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New Zealand Fully Funded Government Scholarship, are you longing to study in New Zealand as an undergraduate student? Do you want to travel abroad while earning free college tuition? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might want to apply for the New Zealand government scholarship program. 

This program will allow you to study abroad for free while also receiving $20,000 per year in funding from the government. 

If you want to learn overseas and earn a degree from a prestigious university, check out some programs in this article. They may help you fulfill your dreams. If you’re looking to study abroad, there’s no better place than New Zealand. The country offers free tertiary education, generous scholarships, and affordable living costs.

There are several scholarships available for international students studying in New Zealand. One of these scholarships is the fully funded Government scholarship. This scholarship is open to any student with a valid International Student Identity Card (ISIC). 

This scholarship covers tuition fees, accommodation, food, and travel expenses. Students can apply for this scholarship once they arrive in New Zealand. Upon arrival in New Zealand, students will receive a letter confirming their eligibility for this scholarship. They will also receive information regarding the application process.

New Zealand fully funded Government Scholarship Description

Government scholarships are great ways to help students pay for college. They’re usually awarded based on merit, not need, so there’s no waiting list.

If you qualify for a government scholarship, you won’t have to worry about paying tuition fees. And because you’ve been selected based on academic achievement, you should be able to graduate with very little debt. Some scholarships are typically available only to New Zealand residents, but some are open to international applicants. 

There are three types of scholarship programs offered by the government:

  • Full fee waiver (FWS) – This program provides total funding for the course duration. Students must meet specific criteria and be enrolled in a degree program at a tertiary institution
  • Partial fee waiver (PFS) – This program provides partial funding for the course duration. Students must meet specific requirements and be enrolled in a postgraduate diploma or certificate program
  • Fee reduction (FR) – This program provides reduced fees for the duration of a program. Students must meet specific eligibility requirements and be enrolled in either a bachelor’s degree or undergraduate diploma program

There are many other different types of scholarships, including:

  • General Scholarships – These are awarded to students who meet specific requirements
  • Tuition Fee Waivers – Students may receive these awards when attending private schools
  • Educational Loan Subsidies – This award helps defray the cost of studying abroad
  • Postgraduate Scholarships – These are given to postgraduates who demonstrate outstanding performance in their studies
  • Research Scholarships – These are offered to individuals who wish to pursue advanced study in specific fields
  • Sports Scholarships – These are granted to athletes who excel in sports

Students may apply for multiple scholarships throughout their studies. Each scholarship application process requires different documents and information. To learn more about each type of scholarship, visit the Ministry of Education website.

Eligibility for New Zealand fully funded Government Scholarship

New Zealand is one of the most popular countries to study abroad. With its friendly culture and stunning scenery, learning here has become an increasingly attractive option for international students.

However, the cost of living in New Zealand is relatively expensive compared to Australia and the UK. If you’re considering studying in New Zealand, you may wonder whether you qualify for a scholarship.

Here we’ll look at eligibility requirements for scholarships in New Zealand as we have provided information about the types of scholarships available and how to apply.

What Does Eligibility Require?

Before applying for any scholarship, you must determine whether you qualify. This means checking your qualifications against the following criteria:

  • Age
  • Academic background
  • English language proficiency
  • Financial situation
  • Health condition
  • Other factors


There are two main categories of student visa applicants: those under 30 years old and those aged between 31 and 49.

Students aged between 18 and 29 are eligible for a Working Holiday Visa. Students aged between 20 and 24 are eligible for a Student Visa.

Academic Background

All students must hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher qualification. Some scholarships are offered to students with Master’s degrees.

English Language Proficiency

Most scholarships require applicants to demonstrate adequate English language ability. However, some scholarships are open to non-native speakers.

Financial Situation

Scholarships are usually awarded based on financial need. Scholarships are generally limited to full-time students.

Health Condition

Some scholarships are offered to students suffering from certain health conditions. For example, the University of Auckland provides a scholarship to students with diabetes.

Other Factors

Many scholarships are designed to encourage diversity among applicants. These include scholarships for ethnic minorities, LGBTQ students, and female students.

How to Apply:

  • Click “Apply Now.”
  • Fill out the online form
  • Upload documents
  • Pay the fee
  • Wait for confirmation

To apply for a scholarship, you should contact the relevant organization directly. Many organizations offer online applications. Others ask you to submit a paper application form.

Click HERE to apply


Apply now for New Zealand’s government scholarship program. The deadline for applications is March 31st of every year. This scholarship provides total funding for study at any university in New Zealand. Apply today. 

What to Expect:

  • Applicants will receive a confirmation email after submitting their application
  • Applicants will be notified within two weeks of whether they have been successful
  • Successful applicants will receive a letter confirming the amount of funding received
  • Funding is provided directly to the applicant’s bank account
  • Scholarships are non-renewable
  • Scholarships may be withdrawn without notice
  • The scholarships can be used towards either full or part-time studies
  • Scholarships cover tuition fees, accommodation, meals, and transport costs
  • Scholarships do not include visa processing fees
  • The scholarships should be paid back within six months of leaving New Zealand
  • Scholarships will be cancelled if payment is not made within three days of receiving notification
  • Scholarships must be claimed within 12 months of departure from New Zealand
  • If you wish to extend your stay in New Zealand, you must reapply for another scholarship
  • Scholarships awarded are subject to availability
  • Scholarships offered are limited
  • The scholarships vary depending on the course chosen
  • Scholarships differ according to the institution offering the course
  • Scholarships for specific courses are listed on the website


In conclusion, this government-funded program allows students worldwide to live and work in New Zealand for three years after graduation. 

Students must have completed their undergraduate degree before applying for the visa, but once accepted into the program, they will receive total funding for living expenses, tuition fees, and travel costs during their studies. After completing their studies, students may apply for permanent residency in New Zealand. 

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