10 Best Jobs For Females In India With Salary

best jobs for females in india with salary

We will show you the best jobs for females in India with salary that Indian women have been using to make a living for themselves and feed their families. It is expected that an Indian female student looking to start a career or just finished the university should be searching for the best-paid jobs in India for females.

So you are lucky to be here today because we have compiled a comprehensive list of the best-paying jobs for you that you can consider taking, although your qualification for the job all depends on your qualifications and if you can meet the job requirements.

The number of graduates and job seekers in India is currently more predominant in the female gender. Several young people are always on the internet trying to know the best jobs that pay high salaries for women in India.

If you’re among such persons, then you are lucky because we will show you the list of the high-earning Indian jobs currently.

10 Best Jobs For Females In India With Salary

As promised, these are ten (10) of the highest paying jobs and their salaries for Indian ladies; we have included their qualifications for you to consider.

1. Bollywood  Actress

Average Salary: ₹3 lakhs a year to ₹30 crores per movie

Bollywood is the second largest movie producer after Hollywood, so it is not surprising that Bollywood actresses are one of the top earners in India.

Most people believe all it takes to succeed in Bollywood is an attractive appearance, raw acting talent, and dancing abilities. But it also requires effort and the will to pursue your goals.

The acting industry is one of the highest-paying jobs that does not require any degree or special qualification before you are employed. All you need is primary schooling, such as a passing grade in the 10th standard, if you wish to enroll in a reputable acting school in India and some acting talent.

Without even a high school diploma, you can succeed in Bollywood because there are a variety of jobs for outstanding actors and actresses. The big-name stars are paid following their contracts; small Bollywood actresses get paid weekly.

Even the lowest-paid actress in Bollywood, Tara Sutaria, earns Rs 1 crore each film, and television actresses like Sakshi Tanwar demand Rs 1.25 lakh per episode.

According to Wikipedia, Deepika Padukone is one of the highest-paid actresses in India in, earning up to Rs 30 crores for each film. Kangana Ranaut came in second. Male stars earn far more than female stars, so there is a sizable pay disparity between the sexes.

2. Social Media Influencers

Average Salary: ₹15,000 per post to over ₹5 Crore per post

As social media usage increases, all that is necessary to become a social media influencer is the ability to use Instagram, YouTube, and other social media networks. But if you want to develop your brand, you do need to learn how to edit videos, produce content, and use social media.

There are no age restrictions for becoming an influencer because teenagers and children also do it on social media and make money by endorsing products. As a social media influencer, your pay will depend on your followers and how many people interact with your posts.

best jobs for females in india with salary

However, many influencers also use affiliate marketing to boost their earnings or create and market their goods and courses.

As an Indian influencer with more than 50,000 followers, you may anticipate earning between Rs 15,000 and Rs 25,000 every Instagram post, or several lakhs per month, according to Jian Hua (Ted) Chen on Quora. He claims: “Once you reach 100,000 followers, you may anticipate a rise of at least $10.00 (about Rs 736) for each additional 1,000 followers you gain on your account.

3. Commercial Airline Pilots

Average Salary : Salary: ₹18 lakhs to ₹72 lakhs

This job seems odd for a lady in India, but it’s one of the best-paying jobs for females in India because of the level of risk involved in it. The job of a commercial pilot is to fly aircraft across the country or worldwide.

One of the requirements for this job is that you must have a bachelor’s degree, preferably in aviation or aircraft operation, or apply for a commercial pilot license (CPL) and get the necessary flight hours to become a commercial pilot in India.

You must also pass the 12th-grade science course at least 50% to qualify for the CPL. The minimum and maximum age requirements for obtaining a CPL are 17 and 60 to 65 years old, respectively. You must pass extra training and testing to advance as an airline pilot.

4. Banking Jobs

Average Salary: 12 lakhs to 80 lakhs

One of the highest-paying jobs in India for females is in the banking sector. They are in the investment department and brokers who help clients make the best financial decision. They also help them buy shares and stocks and invest their funds for profits.

In as much as no particular course you must study, you will need a bachelor’s degree or postgraduate or MBA in finance to qualify for a job in this sector in India.

5. Blockchain Developer

Average Salary: ₹six (6) lakhs to ₹30 lakhs a year

A blockchain developer is one of the best-paying female jobs in India because of the increase in the use of cryptocurrency. A developer in the blockchain sector helps to plan data security, web development, NFT, and even Web. 3.0 . The demand for this skill is currently high in India, and women are taking over the tech world.

You will have to have a Bachelor’s or Postgraduate degree or Certification in Computer Science to work as a Blockchain developer in India.

You’ll need to have a basic knowledge of mathematics and understand some programming languages such as C, C++, Java, and Python, and technologies like Mist, Remix, Geth, Parity, Solium, Truffle, BaaS, etc.

6. Interior Designers in India

Average Salary: ₹307,994 per year

The professionals who help you arrange your house’s interior are called interior designers.

They give you insights into the position of your chairs, the color of the chairs, the painting, and even the artworks you will use in the house. Summarily, they are the ones that arrange your living room and the bedroom to be so fanciful and attractive. An interior designer must know how colors, lighting, and materials interact in a given environment.

A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in interior design is necessary if you want to be an expert in this field, increasing the demand for your skills in the market. If you do not have the funds to get a degree, you can start with a certificate or diploma course in interior design via some of the best educational websites in India.

You’ll also need to learn how to use AutoCAD, SketchUp, 3D Max, Illustrator, and other design software. Another skill is management skill. You must know how to manage the project until you have completed it and help the client spend less but get the best design available.

To boost your income as an interior designer, especially if you’re a freelancer or a consultant, you’ll need to improve your aesthetic sense, inventiveness, portfolio, and network of clients. The more clients you have, the more jobs you get and the more money you earn.

7. Software Developer

Average  Salary: ₹545,404 per year

Software development is a niche in the tech world where most Indian females are getting some of the highest-paying jobs for themselves. This is due to the increasing demand for software developers and IT professionals to develop software for various companies and start-ups.

software developers


If you are looking for a career path in software development, you will need a bachelor’s degree in computer science or software engineering and several related IT certifications.

Furthermore, you will have to be familiar with some programming languages. This is because you cannot work without knowing how to use source codes to design software.

8. Architects

Average Salary: ₹337,526 yearly

The demand for architecture in India is seriously increasing because of the government policy to develop structures in the country. Although male counterparts dominate this field, Indian women still get jobs here and are paid heavily.

If you are a female in India and want to pursue a profession as an architect in India, you must complete a 5-year Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) program. You must also know mathematics as you will be doing some calculations. You’ll also need to get proficient with the most recent design software.

You must master the art of organizing, creating, and building different physical buildings if you want to become an architect.

The JEE Mains, National Aptitude Test for Architecture (NATA), and Architecture Aptitude Test are a few of the tests you may need to pass after the 12th grade (AAT) to become an architect in India as a female.

9. Web Developers

Average Salary: ₹286110 annually

After the pandemic, most businesses went digital, which increased the demand for web developers in India to help businesses create an online presence for their businesses. As much as ladies shy away from this profession, some women in India are developers that earn a lot of money from it.

In reality, one of the highest-paying jobs for independent contractors and those seeking to work at home is website design and development. There is no limit on how much a skilled web developer with an entrepreneurial spirit can make in India.

A professional web developer can have a bachelor’s degree and some work experience, but it’s unnecessary. Even a student can pursue a career in this industry with solid knowledge of web development languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, and WordPress.

Web developers must keep up with new technologies in website design and continue learning the best and newest ways to make websites and the most up-to-date design because this is one of the industries that is changing so quickly.

10. Lawyers

Average Salary:  ₹540000 annually

One of the top paying jobs for females in India that don’t require math is that of a lawyer. This is an excellent career for you if you have a strong command of the English language and a strong passion for justice in society.

To become a lawyer in India, in addition to finishing the 12th grade, you must pass the LSAT, India’s top admissions test, to apply for a 5-year integrated LL. B. and LL. M level.

After earning your degree, you must complete an internship at a reputable legal firm to gain real-world experience. Then, to practice law, you must register with the State Bar Council.


We have given you the list of the best jobs for females in India with Salary payments that you should consider.

The government encourages females to go into these sectors, and employers are ever willing to accept them so far as they are qualified. Update your CV and apply for these jobs we have listed above.

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