10 Best Mechatronics Jobs in 2023 (Plus Salaries)

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Best mechatronics jobs – getting a degree in a university in mechatronics prepares you and makes you highly qualified for the best mechatronics jobs available worldwide. This is one factor that answers the question of whether mechatronics is a good career path.

In choosing a path in your career, one of the factors to be considered is the possibility of you earning a living from that job that you have taken your career.

Today we will have a brief overview of what mechatronics is, the available employment opportunities, salary overview, and the requirements you should meet to get a job in that field.

What is Mechatronics?

It is not news that the emergence of new inventions in the technology world today has increased the demand for experts in the field of technology. This extends to requiring the services of engineers in various areas to help them put together structures and ensure the smooth running of their businesses.

The term “Mechatronics” refers to the invention of technological devices by combining the knowledge of electronics and mechanical engineering. This means that you will need engineering, electrical engineering, and computer engineering knowledge to succeed in this field.

A typical example of a mechatronics system is where a device is created to gather signals from the environment, process the information or data gathered from the signals, and then give output signals that transform into forces, motions, and actions.

The difference between this system and the traditional machines is the use of sensors and the ability to react to those signals and interact with them to produce a well-defined result.

best mechatronics jobs

Some of the common examples of these mechatronics works or systems are robots, automated combustion engines, electric cars, and other self-performing machines used in industries.

Big industries employ mechatronics, and there is a recent high demand for the position in any technology institution. Of course, almost all institutions use technologies, but we are talking about companies like Amazon, Tesla and Microsoft, Hospitals, and Google.

These firms make use of robots to perform several tasks. The recent invention of drones to deliver food and goods to customers has started in some parts of the world. This has become of the most effective ways to deliver goods and foods rather than using the old method of trucks, cars, and delivery vehicles.

Furthermore, recently, California-based Miso Robotics introduced a robot called “Flippy” to do some tasks in restaurants. The job includes cooking food, both for commercial and domestic usage.

It is clear to you that the mechatronics job is vast and a very tedious task that requires a lot of certifications and experience to venture into.

Well, suppose you are thinking of having a good career in mechatronics. In that case, you have to know that it is more difficult than other engineering courses, even though they are interrelated.

Are you thinking about whether mechatronics is a good career? Yes, this is because the jobs in mechatronics are expected to grow rapidly in high demand in the year to come. This fact was stated by the U.S. Department of Labor and the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry.

What Are the Job Careers in Mechatronics?

We will give you an answer to the question of what you can do with a mechatronics degree. Well, the truth is that having a degree in mechatronics can lead you to various departments and different industries. You can even work as a project manager for industries looking to recruit experienced engineers to oversee the projected growth.

The field where we can find mechatronics is cybersecurity, robotics, telecommunications, artificial intelligence, computer science, consumer products, and automotive engineering.

best mechatronics jobs

More so, you can see them take up any of the following mechatronics jobs in their employed areas. So you can work as;

  • Automotive Engineer
  • Service engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Project Engineer
  • Data logging Engineer
  • Control System Engineer
  • Instrumentation Engineer
  • Robotic Engineer
  • Mechatronics Hardware Engineer

10 Best Mechatronics Engineering Jobs

They are varieties of mechatronics engineering jobs, but here are the outstanding and best ten (10) mechatronics jobs:

1. Biomedical Engineer

Average salary: $97,410 per year, $46.83 per hour

Work Schedules: full-time, estimated 40 hours per week

As we said earlier, we told you that mechatronics could work anywhere, even in the hospital. Hospitals are beginning to embrace and acquire heavy technological equipment to provide quality health care service to patients.

So it would help if you were not surprised when you find that you can find one of the best mechatronics jobs in the hospital. The primary duty of a biomedical engineer in the hospital, among other functions, is to install, maintain and support biomedical equipment used in the hospital.

biomedical engineer

The scope of work that biomedical engineer does is wide and cuts across various fields. Majorly, they are found designing software and machines to help the hospital, like the x-ray machines. They also apply the knowledge of chemistry and biology to make new drugs and use mathematics knowledge to understand the heart and brain functions.

Sometimes they also design and build artificial body parts, like hip and knee joints used in the case of plastic surgery, and they make alternative body parts for replacement. You will need a bachelor’s degree in a biomedical course or any related field to be able to apply for this kind of job.

The skills needed by a biomedical engineer to work very well are; analytical, communication skills, creativity skills, mathematics skills, and problem-solving skills.

2. Automation Engineer

Average salary: $89,491 per year

Work Schedules: full-time, estimated 40 hours per week

Automation engineers are tasked with monitoring, troubleshooting, and repairing heavy machines or systems used for manufacturing. This job also includes designing and developing an automated system for your company. It all depends on the job description that you are applying for in the company.

You will also test various robots and machines to ensure that they meet the company’s goal and ensure it is working perfectly. You will also be needed to fix some bugs and initiate some repairs when necessary, so you have to have your tools handy at all times.

Best Mechatronics jobs

However, you can work as an automated engineer in food and packaging, electronics production, automotive industry, and appliance companies. A bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, computer science, or any related field will need a basic qualification to work as an automated engineer.

You will need some years of experience working in a manufacturing and automation company as an advantage. So you can start as a software writer when you get the requisite experience to become an automated engineer.

You will surely need the following skills to do well in this field; analytical, communication, creativity, mathematics, and problem-solving.

3. Process Engineer

Average salary: $89,762 per year

Work Schedules: full-time, estimated 40 hours per week

Have you heard about process engineering as one of the best mechatronics jobs? Well, a process engineer has the primary duty to help transform raw materials in production into finished goods.

They make the production process faster, easier, and more convenient for their company. This will help the company create more competitive goods in the market.

Process Engineer

Additionally, process engineers ensure that all the equipment used for production is in good condition, and some of their responsibilities are as follows; they conduct research and market survey before they buy new equipment in the market, and they can also design new equipment to aid the smooth running of the business.

You will surely need the following skills to do well in this field; analytical, communication, creativity, mathematics, and problem-solving.

4. Mechanical Engineer

Average salary: $95,300 per year, $45.82 per hour

Work Schedules: full-time, estimated 40 hours per week

It is not a surprise that mechanical engineering is one of the best jobs in the mechatronics field. The job of a mechanical engineer is to design and manufacture automatic machines and sensor devices for different industries. It is one of the widest fields in engineering.

You will find them designing generators, air-conditioners, motor engines and several other things. So the work you do depends on what your company is manufacturing. If you work in a construction company, you should design and produce elevators, escalators, and other automated conveyors.

mechanical engineering

Most mechanical engineers work in offices, although you might find them on-site if they need to make any repairs or productions. You will need a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering to become a mechanical engineer or other related fields.

Some of the necessary skills required to excel here are; analytical, communication, creativity, mathematics, and problem-solving skills.

5. Electrical Engineer

Average salary: $101,780 per year, $48.93 per hour

Work Schedules: full-time, estimated 40 hours per week

The primary job of an electrical engineer is to develop, des,ign, and monitor the whole process involved in manufacturing electrical equipment for a company. They also run some initial test on the manufactured devices to ensure that it works well.

electrical engineering

They are the ones who produce the bulbs and switch lights used every day, and they also design the electrical components of cars, aircraft, and other means of transportation. You will likely find them working together in a team of mechanical engineers.

You will most likely find them working in an office space, but they are also seen when they need to make installations or repairs. However, you must hold at least a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and have years of experience to add to it.

Some skills you need to excel as an electrical engineer are a concentration, initiative, interpersonal skills, mathematics, communication, and writing skills.

6. Robotics Engineer

Average salary: $96,137 per year

Due to technological innovations, robots are already taking over most of the jobs human beings do. One of the main jobs that mechatronics do is to build robots and ensure that it functions very well before letting them out to the public.

Robots are designed with sophisticated sensors to interact with information around them. They are built to act like quasi-human beings, and these days they do some tasks that humans can do more effectively.

robotic engineer

The job of a robotic engineer is to apply his mechanical, electrical, and software engineering knowledge to build and design a robot system that works very well.

You will find them working in offices, laboratories or industries. It all depends on the industries where that are employed. You will need a bachelor’s degree in mechatronics to work as a robotic engineer or any related degree.

7. System Engineer

Average salary: $99,771 per year

One of the best-paying mechatronics jobs is that of a system engineer. This is one of the engineering fields that does not require you to write codes to do your work. However, you will need to know some programming languages to be able to detect faults with the systems and learn how to fix them.

The job of a system engineer is to ensure the smooth running of all equipment or machines used in the industry. The role is more or less like a repair and fix -job. You will find them working in manufacturing, transportation, or electronic companies to ensure their equipment is in good condition.

The educational qualification for this job is having a bachelor’s degree in software engineering or any related engineering field.

8. Big Data Engineer

Average salary: $132,321 per year

No company that wants to keep surviving in a highly competitive market will not need the services of a big data engineer. This is another field of mechatronics where you can start your career since it does not require much experience like other fields in mechatronics.

The job of big data engineers is to gather data about individuals who have used their products, those searching for them, how many persons are affected, and various information needed to help the company make a good business decision.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many health institutions used big data engineers to collect data about the number of persons affected by the virus and those who have been cured. This will enable the company to decide on the next product to manufacture or whether the product will do well in the market.

Big data engineers also give organizations data that help monitor their performance, identify market demographics, and predict upcoming changes and trends. Even government officials need it for the smooth running of elections to understand people’s behavior towards voting and the rest.

9. Biostatistician

Average salary: $141,946 per year

The job of a biostatistician is to collect data and analyze it for health organizations and public usage. They are mostly found working in Hospitals; however, you can also find biostatisticians in government or non-profit organizations.

Notwithstanding where they work, their job remains to check the effectiveness of a drug on humans and to know what policy would be made next on health issues. So if you like dealing with data collection in a medical field and don’t want to be a doctor or nurse, then this might be the best job for you to pick.

Some of the skills you need to have as biostatisticians are knowledge of some programming languages such as Python, HTML, C or C++, Javascript, MATLAB, and SQL. You must also have the ability to use some data collection and analysis software, proficiency in statistics, and experience in public health.

10. Software Engineering Manager

Average salary: $151,343 per year

This is on our number spot in the best mechatronics jobs available in engineering. It is common knowledge that software engineers are the one who designs, create and supervise the production of software necessary for the equipment to function properly.

This job needs no introduction as it has been in vogue for a long period. It is a good career path for you because you have many opportunities as a software engineer.

You will need to understand some programming languages like HTML, CSS, Python, and Javascript and how to write code to be qualified for this position. You will also find them working in the IT department of any establishment.

What are the Job Responsibilities of Mechatronic Engineers

When you have chosen some of the best mechatronics jobs, you also need to understand your job responsibilities or duties to prepare ahead and know how to update your Curriculum Vitae and prepare for the interview. Here are some of them to consider:

  • They design new products by applying their mechanical engineering, chemistry, and physics knowledge. Some of the innovations in the world are drones and robots.
  • They apply mechatronic knowledge to fix and repair software that helps these machines to work very well.
  • Collect data that will be used to make decisions on the type of drugs, products, or systems the world needs to facilitate human activities.
  • They are also in charge of various industries in designing and producing heavy machines and vehicles, just like the new solar car, which helps to maintain a green environment.


We have given you a complete list of the best mechatronics jobs in engineering that you can consider. The salaries are high, and you can apply for the jobs if you meet the requirements. So you should update your CV and make your application right away.

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