Universities That Accept 130 JAMB Cut Off Mark

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Universities that accept 130 JAMB cut off Mark


Do you have 130 in JAMB? Are you wondering if this JAMB score meets the cut off mark requirement of any Nigerian university? I want to let you know you are in the right place.

Simply, we shall be examining universities that accept the 130 cut off mark with a few other things you have to know.


Cut Off Mark Overview

Reading about something you know nothing about would be a waste of time. So it would help if you had an idea of what you will learn about in about a few seconds.

The Cut Off mark, used mainly in the Nigerian educational system, is the minimum mark you are expected to have before you can be admitted into any higher institution.

Universities That Accept 130 JAMB Cut Off Mark


Your cut-off mark issue might either come on the part of JAMB or the school of your choice. But whatever the case may be, I hope you can relate to anything that carries a cut off mark! When we talk of the JAMB Cut-Off mark, we refer to the minimum marks the Joint Admission Matriculation Board requires of a Jambites seeking admission.

Universities That Accept 130 JAMB Cut Off Mark

Now that you have understood the concept of a cut off mark, we shall look into those Nigerian Universities that can offer you admission with a 130 JAMB score.

To reduce stress, I have considered providing the list of courses offered in some of the universities you will read about right away. These universities are:


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Western Delta University – WDU

The Western Delta University, located in Oghara, Delta State, is another private University you might want to consider with as little as a 130 JAMB score.

List of courses offered at Western Delta University:

  1. Business Management
  2. Chemistry
  3. Environmental Management And Toxicology
  4. Plant Science And Microbiology
  5. Political Science
  6. Political Science And Public Administration
  7. Sociology
  8. Zoology
  9. Industrial Mathematics
  10. International Relations
  11. Languages And Linguistics
  12. Marketing
  13. Mass Communication
  14. Mathematics
  15. Microbiology
  16. Accountancy/Accounting
  17. Law
  18. Accounting
  19. Banking And Finance
  20. Economics
  21. Biotechnology
  22. Business Administration
  23. Physics
  24. Physics With Electronics
  25. Film And Video Studies
  26. Geology And Petroleum Studies
  27. Computer Science
  28. Criminology And Security Studies
  29. Biochemistry
  30. Education And English Language
  31. Hotel And Tourism Management
  32. Human Resources Management
  33. Industrial Chemistry
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Achievers University – AU

Achievers University is a Nigerian private institution located in Owo, Ondo.

List of courses offered at the Achievers University

  1. Accounting
  2. Business Administration
  3. Bachelor of Laws
  4. Biomedical Engineering
  5. Biochemistry
  6. Computer Engineering
  7. Computer Science
  8. Criminology & Security Studies
  9. Economics
  10. Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  11. Geology
  12. Human Anatomy
  13. Human Physiology
  14. Industrial Chemistry
  15. International Relations (with three months French language program abroad)
  16. Mass Communication
  17. Microbiology
  18. Medical Laboratory Science
  19. Mechatronics Engineering
  20. Nursing Science
  21. Political Science
  22. Public Administration
  23. Plant Science & Biotechnology
  24. Public Health
  25. Sociology
  26. Telecommunications Engineering

Adeleke University

Adeleke University – AU is a famous Nigerian private university in Ede, a well-known town in Osun State – Southwestern part of Nigeria. The University-owned by a famous philanthropist, Chief Adedeji Adeleke, as obtained from sources, accepts a 130 JAMB score.

There are 24 courses offered in AU, and they are:

  1. Law
  2. Accounting
  3. Library Science
  4. Public Administration
  5. Mass Communication
  6. Economics
  7. Chemistry
  8. Biological Science(s)
  9. History And International Studies
  10. English Language
  11. Religious Studies
  12. Electrical /Electronics Engineering
  13. Agricultural Engineering
  14. Computer Science
  15. Microbiology
  16. Political Science Administration
  17. Business Administration
  18. Physics
  19. Public Health
  20. Biochemistry
  21. Geophysics
  22. Mathematics
  23. Civil Engineering
  24. Mechanical Engineering

Adeleke University’s school fee ranges from N640,000 to N900,000, depending on your level as an undergraduate.

Why Wouldn’t You Be Admitted Into a Federal or State University with a 130 JAMB Cut Off Mark?

You must have noticed that all the institutions on our list are private. Little wonder why that is so, as I will make some disclosures now.

It is easier to gain admission into Private institutions than the strict admission policies in Public Universities because more people apply for Federal and State. A few numbers of JAMBITES apply for private universities in JAMB due to the high school fee.

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Public Universities work almost hand in hand with JAMB, which is not the case with private institutions. The federal or state government funds a federal or state university. That’s the reason neither of them requires so much for tuition fees.


Public Universities are more interested in admitting good and excellent students, so many of them don’t offer admission based on merit. It would help if you had good grades in your O’Level results and good marks in JAMB to get admission into Public Universities.

You pay more in Private institutions, so getting admitted quickly becomes one of the advantages you enjoy from your money. Public universities, on the other hand, expect little from you because they get funds from the government.

Smart Steps Students With 130 In JAMB Should Take

You might want to look into other alternatives if you don’t have the money to go to a private institution.

Moreover, it would help if you remembered that in this part of the world, companies value certificates of people that finish from public institutions.

It is easy to figure out the reason for that, at least based on instincts.

Go for Colleges of Education

Look at universities, Polytechnic and Colleges of Education – The best of these three requires the highest cut-off mark for admission. The next in order of preference for most students also require a higher mark than Colleges of Education. Hence, it is even harder to get admitted into Public Universities than Private institutions.

We advise you to look into the options below rather than going for a private institution if you are not financially buoyant.

You might decide on a private College of Education, where you would pay less than what would be required of you in public universities.

Learn More And Reseat For JAMB

Learning more will always be the best option for people that intend to go for highly competitive courses at the University. The reason is that whatever “Short-cut” you might think you want to take will negatively affect your education.

Going to a private university as a way out, for instance, might make you run into debt.

On the other hand, attending a college of education would not be a practical approach if your line of study has nothing to do with the teaching profession.

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Universities That Accept 130 JAMB Cut Off Mark

For this reason, you should sit back and look into possible mistakes you have made in the past, learn from them, and make corrections, reseating for the JAMB examination. A primary reason students don’t perform well in this examination is that they don’t have a good knowledge of what they should have regarding the examination.

JAMB is not as hard as it tends to be; all you need is the correct information. Look around you. Are there people that have written JAMB and perform excellently well? If yes, move close to those people and ask them for the tips that helped them do well in the examination. Each person would have a different learn, learn from all views.

Nevertheless, you would generally be encouraged to read broadly. But how broad is the broad we are talking about? It is almost impossible to read all we have been taught in school right from SS1 to SS3 and be able to hold all in the memory, so what are we talking about?! Kindly go for the JAMB brochure and examine the curriculum; it will help you have an insight into what to expect

Moreso, you should seek past JAMB questions and practice them, noting the topics that seem difficult to you during the practice and learning them afterward.

When you reseat for JAMB and have a better score, you will be proud of your result and confident of your admission into the Public Universities of your choice.

Conclusion – Universities That Accept 130 JAMB Cut Off Mark

In a nutshell, the best step to take when you have a low JAMB score like 130 (as in the case study) is to reseat for the examination, better prepared as it is slim to find Universities that accept 130 JAMB cut off Mark.

In conclusion, having 130 as a JAMB score is not entirely encouraging – it is a woeful performance you don’t want to end up with. It might be very tasking, but striving for a better JAMB score will be rewarding.

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