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You are on the right page if you have been seeking to see the list of scholarship affiliate programs readily available across the globe today. The good news you want to know right now is that these are not just on our list for being sake; they are some of the top verified scholarship affiliate programs.

Readers of this piece can be sure that by the end of this article, you should have understood the meaning(s) of scholarship affiliate programs, some of the readily available scholarship affiliate programs, and the importance of enrolling in an affiliate program scholarship etc. Kindly keep reading.

What are Scholarship Affiliate Programs?

Scholarship, as we already know, is a free offer for qualified students to enjoy free education, often based on student’s academic excellence.

Just as earlier stated, this is a piece of well-detailed information. Thence, you will be getting two definitions of the topic at hand. During the research stage, we discovered not everyone who searches about this is seeking to know those associations that assist specific people in enjoying free education… Some people want to see the affiliate marketing companies that sponsor promoters’ education while you have to play a minor role.

Given this, we shall examine the two meanings of scholarship affiliate programs.

Definition One:

On the one hand, a scholarship affiliate program is, just as the name suggests, an affiliate program that gives room for a marketer to study for free under its sponsorship.

Do you know some affiliate companies that want to offer students scholarships?!  

If you have been an affiliate marketer, you should have understood this. But for the novice, you get a free education offered by the platform whose products you market. As you do this, you keep marketing.

How does this work?

To do this, you must own a website. It is advisable that your websites should not only be up and running but also user-friendly. You need to retain users because the more sales you make with your link, the more money you will make.

In a nutshell, if you have already been in the blogging field, you need a considerable amount of traffic and friendly write-ups on your site to retain prospective buyers of the product you are marketing.

On a typical day, you can be an affiliate marketer without having a website. What matters most to you is to make sales for the company through your link.

However, we discovered in our research that affiliate companies would require you to have their products promoted on your website.

Moreso, no account should spam be associated with your account.

But then you should also remember that there are several other means to earn as a blogger (In case you own a blog), some of which will even provide you with the money to cater to your education. This means you can always have a second thought before going for this.

Remember that we are still on the first answer some people may expect when they type “Scholarship affiliate programs” into the Google search engine.

You must have been participating in the companies’ programs to enjoy such scholarships.

Definition Two:

On the other hand, we have scholarship affiliate programs as a type of scholarship given to (students) members of specific organizations, races, or classes based on merit such as community involvement, academic excellence, etc.

This means that others who could not meet the required classifications of the programs are not allowed to enjoy the scholarships.

Kinds Of Scholarship Affiliate Programs

Well, regardless of the several results available on the given topic, we shall now combine both “kinds of” affiliate scholarships program to make for you examples below – you can be sure you will get to see what you want.

Some examples of these scholarship affiliate programs are:

1. ISA scholarship 

Although a good option, ISA is quite a strenuous and competitive scholarship to get.

There are different types of scholarships offered by ISA, some of which are:

  • Full-Ride scholarship: The company gives one scholarship a year. This means only one of the students participating in its programs will be sponsored to school yearly.
  • Scholarships by Host Universities: Some countries partnering with the ISA scholarship program have enabled the company to provide students with scholarships across many countries, including Kingston University, London.

One other thing, you might also want to know about the grants available on this platform.

  • Student Grant: Students participating in the ISA program can also enjoy this form of scholarship where a sum of money is applied to winners’ accounts after confirmation.

Lucky winners of this grant will get anywhere from $250 to $500 from the company.

If you are not in a rush to study further, you can give ISA scholarship a try and hope that you will win someday.

2. Canadian Armed Forces Memorial Scholarship

This program has been confirmed by Canada’s number one scholarship website, “ScholarshipsCanada.”

If you are a citizen of this country, you are lucky because several other types of scholarships are available for individuals willing to study further.

Canadians also have access to the Military members’ spouses’ scholarship, where the government sponsors your education for being a spouse of military personnel who has served for over three years. Should you think there is a way this can work for you, you can write it down somewhere and search about it on the internet after reading this.

3. Scholarship Points

This is one of the top valid organizations offering students help to study their desired courses for free.

All accredited review websites on the internet support the legality of Scholarship Points. Dollar Break, for instance, noted that S.P. is a legitimate website that gives students the room to win scholarships.

Kindly go to Google to learn more about the platform and how it works.

4. Dr. Peter Gee-Pan MAR Memorial Scholarship

Another affiliate scholarship program you do not want to miss is the Dr. Peter Gee-Pan Mar Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship is organized and managed by the friends and family of late Dr. Peter and his wife, Kathryn, in their memory.

Thus, the scholarship is meant for Chinese and Canadian-born students.

5. Dr. Yun-I SSU Memorial Prize

This program is managed by the friends of the late Dr. Yun-I SUU in remembering the deceased. It is restricted to bona fide Chinese students.

Similar to the previously mentioned scholarship, this program is organized primarily for a specific group of people, and there is little chance that anyone outside the recommendation will be offered such scholarships.

6. Earl Kinney Memorial Scholarship

To tell that it is legit, this scholarship program is also found on the list of the said top Canadian scholarship website.

Students searching for scholarship affiliate programs should go for this option because there is no bad review about the program.

7. Faculty Women’s Club Anne Wesbrook Scholarship 

Simply put, this is a scholarship offer available for women. It gives room to women based on different parameters. One of such things to be considered before a woman is given this scholarship is if she has studied for up to three years in the University before applying directly to study Law, Dentistry, Medicine, etc.

8. Alpha Gamma Delta Award 

This is one of the scholarship affiliate programs you have longed to hear about.

I should explain the concept of Alpha Gamma Delta to you before we begin to discuss the benefits, one of which is the scholarship we are currently discussing.

This organization is a cult group meant for women, especially female scholars. The group helps promote academic excellence among its members and builds the spirit of loving sisterhood.

Members of the group, who are in charge of it, help candidates willing to seek a scholarship from the association writes a letter of recommendation.

The group offers scholarships only to its members – should you want to know the benefit of being part of the Alpha Gamma Delta international confraternity.

9. Ferguson Scholarship

Although some reviews on this scholarship say it is not worth trying out, we found it suitable to be on this list during our research, following the kind of scholarship it is.

We might not have considered it only if we had found any website stating that the program is not legit.

Note that sometimes bad reviews on some programs can be fake, coming from competitors. For this reason, as an applicant, you should make further inquiries on your end before running into this.

10. CET Scholarship

The CET academic scholarship program is a top affiliate program providing free education, something you do not want to miss out on.

As obtained from sources, the organization provides this offer for students to study abroad yearly so that willing students will not have to make financial problems excuses as a hindrance to furthering their education.

CET, like a few others, also offers different types of 2; one reason you want to do more research on this is if it is your choice.

11. Guenther Felix Sanders Scholarship

Only students from two universities in the world can enjoy this scholarship program. Moreso, that you are a student in any of these two schools does not automatically guarantee you are qualified to apply for the scholarship, so read through this part carefully to know the requirements.

Firstly, we must admit that this scholarship is sponsored by the endowment of an estate gift from Guenther Felix Sanders.

As gathered from relevant sources, the program is only open to students studying at the University of British Columbia Okanagan or the University of British Columbia Vancouver.

Students of the said school thinking of getting this scholarship must meet either of these requirements:

Very few are chances of getting this scholarship.

12. Percy W. PERRIS Salmon Arm Scholarship

Great British!! Here comes another scholarship affiliate program to increase the number of scholarship programs available for the University of British Columbia students.

To avoid further ado, you should know you have a chance of getting this scholarship as a student at the said institution. Before making inquiries on other things, it takes to win this scholarship, bear in mind the role of academic excellence before the application.

13. Piping Industry Journeyman Training and Industry

The donor of this scholarship has their stands in Canada and the United States, respectively.

It is a kind of scholarship members of the association can enjoy, just as you might have expected. You may not have access to this program in countries other than those identified above.

14. API scholarship   

This scholarship is somewhat synonymous with the ISA scholarship program. Both fall under the first definition we gave to scholarship affiliate programs. This means if you have a good understanding of ISA, which has been elaborately written in the first number of this list, you will have no issue understanding the API scholarship program.

One more thing, an applicant can apply for this scholarship multiple times.

15. Iranian Student Memorial Award

Some students died during a plane crash on flight PS752 some years back. In honor of the deceased, whose death also affected the United Kingdom, UBC and the Iranian-Canadian community have established a scholarship to give students free education yearly.

The incident caused the University of British Columbia a tremendous loss! And we, on this end, also wish the departed souls to rest in perfect peace.

16. William M. MERCER Memorial Scholarship in Arts and Science

The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, is sponsoring this program, which is available for people who have previously studied in any institution. It also has all courses available for students.

As obtained, more people have chances of getting this admission as opposed to the other examples of scholarship affiliate programs.

17. ILWU Harry Bridges Entrance Scholarship

Students study in some institutions, including the University of Victoria, Simon Fraser University, University of B.C., the British C. Institute of Technology, etc.

The only thing you don’t want to know about this scholarship is that the organization offers three of it yearly.

Students qualified to partake in this scholarship have the highest academic success, considering their results from the previous sessional examination.

So should you intend to further your studies on scholarship, this might be for you. All you have to do is study hard and ensure you write your examinations and come out with flying colors.

18. Faculty Women’s Club Margaret MacKenzie Scholarship

Here comes another scholarship program you want to take your mind off as a man. The Faculty Women’s Club scholarship is a program woman first entering the University of British Columbia as undergraduates can enjoy.

It is a program in honor of the late Mackenzie Margaret, who, alongside her late husband, played a significant role in the success of the said University.

19. IES scholarship

This scholarship program organization tends to offer millions of dollars yearly on scholarships alone. Because according to the platform, financial problems should not be why people cannot attend school.

The IES scholarship, the type of scholarship associated with our first definition, is not restricted to people of specific regions. You can apply and see if you would be a lucky winner to be one of the students enjoying the company’s free education offer.

20. G&F Financial Group Scholarship

Heads up again, guys!! This also goes to British Columbia. It is a scholarship available for all British Columbia citizens studying in publicly funded higher institutions.

The platform reportedly gives a thousand dollars to each student and will sponsor five students yearly.

With this vast support on your side, as a citizen of the great British Columbia, you should have no excuse as regards financial status for not being educated.

21. Arcadia Scholarship

Well, when you try to worth this platform, in all good senses, it is one of the companies you want to go for. The Arcadia scholarship is a well-recognized broad scholarship program providing students with free education regardless of participants’ region.

Many people love to go for this scholarship because it does not discriminate. The platform gives students scholarships based on merit.

As soon as a student’s exceptional academic success is noticed, this organization is ready to put out a helping hand.

22. ILWU Harry Bridges Undergraduate

This is a full-time funded scholarship provided by the University of British Columbia for students regardless of their previous institution.

The school organizes this scholarship to be for students at the Bachelor’s education level. One good thing you want to know about this is that several schools are available for you to choose from if you wish to attend this scholarship program.

23. ISWO scholarships

The government funds this scholarship. Not much information is available for this, but if you wish to, you can discover more about the program.

Nevertheless, it has been discovered to be a legit scholarship program you can trust.

24. ILWU Thomas P. Mayes Scholarship

25. the University of B.C. Alumni Southern California Scholarship

Here is another scholarship program available for British Columbia students. It feels like the majority of the scholarship affiliate programs readily available are done in this country.

26. William Hurford Memorial Scholarship

27. United Association of Plumbers & Steamfitters, Local 170, Scholarship

28. William MCMAHAN Scholarship

29. YATES Memorial Scholarship

30. Mildred BROCK Memorial Scholarship

31. Nancy RYCKMAN Scholarship

33. Olof Sjobom SEAHOLM Memorial Scholarship

34. Council for Exceptional Children Samuel Laycock Book Prize

35. Students UBC Scholarship

You may just be coming about this, but I reckon this should no longer be a piece of breaking news that the University of British Columbia offers its students scholarships based on their record of academic excellence.

36. ILWU Local 517 Bud Smith Scholarship

37. T. E. and M. E. LADNER Memorial Scholarship

38. UNITED Food and Commercial Workers Union 1518 Scholarship  

39. SIT scholarship

So great a platform! The SIT is like no other, and you want to accept that fact immediately. The program offers you a scholarship if you apply and meet their requirements – regardless of your place of birth.

Websites reporting whether or not scholarship programs are legit have reportedly had only good to say about platforms like this.

It was even gathered that this program has helped over a million students in the last three years.

Kindly try out the SIT scholarship and do not hesitate to miss it for anything if you want to study or further your education for free.

40. Cimba Italy scholarship

This is a need and merit-based scholarship program offered to only the indigenes of Italy, as the name suggests.

The program, however, often provides a full-time scholarship.

Nevertheless, these programs are not always available in all countries. It would help if you were involved in specific associations/organizations with other people before you could enjoy the Scholarship affiliate program.

Requirements To Enjoy Scholarship Affiliate Programs

Even though we could be correct to say that this depends solely on the kind of program you are seeking a scholarship with, there are certain factors we feel you should have in place before applying for this type of scholarship. Hence, we want to see the following requirements as general elements that should be implemented regardless of the organization you crave to fund your education.

Some of the said general requirements include:

1. Membership

The definition has said it, and so do some other examples we simplified. To enjoy their scholarships, you must be a member of some of these organizations stated above. So do not be surprised when you see that you go to search for scholarship opportunities; you find any of these scholarship affiliate programs and apply, only to find out you are not eligible to enjoy them.

Unlike other forms of scholarship you might have learned about in the past, this form of scholarship sets boundaries for who can benefit from the program. Meaning that whoever does not meet the ‘Who can benefit’ standards is automatically not profiting from them.

If you have followed up the article carefully, you will have learned that the Alpha Gamma Delta is an excellent example of this program. If you are there, you have a chance of being given admission, and if you are not, you can forget about it.

In other senses, to ask whether one can benefit from the Faculty Women’s Club Anne Wesbrook Scholarship as a man is ultimately not part of it!!

2. Meeting the requirements of the group

You are expected to be a member entitled to enjoy these scholarship programs. You must also be a faithful member dedicated to participating in every activity done in the organization.

For instance, as earlier stated, the scholarship program available for the partners of military personnel in Canada requires that not only should one’s spouse be in the army but also must have been there for over three years. That is a requirement.

So whichever scholarship you want to go for, ensure that you know and comply with the rules given.

Advantages or Importance of Scholarship Affiliate Programs

1. You school for free

Although sometimes it is not always completely free, we say that one advantage of the scholarship affiliate program is to be educated freely. This means that when you are unable to cater to your education, you could still actually continue based on merit… With the help of these programs.

2. Schooling and making money at a goal

If you go for the first affiliate scholarship programs on our list, be assured that even at your school, you will be open to earning more easily.

Affiliate marketing is a way to make passive income.

All you have to do is have considerable traffic accumulating website, offer your targeted audience what they want, display products with your affiliate link on your website, and get paid for every sale from the link.

So easy a way to school and earn.

3. Helps you learn more about the world

Since most of these scholarships are in foreign countries, or at least we say you would, in most cases, have to travel to utilize these scholarship offers.

This implies that you will be exposed to a new environment, where you learn about contemporary culture, language, and lifestyle.

Not only will you acquire these, but you will also have more chances to expand your circles, and remember the saying, “Connection is better than money.”

Demerits of Scholarship Affiliate Programs

1. It is not open to everyone

Only a few people can take part in scholarship affiliate programs. They note that sometimes one is required to be particular sex, race, etc., to qualify for most of these scholarship programs.

I guess most people reading this will be searching for knowledge’s sake. But if the case is otherwise, you can go to the home page of our website and use the search option to find other ‘scholarship’ articles available.

We have written about a good number of scholarship programs open to people regardless of their race, classes, etc… So do not miss them for anything.

And let me add that this will be the most disadvantageous part of scholarship affiliate programs.

2. Most of them are not fully funded scholarship

When you go for further inquiries, you will know that many of these scholarships only offer free education to people for some time, after which students enjoying them will have to start paying for the education. But even then, some of the scholarships are renewable, which means after reaching the planned duration, one can apply for it again.

This seems to be so because the government does not provide a good number of scholarships here. Some are just given in honor of certain legends.

Also, this type of scholarship may reinforce members of specific organizations to keep being committed to the activities of the groups.

Disclaimer: If you have read any part of this article that refers you to study more about specific topics elsewhere on the internet, it is not to say that our platform is not ready to give you detailed information on all that has been mentioned here, whatsoever. 

There are two reasons behind it as held on this end.

Firstly, you would not be able to read conveniently if all you need to know has been given here, as this piece is not designed to be a book.

Secondly, following the title of this piece, we should not have given as much as this… But we pick delight in your success!


Nevertheless, if there is any other thing you want to learn about regarding the scholarship or anything that has been revealed in this article, do not hesitate to drop that in a comment below.

This piece is one like no other, and you can be sure that only this website has such detailed information you can ever seek to get about the given topic. We would be glad if you leave a comment below on your thought about this piece and also share it with others.

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