UP Open University: FAQ’s and Answers.

UP Open University, FAQ's and Answers

What is UP Open University?

University of Philippines Open University (UPOU) is a university with an open-door policy, in essence, no entry requirements . It is the fifth university under the University of Philippines. It is a a virtual university with majority of its students Fillipino. here is a list of  UPOU’s Leadership:

  • Chancellor: Melinda dP. Bandalaria, PhD
  • Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs: Primo G. Garcia, PhD
  • Dean of the Faculty of Education: Jean A. Saludadez, PhD
  • Dean of the Faculty of Information and Communication Studies: Diego Silang S. Maranan, PhD
  • Dean of the Faculty of Management and Development Studies: Joane V. Serrano, PhD
  • Other faculty members:
    • Dr. Grace J. Alfonso
    • Dr. Myra C. Almodiel
    • Gino Avelino R. Sampedro
    • Dr. Emely Amoloza
    • Dr. Roberto B. Figueroa, Jr.
    • Blancaflor P. Arada
    • Dr. Alexander G. Flor
    • Al Francis D. Librero
    • Ralson M. Hernandez
    • Joyce Mae A. Manalo
    • Dr. Reinald Adrian dL. Pugoy
    • Martin Jerome G. Goli-Cruz
    • Ruth Rodriguez
    • Shari Eunice T. San Pablo
    • Roda L. Tajon
    • Maria Maura Tinao
    • Margaret Suarez
    • Yrelle Mae Lleva
    • Jennifer Pareja
    • Rachel Bautista
    • Jimmy Fermin

Where is UP Open University?

It is an online university based physically in Los Banos, Laguna. This physical structure consists of Administration and Faculty offices.

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What is the history of UP Open University?

UPOU was established on the 23rd of Febuary , 1995 by the UP Board of Reagents. It pioneered in online teaching and learning and continues to play a vital role in the educational sector.


Who are UPOU notable alumni?

What can I study at UP Open University?

course list

The University of the Philippines Open University offers a diverse plethora of courses, including undergraduate, graduate, and non-formal programs. Here are some of the courses offered by UPOU:

  • Undergraduate programs:

    • Bachelor of Arts in Communication
    • Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Studies
    • Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education
    • Bachelor of Arts in Business Management
    • Bachelor of Arts in Information Technology
    • Bachelor of Arts in Language and Literacy Education
    • Bachelor of Arts in Social Studies Education
    • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Graduate programs:

    • Master of Arts in Communication
    • Master of Arts in Education
    • Master of Arts in Information Systems
    • Master of Arts in Public Administration
    • Master of Arts in Development Communication
    • Master of Arts in Language and Literacy Education
    • Master of Arts in Social Studies Education
    • Doctor of Philosophy in Education
  • Non-formal programs:

    • Certificate in Disaster Management
    • Certificate in Digital Marketing
    • Certificate in Human Resource Management
    • Certificate in Information Technology
    • Certificate in Leadership and Management
    • Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language
    • Certificate in Women and Development

What is the tuition and payment at UPOU?

Application Fees (non-refundable)

Undergraduate Diploma/Masters Doctorate
Applicants based in the Philippines PhP 350.00 PhP 500.00  PhP 500.00
Applicants based Abroad USD 75.00 USD 100.00 USD 100.00

Enrollment Fees

Undergraduate Diploma/Masters Doctorate
Tuition fee per unit PhP 1,000.oo PhP 1,000.oo PhP 1,000.oo
Miscellaneous * PhP 2,000.00/trim PhP 2,000.oo/sem PhP 2,000.oo/sem
Laboratory Fee PhP 400-800/subject PhP 400-800/subject PhP 400-800/subject
Instructional Materials Fee (pdf copy) PhP 100/course PhP 100/course PhP 100/course
Instructional Materials Fee (printed copy) PhP 100-1000/course PhP 100-1000/course PhP 100-1000/course

* Breakdown of Miscellaneous Fees

  • Energy Fee              PhP 250.00
  • Library Fee             PhP 1,100.00
  • Registration Fee    PhP 40.00
  • Technology Fee      PhP 610.00

Additional Enrollment Fees for New Students

Undergraduate Diploma/Masters Doctorate
ID Fee PhP 130.oo PhP 130.oo PhP 130.oo
Deposit PhP 100.00 PhP 100.00 PhP 100.00
Entrance PhP 30.00 PhP 30.00 PhP 30.00

Educational Development Fund (EDF) for Non Filipino Students

Undergraduate Graduate
Resident Alien USD 150.00/sem USD 250.00/sem
USD 60.00/mid-year USD 100.00/mid-year
USD 30.00/residency USD 50.00/residency
Non-Resident USD 300.00/sem USD 500.00/sem
USD 120.00/mid-year USD 200.00/mid-year
USD 60.00/residency USD 100.00/residency

Other Fees

Particulars Amount
MPM Graduate Admission Test (GAT) Fee PhP 500.00
Doctoral Admission Test in Education (DATE) Fee PhP 500.00
Change of Matriculation PhP 10.00/course
Removal Examination PhP 20.00/course
Dropping of Subject PhP 10.00/unit
Filing for Leave of Absence PhP 150.00
Readmission Fee PhP 225.00
Graduation Fee Php 300.00
Validation Exam Fee Php 100.00/course
Clinical Practicum Fee (for Selected MAN courses) Php 600.00 – 1,000.00/course

Transfer Tuition

Any student transferring from one program to another in the University after he/she has paid his/her matriculation fees must pay an amount corresponding to the difference, if any, in tuition and miscellaneous fees. In addition, he/she must pay a change of registration fee.

And with all of that information, we have come to the end of information about University of Philippines Open University (UPOU). For more information visit their website. Stay tuned to recieve more information, and new posts on new universities.


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