10 Best Paying Jobs In Basic Industries

10 Best Paying Jobs In Basic Industries

Best paying jobs in basic industries – Choosing a career path is one of the crucial decisions in the lives of humanity as it can make you, if properly selected, after considering the necessary factors such as the availability of raw materials used, cost of production, and vice versa.

However, basic industries are also career paths requiring low production costs and a high salary margin. They are the economy’s foundation as they provide raw materials for industries/manufacturers that use them, intending to convert them to newer products.

The demand for more workers in primary industries keeps rising daily because they produce goods and services for the general public. You might have been thinking of venturing into an industry that offers economic stability and employment security with mouth-watering salaries, and this is where the basic industries come in.

However, there are best-paying jobs in industries that do not require a degree, such as construction, food service, retail, manufacturing, and wholesale trade. We will discuss tons of others in this article, so keep reading.

What Are Basic Industries?

Basic industries focus on producing and providing raw materials to manufacturers or industries that use them to provide energy or make new products. The basic industry can be regarded as the backbone of several industries and sectors providing raw materials.

Most industries rely on the goods and services produced by basic industries such as natural gas, coal, and metals, leading to the demand for more workers.

However, raw materials provided by the basic industries are used in various sectors to produce finished products like iron and steel, paper Iron and steel, metallurgical, wood, milling, and many others.

Is Basic Industries a Good Career Path?

Yes, basic industries are a fantastic choice for both young and older adults as the industries offer a wide range of jobs that one chooses from, coupled with tons of high-paying jobs.

Basic industries are a kind of industry that will never “die,” as it is utilized by every individual either directly or indirectly, as most of the products we use in our daily lives are made from the raw materials produced by the basic industries.

Although everyone is not meant to work in the basic industries, if you are considering venturing into the industry, be assured that you can never be unemployed as there are many jobs you can choose from with high-paying salaries.

One notable fact about the basic industries is that they have minimal or no education requirements for almost all jobs, even though there is an extensive range of jobs with mouth-watering salaries.

Best Paying Jobs In Basic Industries

The basic industries cover many jobs, providing employment opportunities to young and older adults.

If you are looking for the best-paying jobs in basic industries, then below are the careers options in basic industries that come with high-paying salaries:

1. Drilling Engineers

According to salaryexplorer, drilling engineers is one the best paying jobs in the basic industries as they receive a salary of about 350 – 400$ monthly than some jobs in the industries.

drilling engineers

Drilling Engineers are commonly found in oil and gas rigs, on/ offshore platforms, or mobile drilling units as they help the petroleum geologists to plan, oversee and supervise the drilling or extraction operations of oil and natural gas wells.

2. Agronomists

Agronomists are also on our list of the best-paying jobs in basic industries. However, they help and collaborate with farmers to maximize crop and plant production for the benefit of society.

Although Agronomists are paid a fair wage, the career paths will help your management abilities to provide consistent and valuable work. Agronomists can also be regarded as crop researchers.

3. Metallurgists

Metallurgists are among the best paying jobs in basic industries; they are mainly concerned with the extraction of metals from their ores, studying the physical and chemical properties of metal and its alloys with an extensive understanding of metals and their compounds.

They are commonly found in mines, laboratories, or metal production sites to operate industrial processes that convert metals to functional or finished products.

4. Synthetic chemists

Synthetic Chemists are commonly found in the laboratory to make, design, and develop chemicals for industrial, retail, and manufacturing use. However, this career allows individuals to work in various sectors such as pharmaceuticals, industrial solvents, and many others.

To become a synthetic chemist, you must have in-depth knowledge of chemistry, physics, and chemical engineering because the job deals with complex industrial processes.

5. Pipefitter

A pipefitter, also known as a steamfitter, is also among one of the best-paying jobs in basic industries. However, they focus on building and repairing pipe systems solely for carrying chemicals, acids, or gases.

The pipes fitted by the pipefitter are primarily used in commercial, industrial or manufacturing settings. Although the work requires physical strength and rigidity, it is worth it.

6. Truck driver

Besides being a high-paying job in the basic industries, the truck driver job is also one of the most sought jobs in the industry as it entails transporting goods and services through road means, usually long distances.

truck drivers

Truck driver job goes beyond only transportation; they also help in sorting and delivering raw materials manufactured by the basic industries and finished products made by other industries or sectors.

7. Health and safety officer

Health and safety officers are crucial in every industry and not only in the basic industries. They administer and supervise every piece of equipment used by young and old adults to avoid injuries or death.

However, the career path also provides training for all industry staff and educates them on preventive measures and tips to live a healthy life, making it to our list of the best-paying jobs.

8. Forensic scientist

Forensic scientist plays a vital role in the basic industries as they work in hand with the police and assist them in their crime investigations by applying scientific and theoretical technology.

Although, forensic scientists are paid well because to become one, and you have to have practical knowledge in natural sciences and chemistry, biochemistry, or forensic science.

9. Business Development Engineer

Heading to one of the crucial and paying jobs in the basic industries, a business development engineer is responsible for finding and maintaining new market opportunities for a company. They help build valuable relationships with clients, vendors, and business partners.

Becoming a business development engineer requires excellent communication skills with patience because you are the go-between the company and the employees or clients.

10. Electrician

Electricians have become one of the crucial jobs in society. The demand for more has dramatically increased as they help install and repair electrical wiring and maintenance of electrical equipment.

10 Best Paying Jobs In Basic Industries

Although becoming an electrician requires skills and strength, it is one of the best-paying jobs in the basic industries as they use a wide range of tools and equipment like cable cutters, wire strippers, voltmeters, and many others.


Convincingly, the basic industries are one of the oldest and vital industries with enormous availability of jobs with mouth-watering salaries.

We hope this article has solved your question about the high-paying jobs in the basic industries. However, performing excellently in the abovementioned jobs requires first-in-hand skills and expertise, consistency, and good communication skills with your employees and clients.

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