How to Stay Focused And Concentrate When Reading – 6 Amazing Tips

how to stay focused and concentrate when reading

How to stay focused and concentrate when reading – I remember one day in the library reading for over 6 hours; a friend met me and asked me what the secret was on how to concentrate while reading without being distracted for hours.

I gazed at him for a while and told him it requires consistency, persistence, and the fireball-like drive to read and study every day without getting distracted.

He complained to me that he finds it difficult not to get distracted and be focused on his books and that he cannot avoid distractions or pressing his mobile phone when reading. He understands that one way to become an intelligent student in class is by studying for a long time without distraction.

My conversation with him that day prompted me to share these tips on how you can read and focus without being distracted. I know fully that it is difficult to concentrate when reading any text.

What I’m about sharing are not rules but ideas you should try out. This is because several things work for different human beings in different ways. So go through the text and find the one that suits you.

Even if you are reading textbooks, online articles, kindle, or novels, it is a hell of a life if you find it challenging to comprehend because you are not concentrating.

Indeed, it is not your fault if you always want to skip the content and scan through it. If you learn to concentrate while reading, you will learn more, read faster and understand it easily.

Similarly, you can work out and improve your physique; that is the same way you can improve your focus while reading.

Lol!! The first step to improving your focus while reading is to go through this article without skipping any content. That is the first real test to determine if you are ready to enhance your reading skills.

Good Habits to Improve Focus While Reading Without Losing Concentration

It would help if you were prepared and ready before you start reading or studying. It would help if you always were doing certain habits to help your brain concentrate. Here are the tips to get you fully prepared for the task ahead;

1. Practice Constant Meditation

You have to learn to clear your mind from anything that is disturbing you. Several things can distract you from different angles. Sit in a quiet place, be comfortable, be alone, and empty your head and your thoughts. Let the ideas come to you and focus on them.

If there is any task you need to do before reading, go and complete the job. This will help you not to remember it. If you have errands to run, do it before reading. You are about to do something dire.

2. Exercise Regularly

Proper and frequent exercise helps to maximize your concentration and memory. It has been proved many times that regular exercise improves your heart rate, which allows you to clear stress.

You can always visit the gym, do a quick run every morning, and do some cycling. It will improve your concentration when you are reading.

3. Practice Good Diet and Nutrition

The more you pay lesser attention to what you eat or drink, the more difficult you will find it is to concentrate while reading. Consume less sugar and more protein in your daily diet. You can also have a slight caffeine intake to help boost your concentration level.

If you eat good foods and practice a healthy diet that helps the brain concentrate properly, you will find it easier to focus while reading in school for exams or leisure.

4. Prepare your Study Environment Before Reading

This is the last and essential habit on how to stay focused and concentrate when reading. Try always to find a serene and quiet environment to study in every time. You can always use a particular spot, and it helps your brain see it as a productive place. Secondly, take away every material from that place that will distract you, phones, gadgets, and any other thing.

Then try staying or keeping some distance from humans. It would help if you made it hard to lose focus while reading. Focus on what works for you. Some folks read with sounds or music others do not. These are not rules but tips and ideas you should try.

How to Stay Focused And Concentrate When Reading Texts, Novels, and Books

Below are excellent tips on how to stay focused and concentrate when reading texts, novels, books and other reading materials:

1. Focus on The Reasons for Reading

There is always a reason behind why you are reading. This could be for your examination, for leisure, to gain knowledge, or to improve your intelligence. Always use that motivation as your strength and the drive that pushes you further. Please keep your eyes fixed on that price; it will help you do better when reading.

If you are reading for an interview or promotion, that should be your focus. You will discover the little magic it does for you to improve your direction when you are reading.

2. Understand the Purpose of the Reading

We are out from staying motivated while reading. What is the purpose of your reading that particular book or article? Do you intend to understand the whole thing, or are you simply looking for specific information?

When you know the level of understanding needed, you will determine how much concentration or effort you need to put in place.

It is not ideal for you to spend the whole day when you know you are just looking for an answer to a question.

However, if you are reading for your examination or other purposes, then you know the kind of concentration required is high. It is not bad if you make short notes, highlight important information and do some recitations. All these will help you to remember more after reading.

3. Set Targets for Yourself

Sometimes, you might have done all the necessary preparations, but you will still find it difficult to concentrate while reading your books. Another idea for you to try is to set targets for yourself at various stages. The first step should be an easy one to accomplish.

Then you move to the next one. You can use page numbers or chapters as targets because it’s easier to measure how much you want to read them. You won’t be in a hurry to finish it since you are not time conscious.

Keep improving your targets, and the more you chive them, the easier it becomes for you to concentrate while reading without losing focus or being distracted.

4. Employ Good Time Management Strategy

No rule in this world says you should read everything in a day or an hour. It would help if you used a good time management strategy. It helps break your task, and you have smaller commitments to make.

You don’t have to tackle the whole book at once, but instead, just read for a few minutes and then come back later and continue with it.

It’s a pretty straightforward thing for you to do. All you need to do is use cycles of focussed work with short breaks between them. Then, take a break when you have done 3-6 sessions.

5. Give the brain some time to cool off

Come back again and continue from where you stopped. This will significantly improve your concentration level while reading without being distracted.

If you are having trouble focusing, you can set small intervals for reading and longer breaks. Something as low as 10 minutes can get you started. Once you can get to the end of an interval quickly, increase the time of the next one. One good thing about using intervals is that our brains quickly adapt to the pattern. It becomes easier the more you do it and get accustomed to it.

And then, when you start flying through the paragraphs and pages of the book, take a break and give yourself a clap.

6. Make Notes while Reading

If you want to avoid regression, then take down notes while you read. Regression is that moment when you no longer comprehend easily. It takes time for your brain to assimilate the topic.

If you realize you have been going over the same paragraph for ages without understanding it, then it’s time for you to get your notes.

Here’s a good reading habit that you should try to help you stay more focused while reading next time.

Keep a notebook or document open by your side with your pen or pencil as you read. Endeavor to write down important information more straightforwardly than the things you are reading. It is like a form of a summary of the topic. You shorten them and use the words or languages you can understand.

This will remind you of the purpose of reading and help you understand everything you need.

Pros of taking notes

It helps you become more engaged and active while reading. Do some personal question and answer sections by yourself. Check how far and how well you have done. If you practice this method, it helps your comprehension and concentration over time. It takes time.

One good thing about this is that you will hardly forget whatever you wrote down. Although some readers have a photographic memory, it s easy for them to remember. Just know what category you fall under and do what works for you. Work at your pace but improve on your strength.


Okay! There are not too many talks here. That is all you need on how to concentrate while reading. Get your environment ready, keep away distractions, and plan your reading.

Having learn thee tips on how to stay focused and concentrate when reading, take down notes and focus on the motivation and reasons, then put all this together and be consistent. Good luck.

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