Differences Between Patient And Patience

Differences Between Patient And Patience

Differences between patient and patience – There are striking differences and the resemblance between the different words (patient) and (patience) as the two words are different in their uses one from the other.

English as a language is known to have several confusing words which sound alike but may be spelled differently and have different meanings altogether.

In the English language, such words are called Homophones. It is also imperative for people to know when to use the word (patient) and the word (patience) in sentences to prevent confusion during speech and conversation.

Though both terms are similar in pronunciation, they still have different meanings and are spelled differently. However, this article will look at their differences and the right places to use each word in a sentence or sentence.

What Is The Meaning of The Word (Patient)?

In the English language, a simple word may mean two different things and can be used differently in sentences, and an excellent example of such a kind word is the word (Patient).

The term have several meanings when used under different parts of speech. And below are some of the meanings that can be derived from using the word in sentences.

Use of The Word (Patient) As An Adjective

As an adjective, the word (patient) means the ability to accept and tolerate delays without being anxious or annoyed. However, there are several different ways you can use this in sentences.

Some examples of using the word (patient) as an adjective are listed below.

  • “Be (patient); your time will come.”
  • “The (patient) dog eats the fattest bone.”
  • “If only you can be (patient) enough, you will get the job.”
  • “How (patient) are you?”.
  • “I was hungry, but I stayed (patient) waiting for the food.”
  • “The man asked if I could be (patient)?”

The above-displayed sentences show the right ways in which the word (patient) can be used appropriately as an adjective.

Use of The Word (Patient) As A Noun

The word (patient) means an ill or sick person who is administered to a hospital or a clinic for a check-up. And below are simple examples in which the word (patient) can be used in sentences as a noun.

  • “The patient has lost some pounds in the past few weeks.”
  • “The patient has refused to eat anything since yesterday.”
  • “My mom was administered as a patient in the hospital.”

Above are some displayed sentences in which the word (patient) as a noun can be used effectively and appropriately.

What Is The Meaning of The Word (Patience)?

The word (Patience) is similar to tolerance and forbearance. It simply means the ability to keep calm amid delays. When someone stays calm and tolerates delays without complaining or getting annoyed, they are said to have patience.

A typical example of patience is standing calmly in a long queue, waiting quietly for a school bus, and sitting calmly for an administrator.

Use of The Word (Patience)

Below are excellent examples of using the word (patience) In sentences.

  • “Despite his (patience), he couldn’t get past the expected time.”
  • “My (patience) was in vain.”
  • “It takes (patience), hard work, and consistency to build success or to achieve greatness.”

Differences Between Patient And Patience

When using them in sentences, it is imperative to understand the differences between the words (patient) and (patience).

Though they look almost similar, it is the chief duty of English native speakers to be able to identify which is which.


The two words may look the same but have different meanings. While (patient) may either mean an ill person who is administered into a hospital or clinic for a temporal period.

Or even someone who possesses the ability to start calmly and tolerate delays, the other which is (patience) means the power itself to be able to handle uncertainties.

While one may mean a person who can stay can get despite delays and frustrations, the other represents the ability.

Part of Speech

This is another noticeable difference used to identify which word is which. While the word (patient) can be used as a noun or an adjective in sentences, the other (patience) can only be used as a noun in sentences.

Example of the word (patient) used in a sentence as a noun:

  • “My dad was administered as a (patient) into the hospital some few days ago.”

Example of the word (patient) used in a sentence as an adjective:

  • “Just be a little more (patient).”

Example of the word (patience) used in a sentence as a noun:

  • “My (patience) paid off big time.”


Knowing words and their meanings about making many mistakes when conversing with friends, colleagues, and families is essential.

There are a lot of words with similar intonation and sometimes similar spellings, but they can be highly different in their meanings. To be a good English speaker, you must use words correctly in sentences and speech.

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