How to Check NECO Result 2023 Online With Your Phone

How To Buy NECO Token Card Online

Being on this page is the right choice if you want to know how to check NECO result 2023 on your phone. Anyone at all can do this if they have a working smartphone with a good internet connection.

It is time to check your results, it reached the surface of the internet that this year’s NECO results have been released, and students (many of whom have never done such) are left with a barrage of questions.

It still feels like a dream to many, and students are already tensed, not sure of what grades they will come out with. But you’ve got this to do! Not checking it now is not a way to increase your grades, so why the delay? Let’s run through it.

Is NECO 2023 Result Out?

Yes, the board will release the 2023 NECO results on the 29th of September, 2023. Here comes a question that needs to be specially attended to as many are still in doubt about whether or not the result is out.

What are the chances your NECO result is released? If you have seen anyone who wrote in the same examination center as you, kindly ask whether they have seen their results or not. If they have checked and their results are out, then be relaxed; there is about a 90% assurance you will get your results released.

Your chances of getting your results released will also be high if you were never caught by an invigilator practicing any form of examination malpractice while writing your papers.

What are your chances of having good grades in NECO this year? Let’s quickly do a quick analysis obtained from accredited sources of school information.

One million, two hundred and nine thousand, seven hundred and three (1,209,703) students were registered for the 2023 NECO examination. One million, one hundred ninety-eight thousand, four hundred and twelve (1,198,412) of the said candidates sat for the examination.

A source has revealed that over 889,000 students made credit and above in the English language. I think it’s impressive to learn about this. This number represents 74.89% of the registered candidates keeping your chances high.

how to check neco results

On the other hand, about 78% of the students made at least Credit in Mathematics. This is roughly 929,140 out of 1,198,412.

Over 720,000 students were said to have done well in the examination, having not lower than five credits in important courses, including Maths and English. This number represents about 60% of the candidates who sat for the examination.

This analysis seems fine enough that you are most likely to pass. If your examination center has no record of examination malpractice in the past, then your chances of making straight As, Bs, or Cs are more certain.

You must gather the courage to check your results immediately, regardless of the analysis. Get a pen now, as the next subheading will guide you on how exactly you are to go about getting your results online.

How to Check NECO Result 2023 on Phone

If you are taking the steps as you read through now, you are just a few steps away from getting to know your NECO grades.

To check your results yourself, you need your NECO registration number and token in place, and the result checker token costs N700.

With the assumption that you don’t already have it, here is how to buy your NECO token card online.

There are a few steps to take to check your NECO result on your phone.

  1. Visit the NECO result checker portal
  2. Choose your exam year (ensure it is correct)
  3. Select the exam type (June/July for SSCE or Nov/Dec for GCE)
  4. Enter your token (the pin you bought)
  5. Enter your NECO examination number (as indicated on your ID card)
  6. Click the ‘Check result’ button
  7. Wait and access your NECO results

Wait and get your results loaded on the next page right in front of you! All the best to you.

Can I combine WAEC and NECO for admission?

Yes, this is fine if you apply for admission to a Nigerian institution. The West African Examination Council and National Examination Council are standard examination bodies in Nigeria, and as a result, all tertiary institutions recognize both bodies.

Many students wonder if this is possible, and yes, it is. Originally in Nigeria, it was possible to sit for the only paper one couldn’t make. But things change, and people have to register for a minimum of five subjects if they want to sit for WAEC or NECO again.

Because of this, combining results stand – more like a substitute. So now, when a person who has written WAEC before failed Physics and sat for NECO and made the subject there, it is possible to combine both when applying for your institution of choice.

Do not forget to go to the cafe with both results (WAEC and NECO) when you want to apply for your school’s post UTME. During the Post UTME registration, the ‘Exam type’ option will differentiate the kind of result you are using for each subject.

So the essence of this is that people won’t have to sit for WAEC or NECO too often because some institutions only accept people with a max of two sittings.

Why is NECO Important?

The National Examination Council is a Nigerian examination body quite similar to WAEC. Years back, many Nigerians ignored this exam until it appeared that more and more students fail WAEC every year.

Moreover, people who used to think NECO is an examination body only recognized nationwide later realized that they could use the certificate obtained from NECO to secure admissions into other countries.

A few other reasons why NECO is important to include:

Getting a job

Some jobs in Nigeria require applicants to have at least completed their secondary school education. In cases like this, NECO can be helpful.

Higher Education

One of the most recognized examination bodies in Nigeria and a few other countries is NECO. So if you will be going in furtherance of your examination anything soon, you should sit for NECO.

One way to show you completed your secondary school education is to have a certificate like NECO’s. Even when you have your Master’s degree, employers will seek a certificate that shows you truly concluded your secondary school education.

Can I Study Abroad With NECO Result?

Yes, you can study abroad with your NECO result, so if you have not written the exam, ensure you sit up so you can have very good grades required by foreign countries.

When considering studying abroad with a NECO result, you should consider whether or not the country in your choice accepts NECO.

Countries that offer admission to NECO certificate holders

Some other countries aside from Nigeria where you can study with NECO results are:

  • Turkey
  • Poland
  • Ghana
  • Cameroon
  • Germany
  • The United States
  • The United Kingdom; and
  • Ukraine

Frequently Asked Questions

Please look at our answers to some of the frequently asked questions regarding NECO.

How do you check NECO results without a scratch card?

Even if this is possible, we advise you to get a scratch card for several reasons – always ensure you follow the normal processes to get things done.

There are consequences (you may not know) attached to trying to get through things illegally. School staff especially should not be taken for granted.

Can I check my NECO results myself?

So possible a task! With our guide in the body of this piece, anyone with a smartphone and a stable data connection can check their results online by themselves.

How do I retrieve the NECO registration number?

You should visit a NECO office in your state and provide the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Year of examination
  • Name of school where you sat for the examination

You will get to know me at the office if any other information is required. Just be sure you can get it back this way.

How to pass NECO Exam?

Yes, studying hard is part of it, but that’s not all. NECO is not hard; failing to do the necessary things is why many students repeatedly fail these exams. If for any reason, you want to sit for NECO, you need a guide, so this will be your last time sitting for it.

In the past few weeks, we have prepared an article on how to prepare for and pass WAEC or NECO- help yourself by checking out the piece.


I guess you value your privacy so much. Though there is no harm in going to the café to check one’s examination results, you must have thought of how to check NECO result 2023 on the phone for certain reasons.

The steps on our list are practical steps you can take from any part of the country. But if worse comes to worst, perhaps due to your device’s processor, you do want to make your phone an excuse why you have not checked your result, so I suggest you visit the nearest Café.

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