Npower Grant Real or Scam?, Other Alternatives To Consider

Npower Grant

Over the past months, there has been trending news that the Federal government scheme used to empower youths, popularly known as “Npower”, is giving out a grant of 30,000 nairas. Is Npower Grant Real or Scam? Let’s find out.

How Npower Works?

Generally, the power program was introduced by the current president of Nigeria, President Muhammad Buhari, on 8 June 2016. This was one of the ways he deployed to help overcome unemployment amongst the youth. So far, the program has absorbed up to two million youths from the ages of 18years to 40years old. 

Npower Grant Real or Scam?

The scheme, which has been running since 2016, has helped empower many youths. Currently, it is running and so far has empowered more than 2 million youth. This is one of the areas where President Muhammadu Buhari has done well to look into.

The Npower comprises different categories of people with other skills. The secondary school leavers are represented there. The undergraduates and the graduates are all there. Presently, they have Npower Teach, Npower Agro, and Npower heath. These are the three most prominent categories to be trained in as the country lacks a workforce in these sectors.

Is Npower Grant Real or Scam?

According to the official Facebook handle of the npower, they have stated that every beneficiary of the program should disregard the news that they are giving out a grant of 30,000 naira.

Sadly, this is an impersonation by a fraudster pretending to be offering grants while using the opportunity to extort their victims. They often send this message to WhatsApp contacts and Facebook users, asking them to click a link. These fraudsters sometimes require your BVN, your date of birth, and your necessary government ID. 

They use this ID, passwords, and sensitive information to rip off their victims. 

Sadiya Umar Frouqe, the current Minister in charge of the National Social investment scheme, has instructed that all program beneficiaries shun any message claiming to be a Npower grant disbursing a 30,000.

He also advised the heirs and all of this to stay away from any website claiming to be giving out gifts that are not the main website of the npower. There is currently nothing like Npower Grant, nor is there anything like Npower free fund. 

In another hand, there are several other programs that the Federal Government of Nigeria has established to help the youth. Some of them include the following:

Npower Alternatives You Should Know

National Agricultural Land Development Authority

The NALDA has been in existence since 200 to help the agricultural sector thrive hard in the country. However, the administration of Muhammadu Buhari has committed to establishing it in a more lucrative way by accepting to take in 774,000 young farmers each year from the 774 Local Government Areas in the country. 

NALDA Recruitment

The National Agricultural Land Development Authority plan is a program for young Nigerians; as the name indicates, it aims to incorporate the youth into the government’s agricultural reform goal, which tries to diversify the economy away from its dependency on oil.

With NALDA on board, young Nigerians would be equipped with the finances to engage in farming operations. The plan would choose 100 Nigerians from each local government district.

Npower NEXIT

NPower Next is a platform under the Portal where all existing Npower Batch A and B recipients can access numerous federal government youth empowerment programs. If you are a Npower Batch A or B beneficiary, please take advantage of this fantastic opportunity. Excited N-Power beneficiaries are encouraged to take advantage of this offer.

National Youth Investment Fund

Youth Investment Fund in Nigeria NYIF is a government project designed to enhance the Nigerian economy by providing youngsters with leverage and access to money. The fund seeks to act as a catalyst in releasing the potential of youngsters and enabling many of them to start enterprises.

Between 2020 and 2023, the NYIF hopes to reach 500,000 kids. Each fund approval would range from N250, 000 to N50, 000,000, with a mix of group and individual applications, one-year working capital loans, and three-year term loans with a single-digit interest rate of 5%.

Survival Fund Scheme

The MSME survival fund program is part of the Nigerian Economic Sustainability Plan (NESP) devised by a commission led by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo. The Survival Fund assists over 500,000 medium and small businesses MSMEs in fulfilling payroll targets.

The federal government of Nigeria established it to assist vulnerable MSMEs in achieving payroll commitments of between N30,000 and N50,000 per employee per month to protect the jobs of up to 10 million employees over three months.

The N75 billion fund is managed by the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Investment, and it provides a general payment of N50,000 to small companies most impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Self-employed artisans, transport operators, and technicians are among those who can access up to N50,000 from the initiative.

Jubilee Fellowship Programme

The Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Program will help graduates connect with a business.” This program will link private sector businesses, startups, and major public sector institutions directly to graduates, allowing them to find the greatest young talent Nigeria offers.

Graduates will be better able to understand the demands, issues, and challenges that industries confront in general and how to best contribute to addressing them.


The Npower grant that you may be hearing about or seeing messages about is totally a scam that you should never fall for. Alternatively, one can engage his or herself in any of the above-listed organizations under the federal government’s watch.

These are ways the federal government is using to keep the unemployment rate in the country at a stable rate, making it not rise to the level beyond control. 

However, it is good to note that the organizations may be specific to the type of skills they need. Make sure to know the requirements to join. 

Don’t hesitate to use the comments box below to ask questions, and feel free to contact us.

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