Adamawa State Government Scholarship For Students, Application & Eligibility

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Are you looking for fully sponsored local scholarships? Once again, we are presenting you with local scholarship opportunities from the Adamawa state government scholarship board. This post contains a complete guide on how you can go about applying, the eligibility requirements, and the conditions you will satisfy to meet expectations.

Adamawa State Government Scholarship Overview

As part of the social welfare responsibilities of the government of Adamawa state, they are out to sponsor the indigenes of Adamawa through a unique scholarship opportunity. This scholarship opportunity is offered to indigenes of Adamawa to help students in higher institutions of learning, especially those who have limited funding opportunities and those who are willing to pursue their dreams academically to the last. 

Over the years, the Adamawa state government has given this same opportunity to over 150,000 students. This year again, they are out to support more students to achieve their academic dreams. However, this scholarship opportunity is only available to the indigenes of Adamawa only. 

Eligibility for Adamawa State Government Scholarship

For one to get the Adamawa State government scholarship, you must have been found worthy of such. For the present times, the criteria Adamawa State Government uses to select students who will be eligible to receive the offer is that you must be a bonafide indigene of the state. It means that you must be a recognized citizen of the state by birth or through a change of state of origin. 

For students who are ready to change their state of origin, are you worried about how to change their state of origin? Here’s a solution: You need to change your state of birth on your verified government-issued IDs like a National ID card, Voters’ Card, or Driver’s License. 

You can do all these by visiting your current state secretariat, obtaining a form, and requesting data correction. For a student who does not have any of the IDs mentioned earlier, it would be pretty hard to change of origin; you may consider going to the nearest government secretariat to request a new birth certificate. They would direct you on what to do. 

  • You must be a level 100 student for undergraduates at Adamawa State University, Adamawa State College of Education, Modibbo Adama University of Technology, Adamawa State Polytechnic, and the American University of Nigeria.
  • Must be studying any of the following courses:
  1. Accountancy
  2. Architecture
  3. Agricultural Engineering
  4. Agricultural sciences
  5. Business Administration
  6. Civil engineering
  7. Chemical Eng neering
  8. Environmental Sciences
  9. Electrical/Electronic Engineering
  10. Geology
  11. Geography
  12. Mass Communication
  13. Mechanical Engineering 
  14. Dentistry
  15. Petroleum Engineering

Scholarship Type: Undergraduate Fully Funded

Adamawa State Government scholarship Deadline

The Adamawa State Government Scholarship deadline for 2022 has not been released yet, but ensure you bookmark this site as it will pass relevant information to you once it is available. We are endlessly committed to giving you value and reciprocating by turning on your notifications for this site to keep you posted.

How to apply for the Adamawa state Government scholarship

To round up the process of securing the opportunity, you have to complete it by applying for the scholarship. The good news is that the application is online, as you will not have to visit any school or the state itself to make a successful application. 

Step-by-step guide 

  1. Visit the online portal, and register by providing your valid email address and your active phone number. 
  2. You will have to attach a scanned copy of the following: your admission letter that offers to you at your current place of study; a copy of your scanned state of origin proof, a scanned copy of any government-issued ID that can be a driver’s license, voter’s card, or your National ID card.
  3. Your initial O-level results, Waec or Neco, will be uploaded.

Apply Here

Things that you need to know about the Adamawa scholarship

The Adamawa State scholarship was introduced sometime in the past to help the financially needy students in Adamawa State benefit from the opportunity, which is to help encourage education in the region. As a state is vulnerable to mass illiteracy, the government is on a mission to send back and support the students who need a helping hand to achieve their expectations.

Tips that will help you as a scholarship seeker 

  1. Do not submit your application late; submit your application on time. Late applications will not be accepted. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered for funding.
  2. The deadline for submitting applications is usually around December or January, so submit yours before this. If you do not submit your application on time, you will not be considered for the scholarship.
  3. You can write an appeal letter if you cannot meet the deadline due to extenuating circumstances. However, if you do not submit your application on time, there is no guarantee that the scholarship board will accept your appeal.
  4. If you are denied due to submitting late, it could also mean you could not keep to the submission deadline during your university studies. It will be a negative mark on your record and may affect future applications for scholarships.
  5. Never submit an incomplete application. Before submitting your application, make sure you have completed all the sections. Please be aware that applications with missing information will not be considered for funding.
  6. Awardees must submit a report on their activities and achievements at the end of every semester.
  7. You will be required to submit a report on your activities and achievements at the end of every semester, so make sure you have kept all your receipts and other relevant documents.

Applying for a scholarship can be intimidating, but it is worth the time and energy. Scholarships are typically awarded based on merit or need. If you have been denied, you may reapply in the next cycle. We wish you all the best in your application and hope to see you as an awardee of this scholarship program.

Frequently asked questions

Is the Adamawa state government scholarship long-term?

Yes, the scholarship is a long-term one, where students who are surviving under the shadow of the opportunity have to be serious about the opportunity through their reading effort. 

Is the scholarship withdrawable?

Whether the scholarship is withdrawable or not is not known yet, as the scholarship committee has not made any open comment on this.

If you want to be successful in life as a student, you have to be consistent, determined and aim for the best, do well to drop your comments on this post and feel free to contact us.

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