Is Consumer Durables A Good Career Path? Answered

Is Consumer Durables A Good Career Path

It is normal to have the question of “is consumer durables are a good career path,” always bothering your mind each time you want to choose a career. You could have this question stuck in your mind as you make your plans.

Ordinarily, there would be no easy answer to this as there are lots of variables in place which can determine the outcome of the question above. This is why this article is essential. We shall be looking at various other subtopics and opinions that could give you a satisfactory response to the abovementioned question.

In this vein, we ask that you go through the article as we shall be laying serially various concepts that would not only determine the answer to this question but give solid reasons behind it.

What Are Consumer Durables?

Consumer durables are products are developed to have a more extended period of life after their purchase. That is, they are equipment that has been manufactured to have a long shelf life from the point of its purchase.

These include items like cars, household appliances, and so on. They do not quickly wear out or be consumed entirely in ‘one bite’; instead, they can be used continuously for an extended period.

Is Consumer Durables A Good Career Path

There may be confusion about how long these products or items are meant to last before they can be conferred with the status of consumer durables. Many people have had their say, stating various amounts of years, months, etc. This still does not cure its dilemma.

However, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) described their longevity as goods that last for three years or more. While one cannot vouch for a product to ‘survive’ that many years, it can suffer destruction at the hands of careless consumers.

The point remains that when a product can ordinarily, on its face, survive for at least three or more years, then it is safe to categorize this product under the above.

Is Consumer Durables A Good Career Path?

Yes, consumer durables is a good career path as you can undertake a profitable and promising path under it because the field is quite large, and the careers under it are well diversified with endless opportunities,

As we stated earlier, many people may have various answers to this question. These contradictory opinions are not wrong either. A lot of factors contribute to why these contradictions may exist. These factors could result from personal experiences, which could come from the path chosen or the area of specialization.

For instance, whenever you think about any form of consumer durables, consider all the aspects involved in bringing that particular product into existence; the individuals, professionals, etc.

Then you consider those professionals that would have to ensure that upon its existence and usage, it is used in the way or manner required. Then you consider those that would be there to fix it when it gets faulty.

Is Consumer Durables A Good Career Path

And then those who would ensure that it is correctly disposed of when it can no longer be used or where it can no longer serve the purpose for which it was developed. When you think about it like this, you will find out that many careers have already passed through a single product from its development, usage, and disposal.

Then you also have to consider unique products that would not only require the usual professionals but additional professionals who could be employed due to the unique nature of the product. All these professionals are people who cut across various open options, and you can choose either of them (their career path).

Subsequently, we shall be looking at the various jobs or areas, or even professionals in this field, which would give you an idea about what to do.

Why Should Consider Pursuing A Career In Consumer Durables

As we stated earlier, pursuing a career in the subject matter is entirely okay. Now you may want to know why this is true.

It is not just convincing enough that there are a lot of job opportunities because of the professionals involved, as that alone cannot justify why it should be considered as such.

Therefore, it is vital that we lay out the reasons why you should consider going for the subject matter. Our grounds are plain and verifiable, so sit back and review them.

1. A plethora of career options

When you think about the subject matter, based on what we already said so far, one thing you would think about first is the massive number of options available for one to pursue.

Many professional vacancies or opportunities exist for various enthusiasts who want to make a name for themselves in this industry.

Take, for instance, a car as an example of a product under this subject matter. Now, to produce a car, you need various professionals. You need multiple categories of engineers; you need compliance officers such as a lawyer or some other professional. It would help if you also had the stock keeper or another professional to ensure the vehicle is marked accordingly.

Then you would have a marketer or salesperson who ensures that the newly developed car is sold at a stipulated price. Then the distributor gets it to the consumers. Moving forward, you have the mechanics or other group of engineers who fix the car when it is terrible or carry out needed modifications, as the case may be.

Note that these professionals are usually in teams, so you could have more than 8-9 people in a group at a time. This is just for a car. Now consider other various products.

2. Enticing Incentive

The most important thing about a job is how much you earn. It also plays a massive role in determining whether or not the person secures the position.

This is why anyone seeking an employment opportunity would first want to know how much they would stand to earn. They would likely not take the job if the payment is less than expected.

That is, you are assured of a mouth-watering salary. This is because every profession involved in this area has a high-earning value, and this would not change, irrespective of where it is applied. Therefore, the professionals in this field earn way more than other workers in any different career path.

3. Job Security

One of the reasons why most people are reluctant to pursue their careers in some fields is job security.

With various cases of loss of jobs or the sudden non-existence of some jobs, it is okay for you to earn this fear. It is also customary to feel this way, given that no one wants to become unemployed after being employed for some time.

Is Consumer Durables A Good Career Path

All these are genuine and accurate feelings. However, they are not required as such will not be the case where one pursues a career in consumer durables. The absence of job security exists in a work environment where the main component of the job no longer exists, or it has become so insignificant that there is no need for the jobs it has created.

This cannot be the case in this field, as it is almost self-sufficient, depending fundamentally on the basic principles of economics (demand and supply). As long as people demand these products, this industry will keep booming, and the jobs will keep coming and remaining constant.

4. Option for training

Another reason you should pursue a career in consumer durables is that most times, based on the path you want, you may not necessarily need a formal education.

What is required of you is to have been trained in the profession you will be undertaking to practice. Then, you afterward gain the necessary experience that you would need.

Unlike most fields where virtually all the professions that cut across it requires a university degree or something similar, some jobs in this field do not place such requirement. It does not mean that you do not stand a chance if you have a degree. It just means that it is necessary, not mandatory. Some employers run this training for their staff.

Institutions are also available that help to teach people about the areas required for them to know before they can earn these jobs. The training goes a long way in helping enthusiasts carry out their respective tasks accordingly.

5. Problem-solving through creativity

The primary function or aim for developing these durables is that they would solve one problem or the other for those who purchased them.

These problem-solving capabilities are what the consumers need, which is why these products would never run short of demands or inquiries. However, consumers may require that a specific product be modified to suit a particular problem. Or, a product could become outdated, and there is the need to change it.

In either of these cases, a problem has just developed, and the faster it is to solve that problem, the faster it is to continue the product supply either way. Solving this problem would require some creativity, which is what most people engaged with this line of work have by default.

Creativity plays a significant role in every aspect of this job, from design, development, distribution, and disposal. The world is moving fast, and many usual practices are passing by, too, giving room for upgrades. These upgrades rely on creativity.

In other words, if you have a creative mindset, this is undoubtedly a career path you should take, as you would not run out of areas to specialize in.

6. Large Corporations

Some of the biggest companies in the world made names for themselves through consumer durables. And they continue to thrive in this practice.

This is one of the reasons why you should consider taking up a career path here because it would afford you the opportunity of working with a global conglomerate.

How To Become A Professional Under Consumer Durables

In considering whether or not consumer durables are a good career path, we have to consider some of the actions you could take after the answer given above.

After the answer and the reasons were given, it is only rational that you would want to know how you can become a professional in this field. Becoming a professional in this field requires a lot of work and dedication.

However, it is not impossible. You can achieve it, just as everyone else in this field. You must ensure that you put in the required effort to see your dreams come true. The steps you would take in this case are:

1. Figure out which profession you would want to pursue

As we stated, many professions are involved in this field. While we shall be looking at them shortly, it is essential to note that your first task here is to consider which one you want to go into.

Some of the best-paid jobs in consumer durables include:

  • Sales Representative
  • Robotics Engineer
  • Marketing specialist
  • Automotive Engineer
  • Automotive sales manager
  • Visual Merchandiser
  • Quality Assurance Engineer

Sales Representative: It is no secret that where their products are for sale, there is usually a sales representative that would sell them to the consumers. If you have a thing for selling products, this is a career you should undertake.

To sweeten the pot, the entry-level average annual salary of a sales representative in this industry is $56,000.

Robotics Engineer: I know, right? No one would understand how demanding this job is, as you could claim that there are only a handful of robots worldwide.

However, most of the components used in the production of robots are found in most appliances, hence falling into the purview of robotics engineers.

This could be an essential profession you can enter as it is a cutting-edge area that goes beyond this industry and focuses on other sites. The average entry-level annual salary of a robotics engineer is $89,000.

Marketing specialist: It would help if you had someone who has an idea about the market structure of the locality where you wish to sell your product, as well as necessary pointers that would make it easier to topple every other competition in the market.

While this position involves experience, you can quickly learn on the job, and through training, internship and experiences, you could do better.

The basic salary of an entry-level employee in this position annually is $ 51,000.

Automotive Engineer: No car can be successfully produced without an automotive engineer. For automobile companies in this industry, the role of an automotive engineer is indispensable.

Their basic annual entry-level salary is $72,000.

Automotive sales manager: These are sales representatives who are specialized in automobile products only. They help in the sale of cars for the companies which produce them.

Visual Merchandiser: Have you ever wondered how magnificent products are arranged in stores for you to notice? How does the lighting seem perfect, and how is the display second to none? That is the job of a visual merchandiser.

They help to make your products appear appealing enough to passersby or consumers.

Additionally, they help to offer you a good shopping experience too. It is important to note that the salary you can earn doing this at an entry level is $43,000.

Quality Assurance Engineer: They ensure that the products are working perfectly and that they comply with regulations governing the production of that product.

They test-run the products and ensure that no hiccups would arise from the usage of the product.

They earn up to $86, 000 annually.

Other jobs include:

2. Acquire an education

While we already stated that this is not compulsory, if you wish to acquire an education before you pursue a career here, then it is paramount that you choose a reputable university to do so.

Seeing as this industry is all-encompassing, there is no single course housing it; hence you have to look for reputable universities offering courses on the various professions stated above.

3. Develop relevant skills

The relevant skillset will get you to the top of your game in this industry. While this may depend on the profession, you will need to master such skills as they relate to the career you wish to go into.

4. Training/internship.

We already stated that a degree or university education is not compulsory for some professions in this industry. Therefore in this vein, where you opt to undertake training/internship, you are advised to take that seriously.

This training/internship allows you to specialize in the profession squarely. Unlike the university or colleges where you could take courses not directly related to the work, this is not the case for internships or training.

5. Obtain certification

When you are done with your degree, training, or internship, ensure that you obtain the necessary certificate. This is evidence of your completion of the course and certifies that you have ample knowledge of the rudiments of the profession you wish to engage in.

6. Apply for the job

Finally, you can then proceed to apply for the job you have chosen. While applying for the job, ensure that you know what is required of you before the interview.

Choose companies whose visions and mission correspond with what you seek, not just for the salary or incentives that come with the job.


Thank you for going through this article on is consumer durables a good career path. We hope you got the answers you were looking for.

For further information or inquiries, kindly drop your opinions or questions on ‘is consumer durables a good career path,’ in the comments section below, and we will get back to you as soon as practicable.

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