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Most expensive universities in the world – A medical doctor once said, “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance,” quality education does not relate to expensive universities, but obtaining a quality higher education in this world comes with a price, leading us to the most expensive universities in the world.


However, there are also cheap universities that offer quality education, yet an expensive university will open lots of connections, future job opportunities, and good teaching facilities.

Ever wondered why lots of people send their wards to some universities like Harvey Mudd college when there are tons of cheap universities in the world? It is not because they are rich but because they understand the advantage of having a higher quality education.

Spending money on getting valuable education is one of the most significant investments you can make because education is the most incredible tool to combat poverty. You must know why you should consider studying at an expensive university if you can afford it.


Why you Consider Studying at an Expensive University

If you can afford to opt for an expensive university, below are reasons why you should consider studying at a costlier university:

1. Higher Quality Education

Because an expensive university pays its staff, higher salaries will open doors for lecturers/teachers who are experts in their field to work in the university, thereby teaching the students extensive research and real-life experiences.

Students studying at a costly university will most likely get an up-to-date syllabus of the subjects and have more resources for better learning compared to other cheaper universities.

2. Future Job Opportunities

A company’s HR/employees tend to be biased when employing students that graduated from expensive universities compared to graduates from other universities. This is because students from expensive universities are mostly brilliant and competitive.

However, students from expensive universities tend to gain more job opportunities because they are open to many valuable relationships, which brings about connections and networking they can tap into, securing them a better job.

Most Expensive Universities in the World

As we have tons of cheap universities across all countries, we also have some expensive universities and below are the top costly universities in the world:

1. Harvey Mudd College

Cost: $80,036

Heading to California, home to the Havey Mudd College, the world’s most expensive university and the world’s leading science, mathematics and engineering institution.

The Private University was founded in 1955 by a marine engineer whose name is Harvey Seeley Mudd,

However, the college is focused on extensive research on engineering, technology, humanities, and mathematics, and they have made a name throughout the United States and several countries.

Havey Mudd College is rated the 28th best school in National Liberal Arts Colleges.

2. Johns Hopkin University

Cost: $68,852

The Johns Hopkin University is public research founded in 1876 in Baltimore, United States, and the institution focuses on engineering and mathematics courses. The institution is the world’s second most expensive university and is on our list.

However, it is the first private research in the US, and it combines teaching with research as it provides students with high-quality education and real-life experiences.

3. Parsons School of Design

Cost: $67,266

The Parsons School of Design is a private art and design college established in 1896 in Manhattan, New York City. The institution is listed as the third world expensive university and offers higher quality education.

The School of Design is also regarded as a local school for arts and design and one of the leading institutions in arts in the United States.

4. Dartmouth College

Cost: $67,044

Dartmouth College, founded in 1769 in Hanover in the United States, is among the most expensive universities. However, the institution is one of the oldest universities in the US that had come into existence before the American revolution.

With over 40 Undergraduate programs, the institution is one of the leading universities that offer science and technology-related programs.

5. Columbia University

Cost: $66,383

Columbia University, formerly Kings University, is a private research university founded in 1754 in New York, USA. Unlike the previous institution, the Columbia university is the fifth oldest university in the United States.

The university is one of the top-rated expensive universities that provide quality education to its students. Also, Columbia University is the pioneer institution to grant students a master’s degree in the US.

However, the institution has many other campuses in major cities, which includes: Amman, Beijing, Istanbul, and Paris, among others.

6. New York University

Cost: $65,850

The New York University, also known as “NYU,” is the top high rated and one of the most expensive universities, founded in 1831 in New York in the United States. NYU is a private research university and arguably one of the US’s largest private universities.

The university focuses on extensive Social, Arts, and Nursing Science. Like Columbia University, the institution also has several campuses in major cities worldwide such as Accra, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Florence, London, and others.

7. Sarah Lawrence College

Cost: $65,630

Still, in the United States, check out the Sarah Lawrence College, the 7th most expensive university in the world, founded in 1926 in Bronxville. The institution was originally a women’s college, while it has limited admission to men, with only 24% of the total university population.

The institution offers higher quality education, yet it has groomed many women who are successful in their field. Some good examples are Sigourney Weaver, Barbara Walters, Alice Walker, and Amanda Burden.

8. Wesleyan University

Cost: $65,443

Wesleyan University is a private liberal arts university named after the father of Methodism, John Wesley. Founded in 1831 in Middletown, Connecticut, in the United States, the university started accepting male and female students in 1970 after taking only female students from 1872 to 1909.

The institution is the 8th most expensive university in the world and on our list. Although Wesleyan University was named after John Wesley, the institution is not subjected to any religious rule and is unrelated and neutral regarding religion.

9. The University of Chicago

Cost: $64,965

The University of Chicago is a private research university founded in 1890, it is among the most expensive universities in the world, and it is friendly to both local and international students.

Not only about being expensive, but the University of Chicago also offers a world-class education to its students in education, trade, policy, science, research, and entertainment, with an acceptance rate of 6.5%, making it competitive among students.

Some University Alumni are the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, the founder of Oracle, Larry Ellison, CEO of Cloudflare, Matthew Prince, and the former CEO of Chevron, John S. Watson, among others.

10. Claremont McKenna University

Cost: $64,325

Heading to California in the United States to complete our list of the most expensive universities in the world, Claremont McKenna University is a private liberal arts college founded in 1946.

However, the institution is famous for its expertise in government and economics with an acceptance rate of 9.4%, which is slightly competitive among students, and 16% of international students make up the list of its total population.

The university has groomed many successful people, including the CEO of Techcrunch, Michael Arrington, the founder of Ethos Water, and Peter Thum, among others.


The United States of America is home to several expensive universities that offer higher-quality education. However, the universities mentioned above are the top ten (10) expensive universities that provide quality and sound education worldwide.

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