Top 7 Computer Courses In Demand 2022/2023

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As a computer science student, I could remember doing a term paper research on the top 7 computer courses in demand in 2022/2023. So today, you will get some of the most recommended computer science courses in high demand.

There are thousands of computer courses that you can find online. The vital thing is discovering the ones that are high in demand. Hence, that research was necessary to give you recommendations on the top computer science courses.

It is the final result of that term paper that I’m putting out here for you because I know it will be so helpful to you. It will help you to avoid being confused about choosing the best computer science courses for yourself.

Furthermore, choosing a career path in computer science is an intentional decision that you will have to make. It would help if you had the necessary tools and recommendations that you could get. This will ensure that you make a sound and well-thought decision for your career.

Top 7 Computer Courses in Demand 2022/2023

There is one good thing about going for the best computer courses in demand. It helps you focus on areas with many employment opportunities for you in the labor market. When you have degrees or certifications in high order in computer science, your chances of getting a high-paying job in that area are very likely.

So it’s time for you to see the computer science courses in demand that made it to our top 7 list in this article.

1. Cyber security

The high increase in the use of computers in organizations and various institutions also led to a rise in website attacks by hackers. Cyber attacks can be very costly to any institution that it happens to. So these big companies hire cyber security agents to help deal with and combat any threats to their systems.

Recently data leakage and breach have brought about several lawsuits against these companies resulting in them paying heavy fines. Currently, they will do everything possible to protect the data and their applications from cyber attacks.

As a result of the high occurrence of cyber attacks, there is a high demand for experts in that field like; network security specialists, cyber security managers, cyber security analysts, information security analysts, forensic computer analysts, security architects, and risk compliance officers.

The only way you can be an expert in such a field and position yourself to get easily employed is to take some computer courses in high-demand areas like;

  • Security
  • Cyber security management
  • Cryptography
  • Data secrecy
  • Incidence response
  • Intrusion detection
  • Cloud security risk analysis and mitigation

2. Data Science

Data science occupies the 2nd position in our list of the top 7 computer courses in demand. The role of a data scientist is to process and collect information from various sources to help the organization expand its businesses.

Data science will allow an institution to channel its advert and know how to survive in the competitive market.

The data science courses include the following languages; Java, C. C++, Python, and R. You will also use tools like MS Excel, MySQL, TensorFlow, Keras, and MongoDB.

The data scientist also covers the field of statistics, probability, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data.

When you graduate, or you must have taken a course on data science, you can apply for a job in the following areas to work as a data analyst, business analyst, product analyst, or machine learning engineer.

3. Data Engineering

A data engineer works in an organization to develop systems that collect and convert data into usable information for a data scientist to interpret.

The scope of this course is; database architecture, data warehousing, data modeling, data mining, data visualization, statistical modeling, predictive analysis, and regression analysis.

top 7 computer courses in demand

You will also learn Python, MySQL, NoSQL, Excel, TensorFlow, natural language processing, neural network assignment, machine learning, big data, and time series analysis.

After completing this course, you can get a job and work as a data engineer, machine learning engineer, data analyst, product analyst, and decision scientist.

4. Data Analytics

This field of data analytics is related to data science. The only difference is that data analytics focuses more on statistics and numbers than coding, like data science. It is one of the most in-demand computer courses because of the high employment rate of experts in that field.

The primary role of a data analyst is to collect data using statistical tools that companies will use for their business expansion.

The scope of the data analytics course includes; statistics, probability, marketing analytics, business analytics, data visualization, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning.

Once you are done with your data analysis course, you can take up a job role as any of the following; data analyst, marketing analyst, operations analyst, quantitative analyst, and data scientist.

5. Advanced-Data Analytics

This is among the top 7 computer courses in demand because it deals with large numbers of data from various sources. So the concentration is larger than the simple data analytics that stays in the number 4 position.

Advertising companies employ advanced data analytics to help them structure who they will target in their advertisements by looking at the search trends from various sources.

An advanced data analyst works with the following tools; big data, data management, data modeling, machine learning concepts, Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, and Cloudera.

If you want to increase your chances of getting employed, you can also learn the following languages; Java, C++, Python, and R.

6. Software Development

Software development is another computer course that is in high demand. A software developer develops computer software programs, web applications, and mobile applications. This enhances easy functionality and increases productivity in business.

Developing software involves a wealth of coding knowledge and some programming languages. The courses in software development include the following areas; web application development, Java programming, object-oriented programming, and database management.

7. Software Programming

A software programmer uses programming languages to write sets of codes that determine how the software will function.

Some of the software programming computer courses  cut across the following areas; programming languages like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, Java, C, C++, Python, R, Swift, Kotlin,

When you have completed a course in software programming, you can work as a software programmer, software developer, game developer, network engineer, applications analyst, and data scientist.

8 Online Websites to Study the Top Computer Courses in Demand

Now that we have given you some of the computer science courses that are in high demand, here are the websites where you can access these courses to get your degree or certification from them.


We have given you the top computer courses in demand for 2022/2023. It is expected that the need is going to keep increasing because technology is taking over the world.

Visit any of the websites we have listed below, and search for your preferred computer science course like web development or Ai intelligence; the list is not exhaustive.

Take the course, complete the learning, and get your certificate or degree. Then update your CV and apply for the positions relevant to what you studied.

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