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Online colleges that pay you to attend – Getting a degree requires spending a lot of pence, especially if you intend to study at one of the best universities. It makes it difficult for some people not to complete their education while some don’t experience it at all.


However, education is undefeatable in every individual’s life as it opens new career opportunities and valuable relationships and drastically ends poverty. However, society members will quickly get their voice through the power of being educated.

Financial instability has become one of the greatest hindrances why many people are not educated, and it brings about poverty. Still, the good news is that some enormous online colleges and schools are ready to pay you to attend.


Many students have incurred a lot of debt even after graduation to get a degree, which is not even worth it. These schools will not only pay you to attend, making you financially stable to get a degree, but you will not pay a dime until you get your leaving certificate.

Before digging further, you must know how to get paid in colleges that pay you to attend.

How to Get Paid In Colleges That Pay You To Attend

Choosing a college that pays you to attend comes with enormous benefits, and you need to know how you will be paid when these kinds of colleges. However, some colleges pay you through scholarships, grants or financial aid; below are some ways you can get paid to attend colleges.

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1. Corporate Tuition Refund

Corporate Tuition Refund is one of the common ways you can get paid to attend colleges whereby students will be refunded part or full of their tuition fees if they maintain a specific grade.

Although, the tuition refund policy will only apply to eligible students who pass the requirements set by the college’s management, while the other students will not be refunded.

2. College Financial Aid

There are enormous colleges that provide students with financial assistance. At the same time, some nearly cover the full costs, whereby students will be required to pay little or no to attend such colleges.


Moreover, public colleges tend to have low or no financial assistance since their tuition costs are already low. In contrast, private colleges tend to roll out many financial aids annually, which makes it easier for an average student to be educated.

3. Scholarships and Grants

Almost all colleges, either online or offline, have a scholarship for specific students, either for the athletics, less privileged, brilliant or indigenous students. Students can enjoy various kinds of scholarships which help to cover the cost of their tuition fees and miscellaneous.

Although getting a full scholarship or grant is not common in colleges, scholarships and grants are also one way you can be paid to attend colleges.

Online Colleges That Pay You To Attend

The concept of getting a free education has existed for a very long time. Still, few people understand colleges they can attend for free; among these are some online colleges that will pay you to go.

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Although some of these online schools might be rigorous in their admission selection, they are still good since your main goal is to get a degree without spending a penny; below are the online colleges that will pay you to attend:

1. Berea College

Founded in Kentucky in the United States, Berea College is a private and Christian college that pays you to attend, coupled with the fact that it provides students with a high-quality education worth $100,000.

Although the Christian college does not pay with cash, they also offer a free online bachelor’s degree with over 33 courses. However, physically attending Berea college students have required a $1000 fee which covers accommodation, feeding and taxes.

Due to the college’s impressive and generous feat, it has bagged several awards and recognition locally and international such as the New York Times best value college in 2019 and among others.

2. Columbia University

Columbia University is also a prestigious university that pays you to attend, with a branch of online college called the “Columbia online,” providing students with accessible and quality online programs that open students to professional development opportunities, among others.

Not only does the college gives free online courses through certification, degrees and non-degree programs, but it also provides several sponsorship and awards to students.

3. Barclay College

Founded in 1917, Barclay College is a private, Christian college in Kansas that pays students to attend a wide range of courses ranging from Christian courses such as pastoral ministry, worship arts and youth ministry, among others.

The university offers a full tuition grant of about $15,000 for students to attend, allowing Christian students to get a degree without incurring debts. It also admits students from various evangelical denominations as it focuses on preparing its students for total and intensive Christian service and leadership.

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4. Lipscomb University

Lipscomb University is a private Christian university affiliated with the church of Christ. The university is one of the online colleges that pays you to attend by providing its students with a full scholarship and several Christian courses you can choose from.

Founded in 1891 in Nashville, Tennessee, the university aims to raise deeply rooted Christians with free and quality education as they have an online class that offers both undergraduate and graduate programs.

5. University of the People

The University of the People is an exclusive online and no-profit university located in Pasadena, California. It provides higher quality education to its students and has 40 courses that every individual can study.

Founded in 2009, the university offers a wide range of scholarships to eligible students and students who graduated from the University of the People and are open to many future job opportunities due to the institution’s partnership and collaboration with gigantic companies.


By studying the schools mentioned above, one will discover that most of the top online colleges that pay you to attend are predominantly Christian schools. At the same time, few are secular and not religion based.

However, you can opt-in for any of these schools if you look out for just earning your degree without considering the religious factors, as all the above colleges are excellent and accredited.

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