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There are a lot of important ideas you should have known about Junior WAEC Exam if you intend to participate in the forthcoming examination. Put your mind at rest if that is why you are here, for we shall now consider all you need to know about the Junior WAEC examination.

Junior WAEC is popularly referred to as “WAEC BECE” in this part of the world. The examination taken by students in the Junior secondary school is under the control of WAEC; BECE stands for Basic Education Certificate Examination.

As a Nigerian, Ghanaian, or student from other parts of West Africa, you will be required to sit for Junior WAEC during your third year at the Junior secondary school.

The Importance of Junior WAEC

As far as we were able to gather, there are only a few important of writing Junior WAEC; they include:

1. Preparation For SSCE Exam

Recall that after this examination, the next time you would have to write WAEC is in your SS3, which is the last WAEC you will be sitting for as a high school student.

junior waec exam

The motion had been proposed that since junior WAEC is the first external examination most JSS3 students will be facing since they have been in school, the examination will somewhat serve as a prerequisite for the Senior WAEC. Having passed this examination, it will not be hard for the same students to prepare their minds for the Senior WAEC when it is time.

2. To Test Students’ Capabity

If, after the examination, you fail to come out with good grades, it is said that you will not be encouraged into the senior secondary school class. Hence, it would help if you sat for the examination not to be left behind when your colleagues are promoted. It is undoubtedly a bad experience you wouldn’t want to have.

Why You Must Take Junior WAEC Exam Seriously

More to the points in the previous subheading is that some schools, at least we have heard of a few, will not promote you to the next class if you fail the examination.

Even though many have proven points as to why you should not write Junior WAEC, you should sit for it because you need to know what it looks like. It won’t be possible for people talking bad about it today to do so if they haven’t sat for the exam before. In other words, you need to sit for the examination so you can also have your side of the story to tell.


Another reason you have to take it seriously is because you never can tell! Since this exam is not something locally approved, it might turn out to be a requirement the Nigerian federal government will start asking for in years to come as an employment requirement.

Consequences Of Not Writing Junior WAEC

Nigerians largely did not believe there is the significance of not having one’s junior WAEC results or certificate.

Make use of the information readily available, and there are still no significant benefits of the Junior WAEC cert; thence, not having it is equally having no consequences – except your school requires it.

How Much Is Junior WAEC Form


The Junior Waec Exam Form costs eight thousand, seven hundred naira (N8,700), while late registration attracts a fine of two thousand naira (N2,000).

How to Pass Junior WAEC Examination

The method that has worked for others, writing this and other examinations, is what we would disclose to you now.

Don’t feel lazy to ask your seniors for the past junior WAEC question papers and practice them.

Remember that practice makes perfect. However, that is not all; you should:

  1. Get the syllabus – more like the point of ‘Practicing past questions,’ you should try to get the syllabus planned for the year of your examination. There you will see the topics you are to expect. Knowing the issues one is to expect in an examination is a great way to pass if one is not lazy to read about them – should you don’t already know those topics.
  2. Attend the Junior WAEC lesson – If your school has it organized, nice. You should not miss out! Ensure that you prepare for this examination by attending classes that are meant for it.
  3. Get the timetable on time: This will be especially good for you if you are the type that dislikes certain subjects. All you need to do is get the schedule as soon as it is ready so you can effectively prepare yourself. Knowing the timetable will hint at when and to what extent you should study some subjects – I hope you get that point?!

Can you seek a job with the Junior WAEC Certificate?

The answer is ‘No.’ The certificate only guarantees that you will be fit for the SS education and that you have understood a good portion of your JSS curriculums.

Getting Job with Junior WAEC is one of the most inquired questions of all time regarding Junior WAEC in Nigeria.

Why Many Don’t take Junior WAEC Exam Seriously?

If this is something to consider, you might no longer pick interested in writing the Junior WAEC examination. The reason is that people that didn’t take the examination seriously have a thousand and one reasons why they do. If you think knowing these reasons can change your mind negatively, you’d better stay back and don’t read further.

As obtained from many who protested the examination’s irrelevancy in the past, offline and online, the Junior WAEC certificate is as good as nothing!

You might be wondering what this means. To say that many who have sat for the examination dislike it is too favorable a word. The extent to which people hate the examination has made people write and not only say things against its conduction in Nigeria.

People said the certificate has never been required in any company or institution for employment or admission. What is the essence of a school certificate if not for these two benefits?

During the research process, we found an Opera news article on Education, which reads partly: “Junior WAEC is the most irrelevant examination I have taken all my days in school.

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Reading the article further, we heard the writer noting that he has not gone for his Junior WAEC results since he wrote the examination – the writer is presumably now an undergraduate.

Requirements for Junior WAEC Exam

Like all other examinations, one has to meet requirements before sitting for the WAEC BECE exam. Nevertheless, these are minor requirements that almost all candidates ready to take part in the examination can meet. They include:

junior waec exam

1. Payment of the Junior WAEC examination fee

You needn’t be told this, he who does not pay will not write the WAEC BECE exam. Not just paying, make sure your payment is made early.

2. Going to the hall early

Chances are you might not be allowed to write your papers any day you fail to get to the arena in time. To avoid penal servitude that may result in embarrassment, you should endeavor to be around the hall before the scheduled time.

3. You should have been in JSS3

No student from any class below the Junior secondary school three will be allowed to take this examination because it is not meant for anyone other than the students of this class.

4. You must be registered for the examination

To ensure that you meet up with the Junior WAEC examination, you are summoned to ensure that your registration has been done without problems that could arise when you get to the hall for your papers.

Textbooks to Read to Pass Junior WAEC Exam

Here are books to read to pass Junior WAEC examination:

  • Exam Focus in English Language
  • BECE Exam Past Questions and Answers
  • Integrated Science

Junior WAEC Examination Overview

Few schools take the Junior WAEC more important than others, but it seems to be counted as important in every school now. Although most people see it as uncalled for, you will barely find any Nigerian who finished his secondary school without sitting for the examination.

Not all schools are qualified to take the examination. BECE is written by public and private schools approved by WAEC.

If we say there have been many good reviews on the part of the citizens regarding Junior WAEC Exam, then we must be hurting the reputation of this website as there would be no evidence to us up when the need arises.

Many also claimed they had gone far in life without knowing the importance of Junior WAEC.

However, we gathered that taking the examination is a good way to prepare oneself for senior WAEC.

In conclusion, our platform advises you to sit for your Junior WAEC examination regardless of the things people say about it. If it remains conventional, do not let it undone. You can be sure that ‘As’ awaits you if you bend your head to read extensively for the examination.

By saying, read extensively, I do not mean it; in the world of readers, it is a way to say that you should read on your own – not only when you are asked to and what you are asked to read, feel free to contact us.

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