Moolahspot Scholarship Application 2023, Eligibility & How to Apply

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Do you need help paying for college? Do you dream of attending a top-tier university to advance in your career? Then why not apply for a Moolahspot scholarship?

Moolahspot scholarship Overview

Moolahspot is a global network of financial advisors who provide expert guidance on investing and saving. The Moolahspot scholarship program provides access to free investment training and mentorship from their team of experts at no cost. Every student they mentor through the program will donate $1,000 to charity.

This year, Moolahspot pledged to give out $50,000 scholarships. They are looking to increase this figure further in 2019. If you want to apply for a scholarship, you should start now because applications close next month.

You don’t need to be rich or highly educated to benefit from these opportunities. All you need is to be willing to study and try new skills. That way, you’ll be able to stand out amongst other applicants.

Moolahspot Scholarship Program is open to students from any country around the world. However, applicants from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Ireland are preferred. Students can apply for scholarships after completing their first year in college. To qualify for Moolahspot Scholarships, applicants must fulfill certain criteria. Below are the details regarding the Moolahspot Scholarship Program application process.

Types of Moolahspot Scholarship

There are two types of Moolahspot Scholarship programs:

  • School-Based Programs – Community colleges and four-year universities typically offer these. Students must complete certain requirements to qualify for these scholarships.
  • Individual Student Programs – These are usually awarded directly to individual students. There are no requirements to receive one of these scholarships.

School-Based Programs

Students interested in applying for a school-based program should visit the school’s website offering the scholarship. Some schools may ask you to fill out an application form. Others may list the scholarship on their website.

Individual Student Programs

Some schools award scholarships directly to individual students. If you find information about a specific scholarship on the internet, you can contact the school directly to see if they offer scholarships.

Who Can Apply for Moolahspot Scholarship?

Students from any country are eligible to apply for Moolahspot Scholarship. Applicants must be between 18 and 24 years old and pursuing higher education. They should hold a degree or diploma from accredited institutions.

Eligibility criteria for the Moolahspot scholarship

To qualify for a Moolahspot scholarship, you must be enrolled in a qualifying institution. That means you must be accepted into a degree program at a school participating in the Moolahspot Scholarship Program.

Qualifying schools include:

  • Community Colleges
  • Four-Year Universities
  • Two-Year Institutions
  • Online Schools
  • Private Schools
  • Military Academies

Students can apply for these scholarships by filling out the application form on the website. They can submit their applications anytime between January 1st and December 31st every year.

Students who qualify for the scholarship can receive $500-$1000 depending on their academic performance. This amount is paid directly to the student via a PayPal account.

Application Process: How to Apply for the Moolahspot scholarship

Once you’ve found a school that qualifies for a Moolahspot scholarship, you’ll need to apply. Most applications are submitted via email.

Applications are generally due within a month after graduation. Once you’ve applied, you’ll receive notification of whether or not you were selected for the scholarship.

  • Visit to begin your search for a MoolahSpot scholarship
  • Enter your personal information and click agree to continue applying
  • Then, fill out the rest of the required fields
  • Click Submit and within 2 weeks, you will receive a confirmation email containing your account information

Frequently Asked Questions on the Moolahspot Scholarship

1. When Will I Receive My Reward Money?

After successfully finishing the application process, you may receive the money within one month, depending upon student status. Student Status depends upon whether you are enrolled in full-time studies or part-time study. You may receive your reward money within 14 days if you are enrolled in full-time studies. Otherwise, you may wait until the semester ends to receive the money.

2. Are There Any Penalties Involved With Failing to Meet Moolahspot Scholarship Criteria?

No penalties are involved with failing to meet Moolahspot Scholarship requirements. All applications are reviewed based on merit. Those who complete the application process will be rewarded.

  • Selection Process: Moolahspot selects eligible candidates for its scholarships based on applicants’ academic scores.
  • Number of awards: There are two types of scholarships offered by Moolahspot. One is for undergraduate students, and another one is for graduate students.
  • Amount of award: Undergraduate students can receive $500-$2000, and Graduate students can receive $1500-$5000.
  • Deadline for submission: Applications are accepted from January 1st to December 31st every year
  • Application fee: No application fees are required.
  • Verification: Selected students are verified and awarded scholarships.
  • Awarding Method: Scholarships are paid directly to the applicant’s PayPal account.
  • Refund Policy: If the selected candidate does not accept the scholarship, they have to pay back the entire amount within 10 days after receiving the scholarship.
  • Contact Details: for further information regarding the scholarship, visit the official website of


In conclusion, if you’re looking for scholarships, MoolahSpot has a ton of money available through their scholarship program. They offer over 1 million dollars in scholarships each year, which means that you could receive tens of thousands of dollars for your education. To apply, visit

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