How To Be An Intelligent Student At School – 9 Amazing Secrets

How To Be An Intelligent Student At School

How to be an intelligent student at school – I was conducting a free educational outreach in a particular school a few days ago, and one young student asked me an unexpected question: Sir, he said: how does one become an intelligent student at school?

I was shocked, but his question reminded me of my days in school and how I battled with being unintelligent. So if you are searching for the same answer, I advise you to keep reading this article as I have shared the secrets I  used to become an intelligent student in school.

Growing up, I went to boarding school mixed up with many remarkable and regrettable experiences. One of the best days of my life was when I was called up in class to solve a mathematics question.

I did all I could but failed, although it was just a simple arithmetic question. One of the most intelligent students was called upon, and he got the answer correctly within the twinkle of an eye.

You could imagine the shame and embarrassment it caused me that very day. The whole students in school laughed at me that I was not an intelligent student in school. The best day of my life indeed!!!

I went home, slept, and ate, I was bothered about the whole incident and did some research online as you are doing now. you can’t imagine that I read a few books on how to be an intelligent student in school by several renowned authors on Amazon and other websites.

I was motivated due to my burning desire to be an intelligent student in school and I followed the recommendations and alas, I was at the top of the class the following year.

Today, I will share the secret of the success behind what you need to do to be a smart/intelligent student in school or college. The secret/tips I’m about to share with you require determination, persistence and consistency to achieve your aim. So if you won’t be so diligent in following them, there is no need to read further.

Meanwhile, it is imperative for you to know the meaning of an intelligent student, and if you are determined to make a mark in your academics and become intelligent, then read further and follow the recommendations below;

Who is an Intelligent Student?

Summarily, the term “intelligence” means having the ability to solve problems quickly with an easy understanding. Thus, intelligence and understanding are intertwined and cannot be separated.

The word “intelligence” is coined from the latin word, “Intellegens,” which literally means something of high and extra-ordinary mental capacity.

intelligent student

Without further ado, an intelligent student is a student who possess the understanding and ability to resolve problems quickly.

How to be an intelligent student at school

Hence, one of the essential skills an intelligent person must possess is understanding the ability to resolve problems quickly. Here are some skills or secrets you need to become an intelligent student.

1. High Level of Determination and Consistency

These are the two fundamental tools or skills that you need in your journey to being an intelligent student in school. Simply put, determination means the ability to continue trying to achieve a particular purpose even if it is difficult.

How To Be An Intelligent Student At School

While consistency means when you always do a particular act or behave in the same manner every day, this is one of the most vital secrets to being intelligent. You have to develop the habit of reading consistently. Just like the old saying,” Rome was not built in a day,” the same way being an intelligent student was not achieved in a day.

2. Positive Mindset

This is not one of the motivational phrases you are used to, but you must become intelligent. If you fail, you should have that positive mind to try again and keep doing that. A positive mindset gives you the confidence to always face any complex challenges in school.

positive mindset

Remember, you can’t become intelligent if you think you are a loser. One of the things you need to do is to work on your mindset and don’t underestimate your abilities.

3. Read Less and Study Regularly

Studying requires a higher level of concentration as compared to reading. When you study a particular topic over time, you become so familiar with it that it becomes difficult for you to forget easily.

If you observe any intelligent student in school when they are studying, you will notice that they pay attention to details of that topic and will be able to remember it when the need arises.


It is easier for you to forget what you have read, but it is more difficult for you not to remember what you have studied. It has also been proven that you tend to remember more when studying than reading.

4. Change your Circle of Friends

Do you remember the Biblical quote,” Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are”? This quote explains it all. Irrespective of your determination, consistency, positive mindset, goals and ambition, your peer groups and friends have a lot of influence on where you are.

How To Be An Intelligent Student At School

So if you do not have the right friends to help you out, you might not achieve your goals of being an intelligent student in school. If you have friends of the same minds, you can share ideas, organize discussion classes and share information with them.

5. Participate in Academic Activities

Educational discussions are one of the most acceptable ways for students to learn in the classroom; this is so because the human brain stores more information when it is being discussed. Participate in the question and answer sections of the class.

Make your contributions with confidence and ask your questions with intelligence. It helps you to be underhand more, and you become more intelligent.

How To Be An Intelligent Student At School

You will never forget the facts and knowledge you offer when you talk about it and share it with others. As a result, you will have trouble forgetting information you learn from others during discussions. This is one of the reasons why you do not easily forget discussions you have with your friends over a particular topic.

More so, when you teach someone a topic, you cannot forget that topic; the same thing applies when you learn it from someone.

So the more we hear a particular thing, the harder it is for us to forget. Engage in more academic activities for topics you find difficult to understand. This skill helped me, and it worked for so many people.

6. Be Open to Learning From Others

This is another tip for becoming an intelligent student in school. You should develop the habit of learning from others, and it does not count whether they are your superiors or not.

Remember that no one has a monopoly on knowledge, and we keep learning every day, and we can learn from anyone, so do not be shy or ashamed when you find it hard to understand a particular topic.

learn from others

Please walk up to your friends and ask them for the answer. Study the answer to avoid being misled in some cases. It would be best if you didn’t consider race, age, religion, or culture when aspiring to be an intelligent student.

If you do this regularly with an open mindset, you will increase your intelligence and understanding and your team working spirit, which is a good edge for you.

7. Do Not Avoid Difficult Tasks in School

If you can conquer the fear of facing complex challenges in school, you are almost successful in becoming an intelligent student. If you do not understand a topic in class, then ask your class teacher for more clarifications.

Go home and study it again and if you have more questions, bring them to the teacher in the next class. It helps you understand that topic very well, and you will not be scared when you see questions on them in the examination hall.


It is those tricky questions that usually stand as a test to determine your level of intelligence. Do every assignment given to you by your teacher by yourself.

8. Pay Attention in Classes and Take Notes

No one who desires to be an intelligent student does not pay attention in class. When your teacher is teaching you, concentrate and avoid distractions. If sitting with your friends distracts you from concentrating adequately, you should consider changing your seat in class.

Remember, one of the skills you need is to remain focused on your goal of being an intelligent student in school, so do not be distracted. More so, ensure that you take down notes when the teacher is teaching. This is because you will have to re-read those notes while studying and use them as your material, and you will examine the information in the note.


How To Be An Intelligent Student At School

So keep updating your notes, and do not be a lazy student. If you ever thought that being an intelligent student in school was an easy task to do, then you are joking.

9. Read ahead of the Topic in Class

It would help if you drafted an excellent reading plan for yourself. Follow the plan and always read the head of the class. It gives you an insight into the topic, and you will not have more issues understanding it.

When you read ahead, you will have more questions to ask your teacher in class. Reading ahead prepares you more for the class for the day.


So if you want to improve your intelligence as a student, you should learn how to read before the class, ask questions in the class and answer questions too.


Okay, follow the answers to the question about becoming an intelligent student at school. It is not easy, yet not an impossible task. It only requires you to follow the recommended instructions.

Have a high consistency spirit, read less and study more, positive mindset, under questions in class, read ahead of your teacher, and do every assignment or project yourself.

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