Best Educational Websites For Students In India

Best Educational Websites For Students In India

Best educational websites for students in India – The dream of every Indian student is to have a quality and a high level of education. The essence of this article is to consider the best educational websites for students in India.


We all know it is sometimes relatively expensive to attend a university. This is because of the high fees they pay in school. This is most common in courses like Medicine, Law, Computer Engineering, and the like.

Notwithstanding, some students prefer learning online to going to school. This is because of several reasons, which could be financially or otherwise. Regardless of how it is or the purpose, the idea of online learning is getting more general acceptance in society.

We will give you a comprehensive list of the top educational websites mostly used by students in India for their classes and improvement in knowledge. The article contains their features, benefits, and how you can enroll in the courses they offer.


Benefits of Using Educational Websites In India To Learn

  • They suits everyone’s needs generally
  • Lectures can be taken all over Again
  • They increases time of learning
  • They are scalable
  • Reduces Cost of Learning
  • Readily Accessible
  • Learning in a more Relaxed Environment

1. They suits everyone’s needs generally

Online educational courses can be taken by everyone or students living in India at any time.

This depends on their convenience.

2. Lectures can be taken all over again

This is unlike traditional classroom learning; online learning gives you a chance to attend classes an unlimited number of times.

This helps you to understand it at your own pace.

3. They increases time of learning

Because lessons are quickly delivered, it is easier to learn and understand.

Students can skip any areas they do not want to know.

4. They are scalable

One of the benefits of educational websites in India is that it helps the students to learn new technologies, policies, or ideas.

5. Reduces Cost of Learning

Online learning is relatively cost-effective compared to normal classroom learning.

Some of the courses are relieved since a large number of people can access them at any time.

6. Readily Accessible

You can always access educational websites as a student whenever you want. All you have to do is to have a strong internet connection and the zeal to do so.

They do not have any custom holidays like the classroom lessons.

7. Learning in a more Relaxed Environment

Online learning can be taken from the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world. You have high control of your environment, which affects the course’s effectiveness. You do not have to stare at any teacher’s face to understand.

Best Educational Websites For Students In India

Do we need to spend a lot of money on degrees in this age of the internet and online courses? When you easily enroll in an online course to satisfy your thirst for knowledge.

For individuals who are working, online classes are not only affordable but also convenient for them. What else would a student need if he had access to free online courses?

For people of all ages, these free Indian educational websites for students offer a variety of courses. You may be searching for a full-time or part-time study.

No matter what, the websites we will highlight provide high-quality lessons and educational materials. Once you’ve checked them out, you’ll know which one is best for you and can choose which one to use for learning.

There are websites with useful resources for students or free online courses. These websites have learning tools like educational podcasts, videos, and notes, and they occasionally do evaluation examinations to determine your performances so far. The course should be introduced because it is good for both students and teachers.

Best Educational Websites For Students In India

The idea that online education is useless is unfounded because our skills are valued more in the job market than our degrees. Nowadays, employers hire students based on their knowledge and problem-solving skills rather than their grades or degrees.


BYJU is one of the educational websites widely used by Indian students for online learning. It also has a mobile app which makes it more convenient to learn easily. The website has millions of topics on several professions.

You can also use it for undertaking courses or coaching for various competitive exams. It is available on its website or mobile app. It has paid as well as free-of-cost content available on its platform.

2. Udemy

Udemy is another popular educational website where you can study various topics and undertake courses. Here, you can learn a lot by taking online courses on different subjects or issues of your choice.

Udemy is another very popular educational website used by Indian students to understand.

There are various topics, courses, and videos on the website. It offers you a certificate at the end of the course. You are allowed to choose courses according to ratings or reviews.

The courses on Udemy are relatively cheap, and it has exceptional knowledge. You can find classes like software development, web design, and front end for free on Udemy.

3. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a well-known educational website for online learning in India. They use free resources, including articles, videos, blogs, and other study materials that are made available to users.

One of the best parts of the academy is that there is no advert on the website, which could be a distraction to learning. They offer free and paid courses on the website that you can apply for and learn. The learning materials are very clear and audible. You can also choose to learn in English or the language of your choice.

4. Coursera

Coursera is another top player in ranking educational websites for online studies in India. It is simple to use and navigate, comparable to other educational websites. It has affiliations with different world-class universities around the world. Coursera gives shareable certificates for courses you offer.

Although, you will have to pay some fee to get the certificate for the course. There are serval courses you can follow for beginners, intermediate or advanced levels of learning.

5. edX

An educational website called edX offers interactive free courses specially made for students to learn online. They are several reputable academics and educators from prestigious international universities, including MIT, Harvard, Boston University, Kyoto University, and others, who teach in its numerous courses.

You can always visit their website to see these contents and much more.

6. Open Society

The open society is a good educational website for students in India to learn online. The instructors and professors teaching these courses come from prestigious Ivy League schools, including Oxford, Stanford, UCLA, and Columbia.

It is simple to learn and covers a variety of subjects, including science, business, economics, the arts, and more.

7. Aglasem

Aglasem is just like a pathway for students that gives Indian students notes, study materials, and more in addition to counseling and advice. This website is built to help you prepare for examinations in any particular field or profession.

It includes study materials for graduate-level classes, various college levels, and ICSE and CBSE-related subjects.

You may also use this website if you need advice and study materials for regional or national competitive exams.


These are the best educational websites for students in India to learn and get information online. It is easy to register on any of them.

Explore their free and paid courses and reach more certifications.


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