Valencia College Scholarship 2022-2023 Application For International Students

Valencia College Scholarship

Valencia College Scholarship – Valencia College was founded as a public institution in 1967 as Valencia Junior College. But in 2010, due to the introduction of various bachelor’s degrees and a change in academic scope, they modified their name from Valencia Junior College to Valencia College. In addition, they are also accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Valencia College Scholarship Overview

The Valencia College scholarship was established by the Valencia College, which is an urban-based college located in Orlando, Florida. They are in partnership with the University of Central Florida and have numerous campuses across Florida. Students can receive lectures from all available campuses and online.

The college has also received numerous recognition and awards, and in 2001, they were picked by the Times Magazine as one of the best colleges in Florida that helps first-year students to succeed. Valencia College is also known for its low tuition fee and coalition with the state government and other private organizations.

Furthermore, they have a separate foundation called the Valencia College Foundation. The foundation was established to help students achieve academic success by providing financial aid.

In addition, Valencia College also offers numerous scholarships, including state scholarships, private scholarships, and also institutional scholarships.

However, in this article, we will talk about how students can apply for the Valencia college scholarship, its application opening date, and the deadline.

Valencia College Scholarship Requirements

Valencia College has various Scholarship offers for students both international students and as well domestic students. Each of these scholarship programs has different requirements.

And to be eligible for the scholarship, you must meet the requirements. Hence, here we will list some criteria you need to meet. However, you can always check the official website for the complete list.

First, let’s list some requirements for Valencia college’s F-1 international students that may qualify for the scholarship through private scholarships, institution scholarships, or the Valencia college foundation scholarship.

Here are a few requirements for the Valencia College Scholarship:

  • A minimum grade point average of 2.5
  • Applicants must provide an official college or university transcript from all schools they attended at Valencia Colleges
  • And lastly, applicants must meet up with all international degree-seeking student’s application requirement

And for others, the scholarship application requirements are the same for international students. You can find a complete list and guide of the application form to submit here.

But if you want to apply for the state scholarship and need to know its requirements, you can also find the complete list here, like private and institutional scholarships.

Valencia College Scholarship Worth

Valencia College tried its best to cut down the tuition fee so that students could access education. Upon that, most students still find it challenging to have the best education they have dreamt of. However, through the various scholarship schemes by the college, the challenges students will have to face will be reduced.

For international students, the scholarship is worth around $500 to $2,000, depending on the aspect you want to apply for. For more information, you can visit the Valencia college scholarship catalog.

When you want to apply for a Valencia college scholarship, you will first have to know the aspect of the scholarship you are applying for. Each of these scholarship programs has a fixed amount for all qualified students, and they also have different ways of registration.

While the Valencia college foundation scholarship would want you to apply for student aid through FAFSA and submit to them, other processes are different.

How to apply for Valencia College Scholarship

This segment lists all places you can apply for the scholarship program. You choose the one you are likely to use to and check its requirements, application deadlines, and other relevant things required for a successful application.

So, here are all the Valencia college scholarship application links. For the Valencia College Foundation scholarship, you can click here to apply, for the State scholarship, click here.

And lastly, for international students scholarship, you can click here to apply.

Level or Field Eligible to apply

No level or field is restricted to applying for the Valencia College scholarship. Regardless of your nationality or residential status, if you are in the condition of meeting up with the scholarship requirements and you also provide all necessary documents needed, you are eligible to apply for the scholarship.


Valencia College is an urban public institution with numerous Orlando, Florida campuses. To prevent students from paying for higher education, they cut their tuition fees to $2400.

And for students who find it challenging to pay, they also offer numerous scholarship programs. But before you apply for any, make sure you know the scholarship worth and the requirements required before you can be eligible.

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