Top Paying Companies in the World 2023: 10 Ranked

top paying companies in the world

What are the top paying companies in the world –  Having an interest in the labor market could make you try to secure a job in any company as long as it is a well-paying company, and this is why we are looking into this topic.

Often, while choosing the right career path is essential, one cannot help but be concerned about whether or not someone can get employed in a company that pays or offers a huge remuneration or salary.

There is a general concern that despite how difficult it is to secure an excellent job in your career path, there is a tendency that the company may not even pay enough salary to justify the job, leading to less reluctance to try out opportunities.

To help keep this at bay, we shall be looking at the top paying companies in the world to find out what these companies do, available positions, and the amount of money offered on average by the companies in question.

What is a Company?

A company is a legal structure or establishment, physical or not, and is created to represent the objectives and goals of a group of people who may be natural, artificial, or legal.

A company takes various shapes and forms, solely determined by the aim or objective the company sets out to achieve. For instance, a company can be a business organization aimed at generating profit (the most common form) or an organization that carries out non-profit objectives like charity organizations, financial institutions, educational institutions, and many others.

Primarily, a company is created to ensure that the owners or persons who formed the company are not subject to any liability that may come from the operations of the company. In other words, the liability of the company is limited, and when the company can no longer perform its obligations, it is liquidated.

Benefits of Working in a Company

When most people get out of college or are just trying to get jobs, generally, they tend to seek employment opportunities in many places. Some of those places may be public establishments or government-owned institutions.

This raises the question of what makes seeking jobs at companies less attractive. It may have also led some people to wonder whether or not there are advantages to working in a company.

A company can be categorized into small and large companies. This makes it easier to distinguish companies based on their attributes and qualities. The advantages of working in either of them can be interchangeable, as they include the following:

  • Most companies offer exciting options, like insurance covers that range from medical, property, amongst others
  • There is no limit to available resources like salaries and bonuses (we shall be looking at this later), resources, and materials that help efficiently deliver the work
  • Working in a company offers you many opportunities both at the time of your employment and when you are looking for opportunities elsewhere
  • It offers you structure and order, which ensures that the place of work is not a playing ground or a place for jokes, but a place where systems are in place to ensure the smooth running of the business
  • Unlike some government jobs that could become unstable due to the change in administration or government, a company offers more stability to the employees
  • It offers the chance to think creatively
  • It creates a community-based type of environment, depending on the company, making it possible for employees to feel a sense of relationship and closeness through its incentives, like offering sick leave to ill employees, amongst others

Top Paying Companies in the World

Going through the benefits is the only standard you would want to apply for a company. However, most people tend to stop on their tracks when applying for companies because they need companies that can offer them what they want.

The primary thing on the mind of most job seekers is the company that pays the best. While passion is essential, it is secondary in this case, as people are trying to find their best options.

To ease that stress, we shall be showing the top paying companies in the world, which would help you to choose which of the companies you can apply to. We hope to explain what these companies do and how much they pay as salaries and bonuses.

1. Apple

Apple is an American-based tech giant in the business of producing user-friendly electronics and device software for mobile devices and PC, founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne.

Having gone through many ups and downs, it still came out to be one of the most successful companies in the world. Its success is so huge that it is among the top 5 most prominent tech companies.

Also, it comes second on the list of most prominent mobile phone manufacturers globally and fourth on the list of computer distributors worldwide.


 It had a massive income of over $300 billion in 2021 and became the world’s biggest company based on market capitalization. It became the first company in the world to be valued at $1 Trillion in 2018, $2 Trillion in 2020, and finally, $3 Trillion in 2022. The company makes enough money from selling the popular iPhones, iOS software, and other globally sought Apple products.

With a company such as this, it is evident that the amount it pays its workers or staff will reflect its financial status, which is the case. Apple pays an average salary of $123,000 annually and a bonus of $4,300.

2. eBay

When you think about second-hand purchasing and selling, eBay’s first platform comes to mind. One may wonder how such a company can rank as one of the world’s highest-paid companies while doing something as simple as this.

Well, let us see what we can get out of this. Being operational in over 30 countries, what we know as an American-based business that ensures swift business dealings between consumers, and businesses with business consumers is a multi-billion dollar company.

Pierre Omidyar founded eBay in 1995, and it has come a long way from that period, leveraging the internet to ensure that the business has come around to embrace the contemporary culture of buying and selling. People can easily buy and sell anything, ranging from goods to services, and it is not just strictly individuals but businesses that can also join in commercial activities.

top paying companies in the world

They also permit auctions for people interested in it o be held on the platform. As a website, it allows buyers free access to the platform to search for whatever they wish to purchase, while sellers are charged close to nothing based on the percentage of their products.

Aside from buying and selling products, they also offer various other services like online event ticket placement through StubHub, classified online advertisements, and internet-based money transfer services.

From the above, it is easy to understand why anyone would place them on the list of top-paying companies in the world owing to how much revenue it could get through its services or business. It pays an average salary of $124,000 per year, and a bonus of up to $12,000, making it at the top of our list of best-paying companies worldwide.

3. Facebook

Virtually every human being on the planet knows about Facebook as an online social media and instant messaging platform. It would be wrong not to mention it as one of the top-paying companies in the world.

Owned by the renowned Meta Platforms, it is a platform that was founded in 2004 by the multi-billionaire tech whiz Mark Zuckerberg, alongside other roommates of his from his days as a college student at Harvard.

It has come a long way from 2004, based on its level of operation and expansion. From being limited to only Harvard students to being expanded to other parts of America, and now, being a global name accessible anywhere around the world.


The company boasts over 2 billion active users, and with such stats, it is also noted to be third on the list of most visited websites in the world and the most downloaded app from the past decade.

Facebook can be accessed with your mobile device through internet connections, ensuring that users, when logged in to the platform, have access to profiles that allows them to view other users’ profiles and an instant messaging option that allows them to interact personally with other users. 

As one of the highest-paying companies in the world, it pays as much as $120,000 per year and a bonus of up to $13,000.

4. Microsoft

When you remember the widely known Windows OS or the personality of Bill Gates, what follows suit is the name of this reputable company. As an American-based company, it prides itself on being a tech giant involved in the business of production of software for computer, PC, and mobile devices, electronic devices, desktop computers, personal computers, and other products incidental to its business object.

It also produces Xbox video game consoles and other popular software. It is one of the biggest companies in the world; it ranks among the top 20 on the list of Fortune 500 companies (biggest companies in the US) based on its significant revenues, as well as being the largest company in the world in the business of software production in 2019.

top paying companies in the world

As we stated, it is on the list of the top 5 most prominent tech companies in America, including Alphabet, Amazon, Meta (Facebook), and Apple. The company was founded in the 1970s by the multi-billionaire Bill Gates alongside Paul Allen and broke into global dominance through the production of the Windows operating system (Windows OS).

With the global dominance and revenue massively secured, it quickly started going into other ventures like social media by purchasing the popular online platform – LinkedIn for $26.2 billion and Skype for $8.56 billion.

It is also one of the few companies in the world to have a market capitalization of over $1 Trillion. Therefore, it is safe to assume that the company can easily take care of the salaries and bonuses of staff and workers as it may be.

Based on this, the company’s average salary is $119,000 per year and a bonus of $14,000.

5. Google

Who does not know the search engine tech giant that could be said to run the world? Everyone uses Google at one point or another and seeing as they effectively deliver, they are raking in enough money, making them one of the best-paying companies in the world.

Google LLC is an American-based company that prides itself as a tech giant focusing on search engines, internet-based advertising, electronic devices, and many others.

top paying companies in the world

As one of the biggest companies in the world, it is on the list of the top 5 most prominent tech companies, while its parent company is Alphabet. The company was founded by Sergey Brin and Larry Page in the late 1995 while they were students at Stanford University.

The company has gone on to release many products that have dominated the internet space through the years. For instance, Gmail dominates email services; Chrome dominates web browsing services; YouTube eclipses video sharing services; Android dominates the mobile operating system services.

Translate dominates the language translation software in the market, and Google Assistant goes toe to toe with other artificial intelligence software. As one of the companies that pay the most globally, it offers an average salary of $115,000 per year and $16,000 in bonuses.

6. PayPal

If you have ever needed to carry out any online transaction, you would have had to come across this platform, at least as an option. As a fintech platform, it was initially established as Confinity in 1998.

It allows users to carry out online payments for products and services and online money transfer services. It ensures that users can always use its services if they want to take time off the traditional money transaction system.

Aside from just online money transfer or payment services, most platforms that engage in buying and selling and auction platforms allow you to use PayPal as one of the few platforms to make your payment. In turn, the platform charges a fee for the services.


It currently ranks 143 on the list of Fortune 500 companies (the list of the largest companies in the United States based on their respective revenue); the company has gone through ownership from eBay and subsequently became independent again.

PayPal is one of the largest companies in the United States and the world, so it is not surprising that it has amassed massive revenue running its services as simple as they may look. In the same vein, it offers the best salaries and bonuses available. Its average salary is $111,000 with a bonus of up to $10,000.

7. Oracle

Many these days, may not know how popular this platform used to be back in the day, but fortunately, it has not also become one of those giant corporations that have ceased to exist either in whole or in part.

The company, as an American-based Corporation, has its headquarters in Austin, Texas. It is involved in selling software used for database services, software products for the management of resources, both human and capital, and many others.

top paying companies in the world

There is not much left to say about the company except that it is a company that has leveraged the software industry and made an empire out of it. Its services have been trusted enough that from its inception in the 1977 up to this point, it still ranks 3rd on the list of largest software-producing companies worldwide based on market capital and revenue.

Owing to how prestigious the company is, it also ranks high as one of the companies that pay the most in the world, with an average salary of $109,000 and a bonus of up to $9,000.

8. Visa

Visa Inc. is one the fintech platform that has become both an online and offline platform for financial transaction services, and it helps users to transfer money through its online platform, as well as to receive money. It also helps them perform physical transactions through customized debit cards, prepaid cards, and credit cards.

It does not offer charges or rates; it simply gives its services to financial institutions and platforms that intend to use it. In other words, you cannot walk up to Visa and ask for a card; you have to go to a financial institution that uses its services.


Ordinarily, the services may sound trivial, but the fact remains that the company makes enormous revenues from its services. In 2014, it had over 100 billion transactions, raking in over $6 Trillion.  

Owing to such a massive reputation, it is no surprise that it ranks as one of the top-paying companies in the world. It pays an average salary of $109,000 and $9,000 as a bonus.

9. Cisco

Cisco is one of the biggest tech companies in the world that is saddled with developing telecom equipment, manufacturing it, and selling them to interested users. It also offers other services like domain protection and many others.

The company’s success is glaring enough, as it ranks in the top 70 Fortune 500 companies in the United States, amassing a revenue of over $50 billion and about 80,000 personnel in its employment.

The company, one of the world’s biggest tech giants, ranks 74 on the list of Fortune 500 companies in the United States, with yearly revenue of over $50 billion.

top paying companies in the world

Despite having a market capitalization of over $200 billion, it has also ensured that it maintains a good front concerning having a good work environment and space for its employees, unlike most companies in the same category that has been called out for not having a supportive environment for employees.

Both Forbes and LinkedIn have ranked it as one of the best workplaces. Aside from that, its salary and bonuses are enticing. The average salary is $106,000, and the bonus of up to $12,000.

10. Adobe

Last but not least on our list of top-paying companies in the world is Adobe. We may mostly know them for having the best PDF reading experience platform, but that is just one of their many products.

As a company focused mainly on software production, its other products include Adobe Photoshop (used for image editing), Adobe Illustrator, and other services.

top paying companies in the world

With over 20,000 employees, Adobe is considered one of the world’s largest companies, and it has successfully expanded and diversified its services to go into other areas of software publication and media tools required for various publication types.

Adobe is one of the best-paying companies in the world, and employees, potential employees, or job seekers interested in working on this platform are assured an average salary of up to $104,000 and a bonus of $10,000.


Looking for a job can be tiring, but it makes it much better when you know the right place to look. However, we believe you can use this list of the top best-paying companies to apply for the jobs and see if you can be recruited and start earning immediately.

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