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Easy books to read in English – There are easy English books you can read to help improve your fluency in speech and understanding of the language. English is one of the most spoken languages in the world, with millions of people using it for their daily conversation. To improve your vocabulary, you need to be a good reader and one who loves to learn new things.

It is imperative to know that good vocabulary can be mastered by reading simple books written in English, and consistency in practice can help boost your use of the language.

Moreover, in this article, we shall be looking at several tips anyone can adopt to be able to read easy books written in the English language and some of the English books that you can read to improve your reading speed.

Is Reading English Hard?

No, it is not. Reading books written in the English language is not hard if only you gradually put your mind to learning. You can start learning by reading more English books and carrying out more research about the language.

Reading is one core way to learn something quickly, which is why it is always suggested that people who want to learn English ought to be lovers of reading English books.

How Do I Start to Read English Book

You can start by creating a time frame for yourself. It could be at any time of the day, and remember that it should be favorable to you so that you can stay committed. To develop yourself more in the use of the English language, you must read good books written in simple English. That way, you will adapt quickly.

Read as many books as you want but don’t overwork yourself, so you don’t get worn out easily. Prepare a reading timetable for yourself when you can read several different kinds of books ranging from short stories to novels, Sci-Fi books, literature, etc.

How Can I Read Easy English?

There are several steps you can take to master reading books in English, and below is a compiled list of them.

Make Out Special Time to Read

Set a time for your reading; it could be in the morning, noon, or night. Stick to it frequently, and as time goes on, you will notice changes in your speech fluency and your understanding of the language.

To read easy English books, you need to be familiar with reading books written in the language.

Read The Right Books

Reading the right books can also be a helpful tip to follow if you truly want to speed up your learning process. You can start by reading simple books written in English, and over time you can upgrade to reading more complex English books with difficult vocabulary but at first, start by reading easy books so you can catch up fast.

Read Books Frequently

It is good to read books, but how often you read books matters a lot. You need to be consistent to achieve good results and strike out separate times for yourself when you need to read a particular book.

You can also set a reading goal for a week or month. That way, you will keep yourself engaged in reading frequently.

Ask Questions When Necessary

This is one of the things most people underrate when learning a particular thing. You need to be aware that asking questions doesn’t only help you positively, but it helps you get to know and learn new things that you may not have known. Feel free to ask questions to be sure you understand what you are doing.

Stay cautious that you need to learn, so when you find any confusing term, ask people you think to know better than you for an explanation, and gradually you will begin to grow.

Engage In Meaningful Conversation

Engaging in meaningful conversation will improve your speech fluency and adaptation of words. Create a room for discussion so you can interact freely with other people using simple English.

When you do so, you will slowly master the language and be able to translate for yourself English terms whenever and wherever you hear or see them.

3 Best Easy English Books to Read

There are many easy and simplified English books you can read to help improve your reading speed and vocabulary; below is a list of them.

Animal Farm

This is one of the best easy English books so far. The book was written in simple English, and its plot describes the era of the Soviet Union.

A man named Mr. Jones had a farm filled with animals, and he refused to provide for their needs for survival, which later made the animals rebel against him. The book contains a relatable situation and is considered fun to read.

Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist is another great book to try out if you want to boost your vocabulary. The book tells the story of a young maltreated boy who finds himself in a challenging situation with evil people who tries to take advantage of him because he is vulnerable as a child.

He learns life the hard way and engages in several vile scenes until he gets struck with no choice but to live a better life.

Peter Pan

Peter pan reflects on the life of most teenagers; it tells the story of a young, vibrant boy known to be mischievous and silly.

The protagonist in the story, recognized as Peter, commits himself to several dangerous adventures, which later build up his future in the long fun. Peter pan is one good book to try out for holidays or leisure times.

Some Benefits of Reading English Books

Reading English books has some exciting benefits, and below are some benefits.

It Is Interesting and Fun

Reading books written in English can be exciting and fun, especially stories, novels, and biographies. You can spice up your leisure time by reading some simple English books above.

It Exposes You to New Things

Yes, books can expose you to things you may not have known in the past, and that is why it is imperative to read books regularly.

It Can Boost Your Reading Speed

Reading books regularly is also capable of enhancing and improving your reading speed. Every fast reader was once a regular reader, as simple as that. Learn to read English books to be able to boost your reading speed.


There are a lot of easy English books you can quickly see online, download, and read frequently. Reading is one must-do skill that triggers other skills like listening, writing, and speaking.

To master all the skills mentioned above perfectly, one needs to be a good reader.

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