How To Write a Book And Make Money (Proven Ways)

How To Write a Book And Make Money

How To Write a Book And Make Money – Writing a book can be profitable, especially in this present era where people are currently seeking knowledge in one field or the other. Hard Copy books are not the only books in existence today. Other forms of books can also play important roles in profit generation, for example, ebooks, pdfs, and courses.

All these makeup what we call soft copy books because they can’t be held physically but can be handled digitally, storing them in files and documents.

People read books mainly to seek knowledge on things they don’t understand and to quench their curiosity, and in present times writing books can easily be considered one of the best ways to make money offline and online.

Here, in this article, we will be looking closely at tips involved in writing a book, the types of books you can write, and whether or not writing books is profitable.

How To Write a Book And Make Money

There are certain tips you need to consider before settling to publish a book, and these tips should be observed by anyone who wants to start writing and publishing books.

Know How To Write

This looks very easy to say but hard in the real sense. Knowing how to write a book and make money is beyond what it reads when spoken aloud. To publish a good book that will generate profit, one must be a good writer because this is the first thing a reader notices in a book.

A book full of grammatical blunders and mistakes isn’t worth reading, and you wouldn’t want to write a book that readers won’t find interesting.

Come Up With a Catchy Idea

Writing a book can be very tasking but fun if only you know what you are doing as a writer. And to sell out your books, the readers need to find them attractive and appealing to their visual sense. Before writing a book, ask yourself some questions such as “Who is this book for?”, ” If I were to buy a book, would I buy such a book?”

How To Write a Book And Make Money

If you have an ideal answer, you are good to continue writing the book; otherwise, it might yield an unfortunate result.

Know The Purpose of Writing a Book

This is one of the necessary things you need to put into observation. After you have come up with a great idea for your book, the next thing to do is to know the purpose of writing the book.

Different books serve different purposes. Some books are written to inspire, educate, entertain and guide readers. Let your book have a purpose for why it is written, so it doesn’t just fit anywhere and everywhere.

Know Your Target Audience

Like every book’s main purpose and why it was written, so should your book’s main target audience. Know who needs your book because not everybody would need it.

Before writing a book, you should consider who needs your book, who is your target audience and how you reach them with your book. All these things are what you should put into consideration.

Know The Function of Your Book

Knowing your book’s function is also very important and good. Is your book solving a problem? Or is it answering readers’ questions or providing vital information to your target audience? All these fall under your book function. How do you know a good book? It is by what it does.

People usually buy books for knowledge’s sake or to seek solutions to their problems, and if your books fall out of place, you may hardly make sales after publishing them.

Types of Books

Have you ever wondered if there are different types of books? Yes, there are different books, which are divided into two: Hardcopy and Softcopy.

Hard Copy Books

You read textbooks in schools, right? Those are typical examples of what Hardcopy books look like. They can be felt and carried about physically and are usually stored/kept in libraries (on shelves).

Softcopy Books

Soft copy books, on the other hand, are the direct opposite of Hard Copy books. These books are mainly operated and handled digitally using gadgets such as smartphones, laptops, desktops, and PCs.

Softcopy books include Ebooks, online courses, PDFs, and documents. These are the major forms of Softcopy books, and they are mainly downloadable.

Can Anyone Write a Book?

The direct answer to the above-written question is. Yes, anyone can know how to write a book and make money. Writing a book does not necessarily require a particular certification or level of knowledge; it only depends on how well a person knows the basic principles of writing a book.

Whether a soft copy book or a hard copy book, both can be extremely tedious if you are not well informed and can be disturbing. Anyone can write a book provided the person has superior knowledge they want to share with the public. Also, good writing skill is required to keep the readers all glued to your book.

Difference Between an Author And a Writer

Have you ever wondered what the differences are between writers and authors? If yes, this is a chance for you to understand the thin line differences between the two personalities. There is a big difference between an author and a writer, and an author is generally a person who writes and also publishes books.

In other words, if you have published a book you own, you are automatically considered an author, whereas a writer is someone who writes it could be contents, short and fiction stories, or sales copies. The big difference between an author and a writer is that an author usually has a published work, whereas a writer may or may not have any.

Is Writing a Book Profitable?

Yes, writing a book can be profitable if only the author finds a good market. As an author, it is one thing to write a book and another to sell to make a profit. The two options go hand in hand. And to profit from your book as an author, one needs to find the perfect audience and market for it (the book).

A place like Amazon can be a very good option for a beginner who wants to author a book. In the sense that Amazon has already created a unique channel for authors to sell their books to awaiting audiences easily. Amazon is undoubtedly a great place to start if you are considering where to sell your books.

Frequently Asked Questions

Must I become a writer to publish a book?

You mustn’t be know how to write a book and make money. You can hire a good writer to do the job for you. It is not necessarily required of you to be an expert in writing, but it could be an advantage on your side if you are a unique writer as it will save you the expenses of hiring a writer for your work.

How do I know my target audience?

It is very important to know your target audience, in other words, your readers and people who may tend to buy your book. No one wants to publish a book that people would find boring or not interesting, so it is necessary to know who your right audience is.

And to know this, you can start by throwing an open-air question on your social media to get information on what your friends and families will love to read about. This can help in many ways to save you from publishing a book that people won’t like to read.

Must I have a target audience?

A target audience is a group of persons a product or service is aimed at. It could be that your book is aimed at older people(aged people), teenagers, children, students, the working class, or athletes. Whatever it is, it should meet the demands of a particular group of people, and that’s how you make a profit.

What if I don’t know what to write?

Before you publish a book, it is very much advised you have good knowledge about the book you want to publish to avoid misleading your audience. Do quality research and ask questions so you will get a versed knowledge of the steps you will take in publishing a book.


Publishing a book can be very tedious as a newbie, but sometimes it can be interesting as you will get to learn many new things as an author. Publishing books is not as easy as many people think because it comes with some strategies, and some of them need to be observed for the success of any book.

So as a person who wants to publish a book, you must consider the various steps required in writing and publishing a book to make a profit.

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