How to get Taco Bell Scholarship

How to get Taco Bell Scholarship

Are you now following a deep-seated, motivating passion of yours? Also, can you talk about or provide examples of your interest in a video? In such case, you may want to look into the Taco Bell Live Más Scholarship. Hundreds of deserving students are chosen year to receive scholarships ranging from $5,000 to $25,000 for creating a film expressing their interests and demonstrating their plans to utilize these talents to impact their local communities positively and beyond. Taco Bell’s charitable arm, the Taco Bell Foundation, which aims to “educate and inspire the next generation of leaders,” is offering the scholarship. The Taco Bell Live Más Scholarship is open to anybody who is 16–26 years old. Please apply if you meet the requirements and are driven by a constant desire.

How to get Taco Bell Scholarship


About Taco Bell Foundation

In its mission to train future leaders, the Taco Bell Foundation eliminates obstacles. Youth in the United States have been supported in pursuing their passions and realizing their potential by the Taco Bell Foundation since 1992. Live Más Scholarships for Consumers, educational programs, and Community Grants are supported by donations collected in U.S. Taco BellTaco Bell locations via the Round Up Program. Donations from Taco Bell franchisees help Live Más Scholarships for Restaurant Employees.

Benefits of getting the Taco Bell Scholarship

Taco Bell’s distinctive and influential Live Más Scholarship is only one of several ways the company helps defray higher education costs for deserving individuals. Thousands of students from all around the US have received more than $17 million from this scholarship program since it began in 2015. The many advantages of receiving a Taco Bell Scholarship will be covered in this section.

Financial Assistance

Students’ financial aid is a significant perk of receiving a Taco Bell Scholarship. The scholarship amounts range from $5,000 to $25,000 per winner, which may significantly reduce the financial strain of school costs, including tuition, books, and supplies. Students can fully immerse themselves in their studies, free from financial concerns.


Any US graduating senior, current undergraduate, or graduate student who intends to enroll in an approved post-secondary institution can apply for the Taco Bell Scholarship. This grant is open to students of diverse socioeconomic backgrounds and intellectual abilities because of its accommodating qualifying requirements.

No Restrictions on Major

Unlike several other grants, applicants are not restricted by the Taco Bell Scholarship according to their chosen major. Assuming you fulfill all other criteria, this prize is open to engineering or creative writing students.

Undocumented Students Have a Chance

Undocumented students also have a chance to get financial aid for their studies via the Live Más Scholarship. Students whose immigration status prevents them from receiving federal financial help would benefit significantly.

Growth on a Personal and Professional Level

One of the Live Más Scholarship requirements is the submission of an artistic or passionately expressed film or photograph. This is an excellent opportunity for candidates to demonstrate their abilities while learning valuable skills, including storytelling, public speaking, and digital media creation.

Chances to Connect with Others

You join a big group of people who share your enthusiasm for reaching your dreams when you accept the Taco Bell Scholarship. You may meet people who can become and help you advance in your studies; it’s a great chance to network.


Earning the Taco Bell Scholarship is a great way to boost your career prospects and add a distinguished title to your résumé. This is a great way to demonstrate that others see your drive, accomplishments, and ability to make a difference.

Who is Eligible for the Taco Bell Scholarship

The Taco Bell Scholarship provides financial assistance to students who exhibit leadership potential, community service, and academic achievement. Those who fulfill the requirements outlined below can apply for this award.

High School Seniors

Applicants must be high school seniors at the time of application and have post-graduation plans to attend either a four-year university or a technical or vocational institution. High school seniors are the only ones who may apply for this award.

Minimum GPA Requirement

All applicants require a cumulative GPA of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) or above. Showing the selection committee that you take your studies seriously, you display an above-average academic accomplishment.

Legal US Resident

Those who want to be considered for the Taco Bell Scholarship must be citizens or permanent residents of the US or PR. The application procedure may need the presentation of papers establishing citizenship or legal residence.

Age Requirement

If you want to apply for this scholarship, you need to be 16 years old before the deadline. We welcome applications from all ages, including those not typically attend college.

Financial Need

The Taco Bell Scholarship is unique among scholarship programs in that it does not consider financial need. Nevertheless, having a genuine financial need might bolster your application and raise your award odds.

Parental Consent

The Taco Bell Scholarship cannot be applied for or received by anybody under 18 without the permission of a parent or legal guardian.

Not an Employee or Family Member of Taco Bell

You cannot apply for this award if you are an employee of Taco Bell, its parent business, or any member of their immediate family. Everyone in this category is considered a member of the immediate family: spouses, parents, children, stepchildren, siblings, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and in-laws.

Not a Previous Recipient

We regret that we cannot consider reapplies from those already awarded the Taco Bell Scholarship.

Considering Enrollment at a Recognized Institution of Higher Learning
The Taco Bell Scholarship is open to students in US institutions of higher learning, whether in two- or four-year institutions or vocational schools. This award is not valid for usage at unaccredited schools or online programs.

Humanitarian and Leadership Involvement

Leadership and active participation in one’s community are highly valued qualities in the Taco Bell Scholarship program. Volunteering and leadership positions are great ways for applicants to show they care about making a difference in their communities.

How to apply for the Taco Bell Scholarship

To further your education, you should apply for the Taco Bell Scholarship. It’s easy and quick. A comprehensive application form for this scholarship is available here:

Check Eligibility Criteria

It is wise to verify your eligibility for a scholarship before applying. The Taco Bell Scholarship is open to undergraduates who meet the following criteria: financial need, full-time enrollment, GPA (on a 4.0 scale), and citizenship or permanent legal resident of the United States.

Gather Required Documents

Gather the following documents: transcripts from high school or college, evidence of attendance at an approved institution, and documentation of citizenship or legal residence; they will be required to finish the application process.

Create an Account

Sign up for an account on Taco Bell’s website to start the application procedure for the scholarship. You may save your progress and return to it later with this account.

Fill out the Application Form

After making an account, the next step is to fill out the application by entering your name, address, phone number, email, and any other relevant details.

Provide Academic Information

The following section requests information on your present academic standing, such as your grade point average and (if relevant) class rank. Your participation in extracurricular activities and volunteer work should also be detailed.

Submit the Required Documents

Please submit the necessary papers, including transcripts and proof of enrollment, once you have completed the application form. Verify that these papers are valid and current before submitting.

Write an Essay

All applicants require a personal essay (250 words maximum) outlining how this award might support their academic pursuits and long-term objectives.

Submit Your Application

Please check all the details and supporting materials you have included in your application before submitting it. To finish, just hit the submit button when you’re ready.

Wait for a Response

You may expect to get an email from Taco Bell confirming receipt of your application shortly after submission. You may need to be patient as we go through the choosing procedure.

Follow Up

You will be contacted by phone or email if you are one of the lucky winners of the Taco Bell Scholarship. It is recommended that you contact the scholarship sponsor to inquire about the status of your application if you do not get any information within an acceptable duration.

In summary

Finally, if you are a student looking for a way to help pay for college, you can apply for the Taco Bell Scholarship. In addition to financial assistance, it provides coaching and tools for professional growth. This scholarship is exceptional because it encourages young people to follow their passions and become constructive changemakers in their communities. Don’t wait to apply if you or someone you know fits the requirements. Seize this incredible chance from Taco Bell!

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