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Best apps for law students – The traditional educational system is no longer in vogue. The world is changing, and things are evolving. Several sectors are experiencing changes, and the legal industry is one of them.

Technology has impacted the learning system. Since the inception of COVID-19, there has been a high demand for e-learning apps for students, including law students.

We will give you a comprehensive list of the best apps for law students to help you conduct your research, improve your studies, and quickly get equipped with legal principles. You can easily get all these by just installing some of the apps we will list below for you on your phone.

If you want to be a successful lawyer, you must take your studies seriously as a law student. The law profession is an art that requires skills to do well in the field. To become a lawyer, you must also write and pass the bar final exams.

This requires various tools for you to learn. Law is a jealous course. It is time-consuming as it does not allow you to do anything else. However, these apps for law students help you with some of your academic tasks, such as finding case studies online, much more convenient.

Furthermore, these law apps help you to be more inclined in the area of law. It gives you an edge over other students in class. Some apps show you various law cases, and others are dictionary law apps for students. A dictionary app like Farlex defines all sorts of legal terminologies and gives you a background history of such a term.

For example: If you search for the Latin word “Habeas Corpus” on the legal dictionary app, it brings out the meaning in various contexts and gives you some cases where those definitions were applied. Thus, it helps you to know the right place to apply those principles.

More so, if you want to excel and be a good lawyer, you must connect to information or legal news. The decisions of the court and government policies affect the practice of law daily. So it is not enough to read your books alone. You have to be legally informed of the happenings in society.

Best Apps For Law Students

There are several apps for law students all over the internet. However, we have taken our time to put together a list of the best apps for you to use. This makes your learning process to be faster and more effective.

1. Black’s Law Dictionary

This big green book is standard among law students in school. It is one of the best apps law students use to get the definitions of terms. It is not easy to carry the book around due to its size. More so, some people cannot also afford to buy a hard copy of the book.

The good news is that the app version of the book has been developed. You can search for it and download it for your android and iPhones for free.

best apps for law students

It is an app for law students, lawyers, or even legal researchers. This is because it tells you the history of any term you search and gives you cases.

2. LexisNexis

LexisNexis app is primarily built to help law students, lawyers, and legal researchers with their cases. The cases contain the issues and the decision of the court. It is a free app that you can download on your phone device. However, you will have to pay to subscribe.

The only issue is that you have to searched for the case with the name and the case number. So if you do not know the exact name of the cases, you might not get an answer.


However, some schools subscribe to their students due to the high cost. Then they give the students the password to always access it.

3. American Bar Association Journal

The American bar association, also called “ABA Journal,” and this app is for law students, lawyers, and legal researchers to keep them updated with the latest legal news and articles.


The app is available on android, laptops, and iPhone devices.

4. Law Dojo

Law Dojo is a legal app for students that allows you to play games to test your knowledge of the law. The game covers criminal law, civil law, real estate, evidence, corporate law, and the likes of them.

Not all subjects are free on this app for law students because you have to buy some subject for $2.99 each. However, it is worth the dollar that you spend on it.

5. iLegal Legislation

£49.99 annually/£149.99 lifetime

The app was developed by a law student, Timothy Leigh, and contains laws from England, Uk, Northern Ireland, and Scotland. It has all the rules available at, and the information is helpfully stored offline on your device. It is costly.

However, it allows you a 7-day free trial period. So you can use the free trial window to determine if you will subscribe for the premium package or not.

6. RefME

RefME is a free app for law students, lawyers, or legal researchers to help them with referencing and footnotes and this app helps you to gather those footnotes, endnotes, and citations for essays.

The app does this by allowing you to scan the barcodes from the journals or books you are quoting.

7. Scanner Pro

Scanner Pro helps you scan your documents and keep them in a soft copy easily and quickly. Although it could be complex scanning through the usual machine, you have an app that you can conveniently do.

The app is free to use and necessary when you want to keep a document safe.

8. Google Keep

This app primarily keeps notes and photos for reference purposes and safekeeping. Furthermore, it also had the feature of recording and translating audio into letters and documents. This makes it easier for you to follow up in class despite the lengthy notes.

So you can easily make notes by recording audio, converting them to messages, and also to documents you can print. Google Keep is available on the google play store and iPhone devices.

9. Study Blue

Study Blue allows you to create online flashcards, study guides, and quizzes.

You will save it and back it up online, so you do not lose the files even when your device experiences a problem. It is easy to recover. Enter your password, and you will get the document again without stress. The app is available on your respective phone store.

10. Headspace (Free)

The Law school program is a very difficult and tough one. It could affect your mental health if you do not manage the stress pattern very well, therefore headspace app helps you to engage in a few minutes of break to relieve you of the stress and help you concentrate better.


We have given you an exhaustive list of the best apps for law students, lawyers, and even legal researchers. Download the app and find the one that suits your style.

You can choose from Black lAW dictionary, LexisNexis, and other apps we have named above.

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