Is English More Important Than Maths? See Answer

Is English More Important Than Maths

Is English more important than maths? Mathematics and the English language are essential subjects in most educational institutions. They help build students for a better future to solve their real-life problems in terms of arithmetic and vocabulary.


However, students often compare the English language to mathematics, as it leads to formal discourse and sometimes informal. It is not far from the truth that 39% of countries in the world have their official language as the English language because it helps the citizens to communicate and express themselves excellently.

Most educated persons are expected to know how to speak and write in English, making it one of the essential disciplines students must learn. At the same time, mathematics is a subject that helps to solve real-life problems in terms of arithmetic and helps people to think logically and critically.

Mathematics is also an essential subject that helps people build up their mental capacity and ability to understand in other settings; it will be challenging to manage finances, know what the time says, and even solve problems if mathematics exists.


Unlike the English language, mathematics is universal as it is used in various sectors across the nations, making it a vital subject students must learn and practice. However, one can quickly know an intelligent person if they have an excellent mastery of English and mathematics.

In this article, we will consider specific criteria in determining the importance of one subject against the other; read on to know if mathematics is more important than English or vice versa.

Is English More Important Than Maths?

There are some vital points to consider before determining the subject that is more important between mathematics and the English language, which are:

Higher Education

English and maths are significant subjects required for admission in colleges and universities as most educational institutions require a grade or pass in these two disciplines before they admit students.

Students who do not know the English language and mathematics will not get admission to some tertiary institutions. Still, it might vary for some courses of study, such as Fine arts and adult education which only needs little or no knowledge of these two subjects before studying.

Schooling in English-speaking countries requires having a grade or pass in either English language or mathematics before you can get admission into your course of study, making the two subjects one of the essential disciplines in getting a higher education.

Although some countries do not require the English language for admission into tertiary institutions, such countries are Venezuela, El Salvador, Oman, and many others. At the same time, mathematics is compulsory in almost all countries for entry into colleges and universities.


There are numerous characteristics an employer looks out for in a job seeker, such as the ability to independently solve problems, excellent communication skills, listening skills, and as well as your qualifications.

With the mastery and knowledge of mathematics, you will be able to solve problems independently with critical thinking, which will sound appealing to enormous employers. You might end up getting jobs with other opportunities.

Companies always want to hire the best applicant for the job, and they have shown some essential mental skills, such as the ability to interpret instructions quickly and the ability to work under pressure which you can easily find in someone that understands maths.

On the other hand, a job seeker with in-depth knowledge of English will know how to communicate and listen to instructions effectively and have some vital skills such as speaking, listening, and writing.

Jobs like secretary, receptionist, and many others require you to have a good mastery of the English language because you will have to be the face/representative of the company whenever a visitor comes visiting, so you must have excellent speaking skills.

One cannot undermine the importance of the English and maths as they are essential in getting jobs, solving real-life problems, communicating effectively, and properly understanding.

Confidence and Self-Esteem

Knowing how to speak correctly and communicate effectively gives you high morale and self-esteem because you will be confident to talk to people without being bothered or fearful of grammatical errors.

Excellent communication skills will not only give you confidence but helps more people to focus and pay full attention to what you have to say, which might give you many opportunities and valuable relationships.

At the same time, having complete knowledge of mathematics helps you be bold and settled when there is a real-life problem because you will be able to come up with realistic solutions to the issues, which is one of the importance of mathematics.

The benefits of excellent mastery in mathematics are not limited as they range from having friends to being open to many opportunities.

Global Recognition

Looking at some of the best mathematicians in the world, such as Pythagoras, Isaac Newton, and many others has made them more recognized, both locally and internationally, as the English language genius in the world.

Excellent knowledge of intonations, orals in English, algebra, calculus, and mathematics will make you greatly popular in local regions and even globally, leading you to many opportunities such as scholarships, relationships, and many others.

The famous neurosurgeon Ben Carson said, “no knowledge is ever wasted,” when applying it to our topic, this excellent quote implies that being a mathematician and also an English language guru will open you to a wide range of global recognition, and knowledge in English language or mathematics is not a waste.


Mathematics and English are essential, and one cannot do without the knowledge gained from these subjects, such as higher education, global recognition, problem-solving skills, and many others.

The English language is more important because a student needs to study, write and speak, which is why learning the basics of the English language is an excellent investment you can ever make.

An excellent understanding of the English language will open you to a wide array of opportunities; therefore, you must start learning the use of English, even if you are not from an English-speaking country.

Learning the English language nowadays is more accessible as there are numerous educational websites with great tutors that grant you access to many teachings on how to read and write effectively in English.

On the other hand, mathematics is an excellent discipline for people to learn, as it helps them to know what the time is, manage their finances, and as well make one to be recognized globally.

We hope you learned from this article, “is English more important than maths?” Do well to share this article with others.


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