Some of them include:

  1. Chemistry University Professor
  2. Water chemist
  3. Academic research
  4. Doctor
  5. Chemical Engineer
  6. Research scientists
  7. Material scientists
  8. Organic scientist
  9. Scientific writing on Fiverr
  10. Synthetic Chemist


As a chemist, you are not expected to be moved by “Spending time at the lab,” as a chemist. And if that is the case, kindly make some further inquiries on which of the careers on our list you can fit in for. Apply, and hopefully, you will live (at least) relatively large when employed.

Yes, your years at the University, visiting the lab almost all the time is worth good pay, and we realize that – prompting us to put this together for you.

If you like it, kindly share this information with others online.

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