How to Buy NECO Token Card Online

How To Buy NECO Token Card Online

How to buy NECO token card online is the question from NECO candidates upon the disclosure of the release of their results, knowing that without the scratch card, checking the results is equally impossible.

How Much Is NECO Token

The 2022 NECO result token scratch card/pin is NGN 665 from the official National Examinations Council (NECO) and ranges from NGN 900 to NGN 1000 from NECO vendors or cybercafés.

There is no specific amount for which the token is sold so you may be charged severally by different cafes.

Students have just concluded the NECO examination in August and can’t wait to have their grades printed out. As a result, many can afford a fortune to get the token pin (or whatever is required) to check the results. This may not be the case with some other students, but regardless, it is time to put your mind at rest.

Where To Buy NECO Tokens Cheaper?

The cheapest means to get a NECO token is directly from the National Examination Council board either by commuting or remotely, going to the NECO office in your state, or getting the pin online.

Visiting the nearest NECO office may cost you more than the nearby Café, calculating the transport fare.

Getting it online is more manageable, and I guess you would be going for that – keep reading, and by the end of this piece, you will be able to get this pin by yourself online and check your results on your Smartphone.

Where to Buy NECO Result Token Cards Online?

Let’s quickly examine this before considering How to buy NECO token card online. Remember, this is the factor that determines how much you will get the token card.

NECO Official Website

Of course, you can access the NECO official website directly on the internet. Click here to get redirected to NECO’s official website.

You can buy NECO token scratch card or pin for the cheapest price it is sold for on the board’s official website. The examination body sells the card for about N665 on its website. This is the best place to secure the NECO token pin for a cheap amount.

Contact if you have any challenges purchasing the token card on the NECO’s official website.

NECO Offices

You will get a NECO office in every given Nigerian state. All you have to do right away if this is your choice is to Google where the office is located in your state.

NECO offices sell token cards for N695 here, and they will also obtain your details.

NECO Vendors

Purchasing NECO token cards is often expensive when NECO vendors do it. NECO vendors can sell the token card for any price that suits them, regardless of how much they purchased it (which we are not concerned about).

Majorly, these vendors will sell it to you for NGN 1,000 – sometimes, it could be more or less.

Make inquiries to be sure that the Café close to your place or residence is a NECO vendor. If it is, you have nothing else to bother your mind if the two previous points are not your choice. You can browse the internet to see some of the accredited NECO vendors around you.

Regardless of where you choose to get your pin, one sure thing is that you would be required to provide your NECO profile details if you already have one. If you don’t, then you will have to create an account.

How to Buy NECO Token Card Online

NECO token card can easily be obtained online, and even at the comfort of your home – from NECO’s official website by following these simple, quick steps:

How To Buy NECO Token Card Online

  • Go to NECO’s results online system
  • Select the ‘Purchase token’ option
  • Enter your login details
  • Select ‘Purchase Token’ on your dashboard
  • Enter the number of token cards you want to buy and click on ‘Pay Now.’
  • Tick the box to confirm the payment as you proceed to pay
  • Choose your preferred type of payment and click submit on the next page.

You will be redirected to see your purchased token(s) as soon as the payment has been processed. You can also click on ‘Go To Tokens’ or ‘My Tokens’ to see all available tokens for your account.

How to Register On NECO’s Official Website?

Unless you have registered on NECO results online, you won’t be able to purchase a token card. So kindly take these few steps to create an account.

  1. Visit
  2. Properly provide the required data and click on ‘Register.’
  3. You will get an activation email from the board to confirm it’s yours
  4. Open the email and click on verify.

Congrats, you just created an account with NECO online.

That’s all on how to buy NECO token card online. I am convinced that with this, anyone should be able to get his or herself a NECO token card without a bit of stress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you are done learning about how to buy NECO token card online, you may want to check out some other helpful questions and answers regarding 2022 NECO results.

How to Check NECO Results on Phone 2022

You may want to learn about this after purchasing your NECO token card online. The steps have been well explained in one of our previous articles; kindly click here to check how to check NECO results.

How Many Times Can a NECO Token Card Be Used?

You can only use the NECO token card five (5) times. When a candidate has reached the number of times, they have to get another pin, which will last five times again.

Some students, due to anxiety, may unconsciously reach the limit of the card before printing out their results.

So it would help if you learned to use the card judiciously. If a person’s result was held the first time they checked, we suggest such a person waits until they hear from other students who wrote in the exact center before trying to check with the card again.

How Many Candidates Can Use A NECO Token Card?

Only one candidate can use a token card, and part of the processes involved in getting the token card requires the candidate’s details. As a result, no two candidates can use the same token pin – each person with a unique card.


You can be sure our website has just offered you the most simple and well-explained article on how to buy NECO token cards online, anywhere.

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