How to Study for JAMB and Pass Excellently In 2023

how to score above 300 in JAMB

How to pass JAMB – It gladdens my heart each time I see students searching for how to study for JAMB and pass excellently in 2023, and this shows that you are willing to do well and excel in the forthcoming exam.

Well, we are not being proud, but some of the things we will reveal to you here are what extra lessons and regular classes won’t teach you and enable you to score high in JAMB.

These working principles have an excellent output rate for passing JAMB excellently in 2023. So the first step on how to study for JAMB and pass excellently in 2023 is to finish this article.

The idea of passing JAMB is two folds: you need to know how to study correctly, and secondly, you will also need to know how to pass the exam excellently without engaging in any examination malpractices. So it does not only stop at studying for the exams. We will also show you how to pass the upcoming JAMB 2023 examination.


Candidates will need to write and pass their JAMB exam to gain admission to any University of their choice in Nigeria. The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) is the institutional body that is statutorily charged with admitting students into the university for their respective educational programs.

Admittedly, I was also scared when I was preparing for my JAMB exam during my own time. In this article, I will also share with you the ways I used to study adequately for the exam and get an excellent score in the JAMB exam that year.

I know how many JAMB lessons and classes I attended, but it wasn’t the extra lessons or courses that did the job for me. The essential part of the job was how I studied to pass the exam excellently. So as much as an extra lesson is suitable for JAMB preparation in 2023, your study and discipline are also significant.

So, it is in your best interest that you should read this article to the end. Don’t worry, we will not bore you with stories, but we will give you an almighty working formula to pass JAMB excellently in 2023.

What You Need To Know About Jamb 2023 Examination

We will assume that everyone here knows and understands what JAMB means. Some young students only see JAMB as an exam you will need to write to get admission into the university, but that is not all you need to know.

The primary role of JAMB is to organize entrance examinations for students who have just finished writing their senior secondary certificate of education (SSCE) to get admission into any higher institution. It could be a university, polytechnic, or other accredited schools by JAMB.

Additionally, you should meet some requirements before you study for your JAMB in 2023. Some of them are;

  • You must have written and passed the compulsory WAEC or NECO for senior secondary school students
  • You must write the JAMB examination in an accredited school or centre. Once you register for your JAMB, you will be given an examination centre where your exam will hold.
  • Candidates should undergo some basic computer lessons classes as the JAMB examination is now computer-based compared to the old paper and pencil
  • You must purchase your JAMB form and do the necessary JAMB registration

The form is not yet out, and we will update you on when and how to successfully buy and register for your 2023 JAMB examination.

How to Study For JAMB In 2023

One thing I will have to state here is that this is not the first time you are going to sit for an examination, so it would help if you did not think it would be something different. The only other thing is that JAMB is more intense than the usual promotional school exams you usually write every term during your secondary school days.

study for JAMB

Well, I stumbled upon a hilarious question on Google search where some people search: how to write and pass JAMB without studying? I do not know if they expect Cinderella to come with a magic pen and do some chants to make them pass their JAMB. Well, there is only one way to pass your JAMB excellently: reading and studying for it ahead of time.

Now follow these almighty formulas to study and pass your JAMB with ease, and preparing for JAMB could either be a nightmare or a hobby; it all depends on how you lay your bed.

1. Get the Official JAMB Brochure

A JAMB brochure is a small booklet that contains information concerning the courses, universities, topics and JAMB syllabus you should focus on when you are studying for your exam. It also has information about the recommended textbooks and the expected outcome of each exercise.

The brochure should be your first compass or timetable if you want to study well for your exam. We will lets you to quickly get the booklet on the JAMB official website.

The JAMB brochure is in PDF format, so ensure that your device can access the PDF files before downloading them. After downloading them, focus more on the topics and see things like “Outcome”.

The outcome suggests areas where the board will examine you in the exam. Since it shows you what they want you to know, you will be tested in those areas.

2. Get Recommended Texts Available

Remember that we told you earlier that you would find the recommended text in the JAMB brochure. One of the best ways to ensure that you study rightly for your JAMB is to get those recommended textbooks.

The fact here is not for you to go to the market or book shop and buy all the books on each subject. Under the recommended text, there is more than one recommended, so you should not buy all of them, check here for the best chemistry textbooks for JAMB.

Instead, when you go to the book shop, check all the recommended texts first and glance through them. Go with the one you will quickly understand and pay for; remember that buying all the textbooks won’t make you score in JAMB, so do the right thing and be focused.

3. Draft Your Time Table/Reading Plan

Now you have gotten the recommended texts you need, and you already know the topics you should also cover. The question should be, how do you read and study to score high in JAMB?

The only methods to do that are to draft a reading timetable, and I believe that you are used to the idea of what one looks like. When you have your schedule, distribute the subjects evenly and accord the same time to them.

how to pass jamb

Follow your timetable consistently, knowing that you are on a serious business as you do not want to fail the JAMB exam.

4. Read and Study

One thing is to draft a timetable, and another is to read and follow your timetable. Reading and studying is the field where you pass or fail your JAMB exam, and do not expect to get a high score in JAMB if you do not read.

Now when you want to study for your JAMB to pass it excellently, there are certain things that you should do to help you learn without distractions, and we have taken our time to highlight the ways to read without losing focus in our previous article.

read and study

Most importantly, do away with your phone, social media or any form of distraction when you want to read; this would help you to read faster, efficiently, and effectively and understand more.

5. Enrol in Extra Lessons/JAMB Lesson

The importance of extra lessons cannot be over-emphasized, and schools or academic centres organize them to train students and prepare them for the JAMB. We are sure that you have seen several posters and adverts for JAMB lessons in your areas.

You should consider the extra lessons your school offers if any. However, if your school is not accredited or does not offer efficient JAMB lessons, you can go to external academic centres and get the best one for you.

You should not go to a JAMB lesson just because your friends are there because the focus is for you to learn and study for the upcoming 2023 JAMB exam.

6. Search for Extra Educational Materials

Typically, you might find some subjects challenging to understand or, in some cases, some topics. You have identified your weakness and shouldn’t just run away from the subject or issue. All you need to do is to use the online resources, particularly YouTube videos and explanatory articles on that topic.

When you are done, return to that topic or subject and keep trying until you understand it. You can also ask your teachers in school questions or instructors in your academic lessons, and they will help you to understand it better.

7. Practice JAMB Past Questions and Answers

Practising regularly is very important if you are interested in how to study for JAMB and pass excellently in 2023. There are several websites and apps on the Google play store or Apple store where you can find CBT Questions that you can attempt.

You can also visit any nearby bookstores and purchase the JAMB past questions and answers for all your registered subjects, including the use of English.

how to pass jamb

Practising JAMB question on websites and apps is good because mastering the keys on the keyboard will help you write faster in the JAMB exam.

One can’t undermine the importance of past questions as JAMB mostly bring up repeated questions, but it might not be ‘word for word,’ and you will be able to score your performance and have a chance to improve on it before you write the JAMB correctly.

How to Pass JAMB In 2023

An excellent or brilliant JAMB score ranges from 250 and above, but you should aim to score above 300. Although the JAMB cut-off mark for admission into the university has been reduced to below 200.

However, some professional courses like Law, Medicine, and Nursing still require that you get a high JAMB score to be admitted to the university to study that particular course.

how to pass jamb

So when your JAMB score is above 250, you should rest assured that you have a higher chance of getting admitted to study your desired course subject to the admission limit of the university. So the reality here is to strive to get a higher score to increase your chances of studying your desired course in a higher institution.

Now that you have studied very hard for your 2023 JAMB, let us show you how to pass it excellently; you must follow these instructions below as they go a long way in helping you pass your JAMB exam.

1. Locate Your Examination Center Early

As much as you might want to disregard this pre-examination preparation step, I will advise you to take promptness to centres very seriously. When my Cousin sat for the 2022 JAMB, she left for the centre a day before her exam date because she needed to arrive early since we did not live close to the centre.

The case here is relative and depends on your environment and the distance of the JAMB CBT centre around your area. If you stay in busy cities, then in order not to be caught in traffic, you have to leave very early.

The essence of doing this is that it helps you to locate your seat on time, and you will be relaxed and still have time to do some quick revision before the exam starts.

2. Avoid Going to the Examination Centre with Contraband Materials

One thing that could stop you from participating in the exam despite your academic preparations is entering the examination centre with devices or materials not allowed.

One of the significant devices not allowed into the examination centre is your mobile phones and smartwatches. If you are caught with any of the above, be sure that you won’t sit for the exam, or you will have to start later than your mates.

The embargo placed on phones and gadgets is to avoid and reduce the rate of examination malpractice in JAMB. It is a serious and punishable offence under Nigeria Laws to be engaged in malpractice.

So even if you study well and are found with materials not allowed, it is highly probable that you won’t pass your JAMB excellently as you wished.

3. Follow the Examination Rules

Avoid making noise, cheating, or talking before or during the exam. When you get to the examination centre, and you must have completed the preliminary biometric checking and initial clearance, you should locate your system.

Sit quietly and avoid all urges to talk or speak at that moment. Take out that time and memorize quickly internally what you have been studying so far; you should start your examination when you are to begin.

4. Be Time Manageable

One of the ways on how to pass JAMB 2023 is to understand how to manage your time. Each course is allotted a particular time which is automated, and this means that once your time is up, the system logs you out entirely and auto-submit your answers.

To increase your pace, you should read each question quickly and quickly. You are reading to understand the question and should provide the answers immediately. Ensure that your answers are concise, simple, and understandable.


Make sure you tick the correct or nearly correct option when unsure of the right answer, and when you do not know the answer to a question, skip it and go to the next question, and you should avoid unnecessary delays in answering your questions.

5. Review Answers and Attend to Unanswered Questions

Well, this is the last but not the most miniature stage on how to study for JAMB and pass excellently in 2023; make sure you go over your answers to the questions and double-check them.

If you have any unanswered questions, you should try as much as possible to supply the answers that you believe are nearly correct among the options that you have. Please avoid picking options at random and in an indiscriminate manner.

Although some people feel that it works, it’s a bad habit, and you get unlucky most times because you might know the answer the second time you reread the question rather than just picking solutions randomly. When you are sure you have attempted all the questions available, you can click on the submit button.

Note: The fact that you are writing a Computer based test JAMB exam means that it could be affected by internet failure, as it happens sometimes. If you experience an unfortunate incident, do not hesitate to alert the JAMB officials immediately; avoid complaining to your colleague or disturbing the exam.

Additionally, if the system logs you out before time, you should alert them to prompt assistance, as this can make or mar your JAMB examination performance.


Well, we are sure that you are just a mile away from scoring high in JAMB 2023; the article above is like drugs dispensed to a sick patient; if the patient takes the medications as prescribed, the patient will, in all things being equal, get better.

The remaining task for you is to implement what we have said, and you can come back here and give your testimony. Endeavour to always come back here to get JAMB news updates which will help you not to miss out on any vital information.

Also, you can get to know about your Post UTME exam here, and if you have any questions, drop them in the comment box, and we will gladly help you.

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