Recruitment Jobs In Manchester With High Wages & Salaries

recruitnent jobs in manchester

With the look of things, the demand for recruitment consultants is relatively high in Manchester, one of the most developed cities in the United Kingdom. You may just be hearing of that, fine. But the question this article wants to answer is how to find recruitment jobs in Manchester United.

If you don’t already know where and how to get a recruitment job in the said state, then this article has just been made for you.

Anyway, it should not sound like a piece of breaking news to you when I say you are making the right choice for longing to work as a recruitment consultant. By the end of this piece, you will get to know why this statement, so kindly read through it carefully.

Recruitment Jobs in Manchester, United Kingdom

I would quickly like to combine this with how to get the job, all in this article section. So below are some of the recruitment jobs available in Manchester.

  1. Graduate Trainee Recruitment job
  2. Clinical Recruitment Specialist
  3. Trainee Recruitment Consultant
  4. Senior Recruitment Consultant
  5. Skills and Talent Manager
  6. Group Talent Developmental Recruiter

There are many others, and do not be surprised; you may not get some of the jobs on our list when you eventually apply because the nature of recruiting jobs changes from time to time based on the available clients. So when you get there, you will know, go for what suits you.

Where to apply for a recruitment job in Manchester

Our desire to quench your thirst has led me to go on a tour on the internet to discover the top job sites. Having confirmed some of them, I shall be introducing you to check out the websites and apply for the recruitment job of your taste.

When you visit these sites, you will see the jobs available for recruiters who want to work in the said state. You will also be able to apply for (or be linked to) the jobs there. Some jobs are newly posted, while others may have been posted there for a long.

One thing is sure, however, that if you meet the requirements of these jobs, you won’t have to stress yourself much to get one. As earlier noted, the demand for recruiters is high in this city, so put your mind at ease.

Are you wondering what the requirements maybe? Well, from our research, you will most likely be required to have a working experience in the field. The duration of your experience depends solely on the company or client hiring you. Some might require you to have the experience, while others may tell you they need someone with at least three years of knowledge.


So right now, you want to think of the offer you have gotten in the past to work for a family/friend as a recruitment consultant for low or no pay… And see if you can take it up for some time, if any.

Nevertheless, your determination to get the job matters most.

If you want to do the job because you are passionate about it, and one requirement you get everywhere is this, then you might want to get a company to work with for free, just for the experience.

I am sure this will put you on the right path to apply for the said job in Manchester. Feel free to trust the sites with whatever information is required of you. To be more confident about the process, you can go to the internet and inquire further about the legality of the websites mentioned above.

They have been discovered, tested, and trusted a lot in the past. Various review teams on the internet have also done their part to write about these websites.

Disclaimer: We are not paid to promote any of these websites. There are many other platforms, but we chose these because we have confirmed how they can be.

We suggest you go for other trusted job websites online, should you have a qualm about this. That is where to apply, so let us go to the next.

How to Apply For Recruitment Jobs In Manchester

The internet is our case study since you might as well be asked to work remotely after getting the job.

Therefore the way to apply is to visit the websites already mentioned on the internet and fill in your details correctly.

What do you do as a recruitment consultant?

Now that we have examined how you can get a job as a recruitment consultant in the said United Kingdom city, we want you to know a better understanding of the job you intend to seek.

Not everyone reading this has a good understanding of what it takes or means to be a recruiter.

It is so simple to get the concept of a recruitment consultant; several readily available definitions exist.

A recruitment consultant is a person whose job is to identify and select the most suitable person for a vacancy in an organization. He is like an intermediary between an employer and an employee.

The Cons of being a recruitment consultant

Having examined what it means and how to get the job, we shall now look at the cons of being a recruitment consultant.

We all know that there are never advantages without disadvantages; hence, let us look at the demerits of this job. They include:

1. It is highly competitive, especially for beginner

Since this job can be done remotely, a high number of people prefer it, thus making it a pretty competitive position. Some people have a fear of competition, but in case you do not have this fear, this might be something you want to do. You should be ready to be more creative than your competitors in the field.

2. Your salary depends on your skills

This may not be the case with all clients, but often you will only get paid based on your ability to convince and get honest good workers suitable for any given job.

On the other hand, if you work with pretty lovely clients, you will get commissions apart from your salary for any accomplished job.

3. It may be time-consuming

Experts have previously disclosed that this is one of the most time-consuming jobs of all time. You are always up and running as a recruiter to catch up with meetings with clients and prospective employees, trying to reach people, etc.

4. It isn’t easy to start

This is one reason most clients will demand that anyone applying for the job should have working experience. But the question is, if everyone does this, where do you get work? I had said it in this article before; if you missed it, you could get started by working with a client/organization for free.

Just offer them the service for free to gain experience or work with another recruiter who has been in the business for quite some time.

7. This field also requires you to be selfless

In this case, you must be ready to work for the growth of the company you are serving rather than for yourself. Whether you like it or not, this will reflect on your career, so as you go to be a recruiter, also learn to be selfless.

This may not be a con for people already used to it. In a nutshell, you need to attribute self-discipline.

Reasons why you should seek a recruitment job in Manchester

There are several great reasons you may want to find a job as a recruitment consultant in Manchester. Some of which are:

1. The currency

Right from time, the British Pounds Sterling has always been worth more than the United States Dollars. And since Manchester is a city in the United Kingdom, the currency used there is Pounds Sterling.

Hence, working there means you will earn good pay, especially if you are initially from a less developed country.

And guess what! You can earn around $15k + bonus yearly as a recruitment consultant in Manchester.

2. Security

You should know what it takes for a state to have ranked in the top 200 on the list of the world’s most secure cities – especially given the current insecurity problem in the world.

Being a developed city, it has also been said to be one of the most secured on the list of progressive cities worldwide. So as many say, it can be as secure as other tight cities in the developed world.

This can be a significant reason why you want to seek for any recruitment jobs in Manchester in this case, in the said city, understanding that your life is your priority.

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