Student identity card and its value

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The Importance of Student Identity Card

A Student identity card, sometimes known as a student ID card or just a student ID, is a legal document that educational institutions including schools, colleges, and universities, as well as other learning organizations, issue to students. This card is used as identification and evidence of enrollment for students. It typically includes the followings 

  • Student full name
  • Student ID number
  • Institution logo
  • Passport photograph
  • Issuing date 
  • Expiry date
  • Barcode or magnetic strip

The following are the importance of student identity card

Student Identity Cards Provide Access Control

ID cards allow schools to determine who should or should not have access to specific campus areas and structures. Modern school ID cards are furnished with access code systems, allowing these cards to grant entry to specific rooms only after their barcode has been scanned and validated. 

Checking school identification cards can also be used to verify the identity of individuals who will be attending an event or school journey. The ability to determine whether or not students and certain staff members are permitted access to specific areas enhances the safety of everyone.

Duty of Care

Universities and colleges are responsible for the pastoral care, attendance, education, and general well-being of their students. Student identification cards can be of great assistance in this regard.

By situating readers throughout the university or college, such as in lecture halls and classrooms, attendance can be monitored. This can also assist with security. 

If access control systems are installed around the college or university, only those granted permission to a room can acquire entry.


Additionally, student ID cards can help reduce wait periods in colleges and universities. This occurs, for example, when students check out library materials. 

Instead of having a staff member look up the student, scan the book, and stamp it, students can retrieve the required book, scan their ID and book, and then depart. 

This benefits the student and the university as less hours are required by staff and the students can quickly and easily acquire the books they need.

Process of Automating

ID cards can facilitate procedures such as the loaning of laptops to students. As laptops are stored in lockers and checked out using student Identity cards, the checkout process is secure and streamlined, and the university can readily determine who has checked out laptops. Again, this saves time for both faculty and students, which saves money for the university or college.

Universities can also use student ID cards to provide evidence to third parties. Medical students who scan their university ID cards when entering lecture halls, libraries, etc. in order to provide reports to the medical organizations for which they are interning are an example of this.

Security Guarantee

Student identity cards are crucial for the security and welfare of college students and faculty members. The ID can be used for identification and access control. 

Using the card for access control allows staff and students to be restricted to only the areas of the building to which they require access, and having each student’s details and image printed on their card enables staff/security to easily identify them. 

If they are using a card to obtain access to a restricted area, they can be asked to leave and their ID can be confiscated. Additional security features, such as UV printing and foiling, can be added to make the card tougher to duplicate.

How to Select the Proper Identification Card System for Your School

Choosing an ID card system for your school can be a daunting endeavor, but it’s crucial to choose one that meets your school’s specific requirements. There are several factors to consider when selecting an ID card system, including the type of school ID cards desired, the features and capabilities of the system, and the cost.

Furthermore, you must consider the level of security you require. For instance, if your campus has high-security areas, you may want to consider a system with biometric authentication or facial recognition technology.

In addition to these factors, it is essential to consider the support and service offered by the vendor. You should select a vendor with exceptional customer service and support so that you can receive assistance when you need it.

Different ways to Display Your Student Identification Card

ID cards are useful for monitoring entry and providing proof of identity. Display options for ID cards should be considered after safety features and branding have been finalized. 

Badge Holder

It is the most secure method for wearing an ID card. If you’re working in a dusty or wet environment, a badge holder is an excellent method to attach your credentials. Insert your credentials into the badge holder and then affix it to yourself, a lanyard, a strap clip, or a badge reel.

Badge Reel

If an ID card must be swiped or scanned in order to access credentials, the badge reel is the ideal solution. Attach your identification credentials to the badge reel. To unlock the door, merely remove the credentials from the reel. A cord will draw out from the reel giving you room to swipe or scan your credentials.

Strap Clips

It is the most convenient method to wear an ID card. A strap will be affixed to the clip. Slide the strap through the credentials, then connect the strap’s ends. Simply attach the badge to your clothing to effortlessly display your credentials.

The Use of Lanyards

It is the most noticeable method to promote your brand and display your credentials. The lanyard is worn around the neck and displays credentials on the torso. In addition, the placement and size of the lanyards are ideal for promoting brand awareness by displaying a logo or slogan.

Implementing a school ID card system is a simple and cost-effective way to enhance school safety. Whether your campus currently uses an electronic access and ID system or is looking to implement one in order to upgrade its current security measures, school ID cards can be a significant step in the correct direction.


Implementing a school ID card system is a simple and cost-effective way to enhance school safety. Whether your campus currently uses an electronic access and ID system or is looking to implement one in order to upgrade its current security measures, school ID cards can be a significant step in the correct direction.

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