Is Physics Harder Than Chemistry? Explained

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Is Physics harder than Chemistry? Whether or not physics is harder than Chemistry is often up for debate, especially at the secondary or high school level of education. It usually comes up in cases where some students who are good in one of the subjects want to make others feel less brilliant.

Although it might be pretty hard to discern which of the two is harder ideally, the most commonly proposed answer to this question is no longer news.

Before we dive into it, kindly note that you don’t just want to stop reading after checking out the answer to this question – the reason is that there are other sections of this article that might seem unnecessary but are helpful to you.

Shall we now get started?!

Is Physics Harder Than Chemistry?

As obtained from most scholars, Physics is harder than Chemistry because it requires the knowledge of mathematics and contains some philosophical ideas.

But even despite several points scholars who said Physics is tougher than Chemistry have given, some fellas stand to say that Chemistry is more strenuous than his age.

Why are Physicist Called Philosophers?

Have you ever wondered why many successful physicists are also identified as philosophers?

Yes, scholars like Albert Einstein, the father of physics and Neill, etc., are philosophers because physics goes outside calculations to examine other profound aspects of human life.

When you go to do your findings, especially on the internet, you will discover that philosophy is one of the top 20 hardest courses a student can study anywhere in the world.

Yeah, it remains the fact that people can relate more to things they can see and touch better than abstract ideas. If with this, we still have advanced physicists equal to philosophers, then you should have an idea of what this course entails.

The course is also sometimes referred to as natural philosophy. Thus, to be a successful physicist, one must be open to understanding other courses, including Mathematics, philosophy, etc.

Why is Physics Harder than Chemistry?

Nonetheless, the claim that Physics is harder than Chemistry does not automatically prove that Chemistry is not hard. It is imperative to share new points on what should be considered when discussing things like this.

1. Individual Differences

Whether you can see or feel it, directly or indirectly, one of the most significant factors contributing to points in such arguments like this is our differences as individuals.

We must realize that you are not me, and I cannot be you.

William Shakespeare might fail Physics woefully because his strength lies in literature, for several reasons we are not here to examine.

2. Interest

We have heard many of these, or maybe I should go by philosophical sayings. I guess you should be able to relate better to this.

Do you know you become what you think? We are all made up of our minds, and the things we do come from our minds. That is the reason we say people have destructive mindsets when they do bad things because one way a person outside your body can judge you is through your external actions.

3. Optimistic

Do you also know that if you can dream it, you can achieve it? Given the claim that we become what we think, another great thinker somewhere in the world noted that we could achieve whatever we dream.

Although only a few do, some scholars say Physics is a straightforward and exciting course. The reason is simply that they had an interest in it. And you know what? Other people’s opinions may not work for you (especially in cases like this) if you do not allow them.

This is more like a motivation to keep going in your studies. Despite the ever-increasing claim that Physics is hard, if we can still have people who saw it as a cheap course because they were interested in it, you should also try the same attitude.

Note: The two questions I treated above are the moderation of other scholars’ Quotations. There should have been a proper citation, but I don’t want to mix up things because I am not sure my memory gave an excellent recollection.

What Do People Say About Physics

Alongside this, we might also examine people’s points of view on the given topic.

1. It is hard

It was said that students tend to take physics for a hard course because the majority of them have not had to use their brains to solve logical questions before.

Just like a lecturer will often tell us on campus, a person who has been used to taking honey might not appreciate sugar when they eventually take it, not because it is not sweet, but because the difference is clear.

2. It Increases the brain activity

One of the physicists who said Physics is simple gave a short account of himself, as obtained from Quora.

The said scholar revealed that he chose Physics simply because of its difficulty. He loved to think a lot with his brain, which was precisely what Physics had for him.

His days at the University were fascinating because he was getting what he wanted; stressed out. Can you imagine that? So this is a practical example of the individual differences we examined earlier.

After all, it is clear that while some people can perform better in a competitive environment, others may find it quite frustrating.

3. It makes you think deep

Physics can be the best course for you if you love to and are good at thinking logically. The reason is that when you go further in Physics, you will have to think so deeply until you can mathematically represent abstract ideas.


This will lead me to make the point that another reason Physics could be hard for some people is Class/Level of education, noting that several branches of Physics could determine people’s points of view.

So because of this, to know which is harder, whether Physics or Chemistry, you should discover your strength and weakness, then interest. Chemistry might turn out to be as hard as physics for you if you do not have an interest in either/both.

But before you take my conclusion for the answer to the question asked, ensure you have gone through the entire piece. If you like it, kindly share it. Physics is harder than Chemistry!

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