How To Score High In Jamb 2023 – 10 Proven Ways

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Are you afraid that you might not meet up with your cut off mark? Then you should pay attention to this article. It will be centered on how to score high in JAMB 2023.

You might have been told that your intelligence in class is not all it takes to judge whether you will do well in the JAMB examination or not. Well, this could not be truer. There are several things you have to know before sitting for the upcoming JAMB examination, many of which will be treated herein.

The joy of every student is to excel and do amazingly well in the 2023 JAMB UTME exams. However, many students worry because they feel the exams are difficult and you might score low.

How to Score High in JAMB 2023

The fact remains that scoring high in JAMB is easy; it is as simple as ABC. Use the following tips and become a student who would score high in JAMB. Rest assured that the following tips will work perfectly for you.

1. Set Your Score

It would help if you were determined to achieve something before taking actions attached to achieving such. With that, one of the quickest ways to score high is to determine the particular point you want to come out with. In doing this, be realistic with yourself.

Aim for something great, do not aim for a low score so that you will be on the safer side in case you fall. The exam is divided into four (4) subjects; you can choose the score you want to get in each subject.

how to score high in JAMB

For example, if you are to sit for English, Government, Christian religious study, and literature. Ensure you allocate scores to each subject:

  • English Language – 70
  • Government – 65
  • Christian Religious Study – 80
  • Literature – 85

Setting your score this way will make you understand the most essential of all the courses you will be sitting for. With this, you can rest assured that your chances of coming out as a success will be high.

To score 300+ in JAMB 2023 is possible; early preparation will aid you in achieving it.

2. Avoid Procrastination

As simple as everything you will learn about in this piece may sound, procrastination can stop you from putting them into action, and by avoiding it will make you score high in JAMB 2023.

Some students might feel that 2023 is still far, and they can relax and start studying next year. Procrastination is a killer; it delays you and steals your success away. You can start reading now to lessen the workload when it is 2023.

Adequate preparation invites beautiful results. It eases tension and stress.

You should get the JAMB syllabus and past questions, and identify the topics that are often repeated year in and year out. Study those topics, and I can assure you that success is yours.

One way to help you avoid procrastination is to remind yourself of the upcoming JAMB examination – your phone’s calendar (or so) can help you have it in time. In addition, you should know there is no time on your side.

3. Know What Works Best For You

Does it sound strange to you? One of the reasons why students score low is because they fail to know the best time to comprehend. Some students can assimilate better in the early morning hours, some can understand better in the afternoon, and some can properly understand in the middle of the night.

Try not to compare yourself to others, understand your uniqueness and fit perfectly in it. If the morning hours work for you, study in the morning. If afternoon hours work for you, work with it. Furthermore, if reading at night will help you comprehend, read at night.

You would pass JAMB exam 2023 if you can work at the time that suits you. Knowing what works best for you will aid your success in passing JAMB since the goal is to understand what you have been taught.

Nonetheless, bear in mind that you cannot know what works best for you unless you take the time to study and find your true self.

4. Be Familiar with Jamb Past Questions and Syllabus

Jamb recommended textbooks, past questions are tools for preparing adequately for the examination. The syllabus will help you choose the right subject combination for your course. It will also aid you in understanding how questions are set and it opens the student up to what you should expect in your exams.

how to score high in JAMB

Jamb past questions will help you understand the patterns of questions you should expect. The textbooks, on the other hand, can serve as a guide to having a brilliant result.

5. Stay Consistent

Building a culture of consistent reading will aid you in excelling in JAMB. Ensure you do not go without reading in a day. Set your reading timetable and fix a subject for each day. You can also set your alarm to remind you to read each day. Ensure you do not change it and maintain your fixed study time. Fix a goal, do not rush it, and take your time while reading.

Not staying consistent may make it appear as though you have not made any preparation for the examination when you are faced with it in the exam center, especially if you are not the type with a really good memory. Consistency will help you understand better and remember everything you studied more easily.

Make hard work your lifestyle, strive to get a good score, look up to people who have written jamb and have had incredible scores, and stay inspired.

6. Ponder more on your weak subjects

Every human is created with strengths and weaknesses. Acknowledging this fact gives you a better understanding of yourself and how you can function effectively in any area of life.

Therefore you should know your weak subjects and study them thoroughly. You can as well seek help when they seem complicated to you. You can ask people who are good at your weak subjects to explain better to you.

If confronting people is your problem, perhaps because you do not know whom to go to, your smartphone and PC are there for you. Kindly turn on your data and go to YouTube or Google to inquire about those questions (topics) you find hard in any subject you are weak at.

Thank God for technology; there are some platforms out there that also teach people online. Those websites help you get personal teachers in every field you want.

Although you will have to pay for such services, this can be very effective. If you cannot go a day without social media, then you can also maximize your time on platforms like Facebook by joining groups created for the subjects you are weak at.

This does not mean you would not study subjects that you are good at, but you will put in more energy on the weak subjects so you can balance up and score amazingly well.

7. Get reading partners

He who knows one thing does not know another – you need to learn from others. Most times studying in groups can help you stay informed. Get people of like minds, study together and, ask yourselves questions, surround yourself with people who would serve as motivation and inspire you to study more and get high scores. You will find like minds on Facebook, if not offline.

reading partners

Your association speaks volumes about what your score would look like. You should partner with those who aim for the sky, those who see themselves scoring brilliantly, and those who would not go a day without studying. This is an amazing way to score high in any examination.

To give this room for effectiveness, you should also work on being receptive so that you can do with excellent ideas from others you read with.

8. Eat Healthy Food and Rest

Most students in this season forget to eat and sleep late at night because they have an exam they are preparing for. You should not be caught in that web, healthy food will add nutrients to your body and aid in the proper assimilation, and also stimulate the brain and the body by increasing the body’s heart rate.

Resting will help deliver oxygen to the brain. Many will not tell you this, but thank God you are here – it is a rare tip to find out there. Lack of adequate sleep can have several negative impacts on your brain and body, so you should ensure you eat healthy food and sleep well.


Rest will also help remind you that you have studied for that particular day and avoid too much workload for your brain. Not resting well can cause you to forget all that you have studied.

9. Be Adequately Informed

Information is one of the most important things in a student’s academics, especially to scoring high in JAMB. During JAMB registration and preparation, many updates will be released. They are pieces of information you should not be far from knowing. You can always get these updates by visiting our website daily, so you do not get the wrong information elsewhere.

This may be one reason you should not be too far from your phone, even preparing for your JAMB examination. If you feel like the phone can distract you, keep it with someone close to you.

Go for it whichever way you think will help you get informed about the said examination on time and not affect your studies. The information serves as a light to the world. do not allow a lack of information to cost you an additional year at home.

10. Practice Thoroughly

Practice helps us gain mastery, and when we practice, we get so used to a particular thing. Get used to using the computer system in answering questions, time management, and how time is allocated to each subject.

Get the practice guide app on your phone, answer questions repeatedly, and beat the time. Once you are done with a particular subject, go over and over again.

Aristotle once said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Therefore excellence is not an act but a habit.” It does not take a one-time action to gain mastery. Therefore you should be used to the system of answering the said examination before it begins.

Do you remember consistency? It works hand in hand with this point. It would help if you practiced the past questions consistently as you also get familiarized with how the questions are set and how to answer them best.

Do not stop studying until you are done with your examination unless you would not mind sitting for the examination again.

Why Should You Score High in JAMB 2023?

This is for you, in case you are yet to see the reasons why reading this piece is important to you. Scoring high is something all Jambites must take seriously as they prepare themselves for the 2023 examination.

To have a higher chance of securing admission in 2023, you should perform well in JAMB.

Some schools demand high JAMB scores. So to be on the safer side when you apply for a highly competitive course like medicine in certain higher institutions, you should do well in JAMB.

It would help if you scored high in JAMB because you do not want to fail. Nobody wants to fail in life.


Scoring high in JAMB 2023 will become achievable if you follow the above success tips. Determine to see yourselves scaling through, put in all it takes, and devote your time and energy to seeing the result you admire.

Nothing can stop you from passing the JAMB CBT exam 2023, except you stop yourself. Everything is achievable if you set your heart right. Motivate yourself, speak the right words, dream bigger, be positive, and set a success mentality.

Work with these success tips, and you will be end up passing JAMB 2023. Do not give up on yourself because giving up will hinder your success to score high in JAMB.

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