Is Recruitment Consultant A Good Job? Read The Pros And Cons

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Is Recruitment Consultant A Good Job? I am not sure we would be doing any good to talk about the topic at hand without making us having a mutual understanding of the primary keyword, “Recruitment Consultant

Who is a Recruitment Consultant?

A recruitment consultant serves as a bridge between clients/companies/employers and prospective employees.

They do the negotiation employers are supposed to do with the candidates seeking jobs.

As you read through this piece, we shall, alongside this, show you why a recruitment consultant could be an excellent job for you and how you can successfully do it.

With this, you should be ready to learn some new things on this page. You can get a pen and paper to put down some lines you don’t want to forget.

Many might not think it is worth it to be a recruitment consultant, and they may be right because people are entitled to their opinions.

Good Sides Of A Recruitment Consultant

Nonetheless, we have done some findings and come up with some of the good perks of being a recruitment consultant. As a recruitment consultant, you enjoy:

Disclaimer: RC is short for Recruitment Consultant. I guess you would not want to see that all through the article.

1. Personal Progression

Are you the type that seeks personal Development all the time? This is just one of the best jobs you can take to enhance your Progression, as you must get exposed to know more often than ever, whether willing or unwilling.

You meet people from different tribes, with different backgrounds, personalities, and all that, from time to time.

This will help you build your mind in surprising ways, like having a new perception of the human race, attitude, and all that.

The experiences you will gain working with several clients/companies would help open your eyes to see the qualities all companies seek in employees. And with this, you won’t have an issue getting yourself a job, should you want to quit the recruitment field anytime.

2. Expanding your circle

Yes, this is one of the most significant advantages you enjoy as a recruitment consultant. You get to meet with new people frequently, increasing your circle.

Whatever you think you can enjoy from having many active people around is open to you as an RC.

Expanding your circle can also be a quick means of getting creative, as you learn a lot from different people’s points of view.

Meeting many people can also expose you to new environments and ideas you need to become successful in life.

3. Changing People’s Lives

During the research stage of this report, we got to hear some RCs’ opinions on whether or not the job is good. Most successful RCs noted that they do the job for the inner joy of helping.

This means that the same job could not be seen as good by some people with different motives for going into it.

As obtained from the said RCs, the job does not seem worth it, comparing the primary salary with the stress one would have to go through to fulfil tasks… Nonetheless, they see it as an excellent job because their goal is to serve as helping hands to those who need jobs.

So you might want to ask yourself, are you passionate about helping people? Remember that people’s jobs can go a long way in their personal lives.

Getting a person a job might indirectly mean you are changing the lives of their wives/husbands, children/parents, and other family members, for good.

A recruitment consultant is your best job if you want to change people’s lives.

4. Money

If you do not welcome the initial point to help people, you have to consider the money involved in this job.

Are you comparing the payment with the workforce? No. It all depends. When you work for companies or clients in good condition with workers, RC might just as well be a way to earn passive income. Some recruiters are permitted to work from home. You might also be this fortunate!

Nevertheless, you’ve got to put the money-making aspect into consideration. Not only do you get your top salary, but as an RC, you get some commissions for accomplishing a given task well.

5. Skill Development

You get used to what you constantly do and probably make new ideas.

During your active years as a recruitment consultant, you can be sure you will develop many skills in the field.

Some of these could be better ways to communicate with people, tactics to retain clients, suitable negotiation methods, persistence, and time management. With this, you can be a better version of yourself.

6. You become an advisor

Do you know that one of the best ways to earn passive income is to work as a business consultant? Being a recruitment consultant can just as well put you on the good side to be many people’s advisers.

Being an advisor, one whom many trusts to be more advanced in knowledge of specific fields, you can make wins.

Clients and employees run into you to take advice. There is this natural joy in being people’s mentors; it is a form of power because you will be influential.

So whichever way you choose to use, your chances as an advisor will tell – remember that you are some people’s adviser as an RC.

7. High Competition

This can be to your advantage if you are the type that likes competitive environments. Yes, some of us naturally prefer such careers because it changes our mentality to become stronger over the years.

Nonetheless, if you have atychiphobia (fear of failure), you might not want to take this job.

8. Rewarding

Almost every bit of this job is rewarding. It could be now, or at a later time, you will thank yourself for working as an RC because you would have acquired several new ideas, people, connections, etc.

You can look at the several perks, other than the money, of the job on our list.

9. Control Your Day

Unlike some other jobs, most recruiters are not bothered by their employers.

After meeting with the clients and agreeing on some terms, you would, as an RC, be left alone to get the job done at your own pace.

This can be precisely what you want unless you are the type that wants to be told what to do all time, use your chances of controlling what you do daily and getting paid by being a recruitment consultant.

10. Challenging

You want to agree with me that the challenging nature of this job is the reason many see it as a good one to do.

Some people opine that any job that would not cost you is not worth it…

Perhaps, you might also want to be of this mentality (in case you don’t already hold onto it) by feeding on some philosophies such as: “No gain, no pain.”

Furthermore, since we grow through what we go through, the challenges of being a recruitment consultant, which could include punctuality, honesty, loyalty, exactness to details, etc., are some factors that make a recruitment consultant an excellent job.

What Makes A Successful Recruitment Consultant?

The reason most people think that being a recruitment consultant is not worth it is that they did not get to know the tactics to become successful in the field. And as a result, we want to make you see some of the things that make one a successful recruitment consultant – otherwise, the topic at hand might not appear all that clear to you.

1. Self Motivation

Recruiters commonly say, “All days are not the same.” That yesterday is good for you does not mean you should expect tomorrow to be the same, and vice versa.

To excel as a recruitment consultant, you must be self-motivated, not worrying much about what happened and what did not happen.

By “worrying so much,” we mean you can worry, seek other ways out, but not make your mistakes or bad days set you back in the field.

One thing that can keep you motivated in this field is to remember that one should not worry about things that are not under human control.

You should remember when a Zen proverb said, “Expect nothing, appreciate everything.” These theories, and more you can read about, will make you stay motivated as you strive to be a successful recruitment consultant.

2. Be Self Confident

This part of the tactics is obtained from experts in the game. Your colleagues, clients, and employees will respect you when they know you do your job confidently.

Are you naturally not confident? It is time to learn to be bold. Read about ways to gain courage, and probably take online tutorials.

Nonetheless, we will give you a hint that can go a long way for you. Always stay neat and appear suitable all the time.

Do you know that you become more self-confident when you know you are looking good? So it is one promising approach to conquer your lack of confidence, should you have one.

3. Embrace Technology

So definitely, we have to consider technology, looking at the shape and state of the world today, do you think we can reach many people faster and easier without technology?

The invention of Technology has gone a long way to help make the recruitment consultant job very easy.

You can now get to many people telling them about the availability of job(s) and the requirements to get those jobs.

The days when people must go out under the harsh weather to get people seeking jobs are gone. Through social media, for instance, you will get many people ready to do the work you were employed to advertise, all from the comfort of your home.

Nonetheless, your employer might require you to be in the office (perhaps sometimes) regardless of how you want to reach people.

4. Ability to Negotiate

By now, it should not sound like a piece of news to you that the recruitment consultant field requires you to do a whole lot of negotiations. You negotiate with your clients before going down to negotiate with the candidates you want to get for your clients.

Although on the part of your client, you may not have to negotiate all the time, especially if you have been working together before and have agreed on payment for yourself. However, you are not going to be negotiating on money issues alone.

With this, you must sit back to teach yourself some skills you need for better negotiations.

5. Build a good relationship

Remember that your job as a recruitment consultant requires you to build good relationships with people. This is one of (not to exaggerate) the ways to become very successful in the game.

Yes, unlike other jobs, you are not doing this as a self-owned job or whatever jobs do not require you to build relationships with people.

You have to build good relationships because you don’t just deal with people you meet once or twice, whether as your clients or candidates seeking a job; you stay connected with them for some time, if not a long time.

No matter how long you have to be with anyone taking a role in your career, you must not give room for a faulty relationship.

6. A solid desire to succeed

And this is another thing that can make you stay self-motivated, at least in a sense.

One thing links to another, yes, even in this case. Relating this with being motivated by yourself will buttress your previous knowledge.

You must make up your mind to make it in your job if you want to meet good ends, we would help you with some keys to fuel your desire to succeed.

“Anything worth doing, is worth doing well,” as they. Moreso, you are a product of your mind.

Take meticulous note of the final statement in the last paragraph. It depicts that whatever you will become begins from your mindset.

7. Think about your career development

This is something personal, and you should think about strategies to develop your career; you might come to discover new things for yourself that will work out well for you in the game.

The saying is, “Do what works for you.” If you think you would not be able to manage the number of messages you will get doing your job on social media, for instance, then you will not be doing wrong to try what can work for you.

Yes, you need good communication skills, but probably for some reason, you cannot yet communicate effectively and persuasively.

Simple steps you can take to develop your career

  • Identify the problems you encounter
  • Clarify the problem you want to solve
  • Define your goals
  • Start developing action plans

It is not making much sense and complete knowledge to talk about one side and let go of the other. Given this, we consider discussing a few reasons you might not want to venture into a Recruitment Consultant.

But our aim to strike a balance is not deemed too inconvenient to readers. That is why it comes as the last subheading, should you think you do not need it.

Some Cons of being a Recruitment Consultant

  • Facing Rejections
  • Time and Energy Consuming

Facing Rejections

No RC expert seems to opine that there is any way to avoid rejections in the field altogether.

Since you need to reach out to many people you have never met before, you must be ready to face rejections.

Time and Energy Consuming

Not only do you face direct rejections as a recruitment consultant, but you will also meet people not actively seeking a job and have to message them a lot of time until they eventually open up to you whether or not they want your job.

For reasons like this, a recruitment consultant must also be resilient and never give up.

With these few cons, I think we have been able to strike some balance, and you should be able to judge whether or not a recruitment consultant will be a good job for you.


In conclusion, you should work to develop yourself in all aspects you notice you are dawdling. While a recruitment consultant might not be a good job for many, building trust will give you chances of gaining more than you expect.

Do well to share your questions/thoughts on this article in the comments section below and feel free to contact us.

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