Best Apps For Medical Students And Doctors 2023 – Top 6 Ranked


Best Apps For Medical Students – I remember when my younger brother was admitted to study medicine at the university. He was obsessed with the whole medical field that he was willing to comb everywhere to get the right resources to help him out.

He searched online and got many apps for medical students to help them with their stressful academic programs. This is because the workload for the course is too bulky.

There are too many courses and topics to internalize. Hence, it is not easy for new medical students to cope in school. This is primarily in the 1st year of their program.

There are various collections of medical apps scattered all over the internet. If you search for the best medical apps for medical students, you will find not less than 100 study apps for medical students. New students usually make the mistake of downloading all types of medical apps in several categories- anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, clinical medicine, and surgery.

They have this inward feeling that all the apps are helpful to them. We are not trying to underplay any apps, but some do not provide you with the correct information you need to scale through.

The importance of productive medical apps cannot be underrated if you consider the particles you need to do in the medical classes and the numerous research projects that you have to submit within a short period.

The regular classes and assignments that you have to offer the following day and right now, it is not just your task, and you will need the help of some tools to assist you during your journey in the medical field.

We understand medical students’ role as future doctors and scientists. They are the ones who would solve the world’s problems. They would make prescriptions, manufacture drugs, and treat several diseases and they need to be prepared ahead of time for the task ahead.

You need the proper training to succeed in medical school, even in your MBBS exams. You will need the help of these online resources to assist you to do better as a medical student, even as a doctor.

As we said, there are so many online apps for medical students. But you will need to be strictly selective on the ones you will use and the ones that are not required. It will help you to remain focused and not be distracted.

Best Apps for Medical Students and Doctors 2023

You should have six (6) medical apps for students or doctors on your phone. Although, it depends mainly on your level. Sometimes, you might need fewer apps to assist you in your task.

So we have done proper research and distributed questionnaires to gather some of the best medical apps for students and doctors to aid studies. We used the collected data and online reviews to get these apps for you. These apps will help you memorize some topics and time management in anatomy and other fields.

1. MedCalx

This medical app helps you understand complex calculations, formulas, and scores. It is a free app for you to download. However, you will need to subscribe to unlock some premium features of the application.


The free version won’t allow you to use some of the formulas there. Meanwhile, it is affordable for anyone who intends to subscribe to the premium version. The main features of the app are as follows;

Main features:

  • It has a viable option of different formulas and scores for you to use to solve all your calculations
  • You can create your workflows easily in the app and share the data or report through various means
  • ¬†Exclusive patient management feature for saving and accessing results, images, and notes. Results can be exported to the desktop as CSV files and shared between your and your colleague’s iOS devices
  • Detailed information and bibliographic references for each formula
  • Support for US and SI units, with easy switching from the keypad
  • Respiratory (BODE, Epworth, GOLD, SMART-COP, Spirometry, Thoracoscore)
  • Renal (Cockcroft, MDRD and more Creatinine/GFR calculators, KDIGO and RIFLE)

2. Prognosis

This is an app that has been in existence since 2010 for medical students. The app is primarily designed for medical doctors and nurses to help them make better diagnoses and prescriptions.

This is achieved because they have millions of cases and scenarios compiled by professionals in different medical fields to help you become an expert. The app is like a game; you will solve the puzzles and get a reward. This will also help you to research more to answer the questions. Thereby enabling you to learn more.


It also provides various reasons for the answers to the different questions. This will help you to familiarize yourself with the symptoms of the particular disease. So many doctors have downloaded this app, which has greatly helped them in their profession. It is a highly recommended medical app for students and even doctors.

3. Disease Dictionary

This is another medical app you should have on your device for students. The app does not use your internet connection to give you definitions of medical terms. It works both online and offline and it has recently been used by students, doctors, nurses, scientists, and hospitals.

disease dictionary

The app is highly recommended, so you know the meaning of some medical terms, parts of the body, and diseases. This will help you to improve your diagnosis and prescriptions.

4. DailyRounds

The Daily Rounds app is a clinical case-based app for doctors, medical students, and even nurses worldwide. The presented cases will help you prepare for examinations like USMLE, AIPGMEE, NEETPG, All India Medical PG Entrance Examinations, USMLE Step 2 CS, COMLEX, MRCP, etc.

Best Apps for Medical Students
Source: TechCrunch

It is an Indian medical app built to help students and doctors understand the drugs they should prescribe for a particular disease in the human body.

5. Medscape

This is another perfect medical app for students and doctors that you should have on your device. This app gives you details about diseases, drugs, medical news, discoveries, and questions for you to attempt.

Best Apps for Medical Students
Source: Medscape

The app also has continuing medical education programs that you can undertake to improve your knowledge and skills.

6. Brainscape

This is another app for medical study to help you prepare for your nursing exams anywhere in the world. The app has various creative and innovative ways to learn and study more. It uses flashcards to enable you to learn more.

The flashcard provides MCAT, USMLE, and medical and nursing preparations for those who want to take foreign medical exams. So it helps you to be successful in the exams.


It arranges study goals for users and helps them estimate and track the time allocated for each study goal.

Asides from that, its scope runs across many subjects and topics, especially very popular ones. It also allows users to make flashcards and sync them to the mobile app.


We have listed the best apps for medical students and doctors to download. Download the apps and focus on learning through them. It will help you to become better in your medical field. I wish you the best of luck.

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