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how to get a teacher fired

How to get a teacher fired – The art of teaching is one of the most significant factors in knowing a good school. When you have bad teachers there, it represents a terrible image of the school. Sometimes it is necessary to fire a teacher from her duty when she is underperforming or going contrary to her duties. There are several reasons why you would want to do such.


However, firing a teacher is not as easy as it sounds on the lips. They are confident that anyone desirous of firing or dismissing a teacher should follow. The rules apply to students, employers, or even a self-dismissal by the teacher. So if you are among any of the categories, they are norms, standards, and practices laid down by the law to be followed.

Under the law, to dismiss anyone under your employment, you must follow due process and avoid arbitrary firing of any of your employees. The law gives them the right to challenge you in court if you do such a thing.


As much as it is a lengthy task to fire a teacher from her duties, you must strictly follow the due process.

Even if you are a teacher and you are tired of your working environment, there are specific rules and regulations to be followed to fire yourself from working as a teacher legally.

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The essence of this article is to guide you through the due process you can take to fire a teacher in school, either as a student, an employer, or self-dismissal by the teacher. We shall consider the various categories for clarity and better understanding.


Reasons Why A Teacher Can Be Fired From Job

There are numerous reasons why a teacher can be dismissed from their job. This is because teachers represent the image of the school. When you have poor teachers, it affects the students and their learning. So a teacher needs to be careful and understand that the following grounds could lead to possible dismissal;

  1. Violence against the student, employer, or any staff of the school
  2. Gross incompetence in the discharge of her function as a teacher
  3. Misappropriation of school funds
  4. Extortion of funds from the students
  5. Engagement, aiding, or counseling any student involved in any examination malpractices
  6. Conviction of a criminal offense by a court of competent jurisdiction

Ways A Teacher Can Be Fired

There are three (3) major ways a teacher can be fired from her job. They are;

  • By a complaint or petition from the student
  • Through the employer or Board of Governors
  • By the teacher herself

How to Get A Teacher Fired As A Student

If you are a student with irreconcilable issues with your teacher, then you should take the following steps to approach such a situation.


1. Inform the teacher About your Reservations

This should be the first point of approach to the solution. Meet the teacher in question privately after class to speak about the situation of things. It will help if you do it in a very calm and respectful manner.

Register your dissatisfaction with the teacher’s actions, pointing to or highlighting precisely the attitude you are not satisfied with. Afford the teacher the chance for an explanation and listen to them respectfully.

2. Do not abuse the Teacher

Ensure that you do not engage in any banter of words or abuse the teacher. Do not engage in any argument of any form. Make sure that you are not a disrespectful student in class or one who disturbs the class. In other words, maintain a good record of behavior.

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3. The complaint Against the Teacher Must Be Valid

We have highlighted the possible grounds upon which a teacher in a school can be fired from her duty. To have a successful case, you must prove that the teacher has violated those valid grounds for dismissal.

They include; immoral conduct, incompetence, neglect of duty, substantial non-compliance with school laws, the conviction of a crime, insubordination, fraud, or misrepresentation.

More so, you can check the code of conduct for teachers in your school to know the grounds worthy of dismissal.

4. Keep Proper And Detailed Records of Acts of the Teacher

Once you have analyzed the grounds upon which a teacher could be fired from her job, you should keep a good record of the occurrence of those acts.

Make sure you are detailed in your recordings and precise. You should note the date and time or manner of the act’s occurrence and do it secretly so the teacher will not find out. If there are witnesses, write down their names.

5. Collect Material Evidence To Support Your Petition

The next step is collating evidence discreetly. They could either be audio or visual coverages. However, bear in mind that some states prohibit recording another person without consent obtained.

Notwithstanding, the essence of the evidence is to give flesh to the case you have against the teacher.

6. Write A Petition to the School Authority Reporting The Act

It is highly advisable for you not to go alone here to file the report. You can go with any of your friends or family members to accompany you. Take with you photocopies of the evidence you have gathered so far.

Respectfully, make your report known to the principal in detail. Inform the principal of the initial step you took when you met the teacher to lay your complaints. If they are any witnesses, you should also let the principal know about them.

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7. Follow it Up

When you must have provided all the necessary information against the teacher, it is imperative that you ask the authority how they will take the following action.

The action of the school depends on the nature of the act reported. If no report has been made against the teacher, she might be queried and given a stern warning.

How to Fire A Teacher As An Employer

If you are an employer and you are confused about how to get a teacher fired, we will outline the steps for you to do that in a less stressful way.

1. Warn The Teacher Against the Act

This is the first step you should take. It would be best to warn the teacher to desist from such action.

The warning can either be done verbally or in a written manner.

2. Keep Materials to Help Them Improve

This is usually a compulsory requirement in some states. The essence of this is to make sure that the teacher understands your position.

Make sure you have a copy of the document in your file and the teachers’ file for reference purposes.

3. Keep an Eye on the teacher in the Classroom

This is the time for the school authority to monitor the teacher closely, and it is to determine if the teacher persists in such acts. This is to help gather evidence to decide whether or not they will proceed to fire the teacher.

You should take records of any incident that occurs during this period.

4. Present the Report to The School Board and Inform the Teacher

If, after the monitoring, there are enough reasons to fire the teacher, then the complaints should be filed officially to the school authority. The teacher should be informed and allowed to defend herself once the panel is constituted.

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