How To Become A Lawyer In Ohio (Plus Salary And Skills)

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How to become a lawyer in Ohio – The idea and desire of being a lawyer in the USA are fascinating, and it appears to be everyone’s dream. However, the requirements to become one differs in every state.


We will focus on becoming a lawyer in Ohio, even as an international student, and the processes you must go through to get your license to practice there.

Who is a Lawyer?

A lawyer is that professional who argues your court case and reviews your documents like; contracts, deeds, wills, mergers and acquisition documents, immigration, and several other areas of legal practice.


A Lawyer is the one you can go to when you want to sue someone for an offense against your person or when there is a suit against you in a court of law. These could be for your injury, accident, or even mesothelioma cancer claims in court.

how to become a lawyer in Ohio

There are diverse areas or specialties in law. This is because there are several laws regulating different human activities. We have criminal law, which has provisions for what constitutes an offense in a particular jurisdiction, the elements of the offense, and the punishment for such an offense.


Civil law is a compilation of certain civil rights that are personal in the form of rights against any form of the tortious act. Civil wrongs include breach of contract, unlawful dismissal from employment, assault, battery, and the rest.

Different Types of Lawyers in Ohio

Let us highlight various kinds of lawyers in Ohio that you should know. These areas are related to the laws that regulate activities in that field. They are;

  • Employment lawyer
  • Environmental lawyer
  • Corporate lawyer
  • Family lawyer
  • Real estate lawyer
  • Criminal lawyer
  • Bankruptcy lawyer
  • Tax lawyer
  • Personal injury lawyer
  • Intellectual property lawyer
  • Civil rights lawyer
  • Immigration lawyer
  • Sports Lawyer

Job Description/Skills of A Lawyer

The job of a lawyer does not only stop at going to court. A lawyer, also called (a barrister) does soliciting works for you and below are the job skills of a lawyer:

  • Lawyers conduct client interviews to help determine the strength and weaknesses of a client’s case. During the interview, the lawyer will know what the client wants, and the lawyer will know the remedies available to the client.
  • A lawyer will also conduct legal research into the client’s case. This will equip the lawyer with the case laws and statutes to support the client’s case.
  • A lawyer also gathers evidence which could be documentary, oral, or detailed to present it to the judge and jury.
  • Advise clients on legal matters to ensure compliance with regulations in that jurisdiction.
  • A Lawyer drafts and files lawsuits, pleadings, motions, and other legal processes in the court of law
  • A lawyer also confidently argues the client’s case in court until judgment.

How to Become a Lawyer in Ohio

It is not easy to become a lawyer, so you must have to take the process seriously. Every stage you pass through is critical in shaping you to become a successful lawyer.

The steps below should be followed if you want to become a lawyer in the state of Ohio:

1. Complete a high school education

One significant and fundamental step to becoming a lawyer or legal practitioner in Ohio is to finish your high school education. One of the requirements for gaining admission to study law at the University is a high school diploma or equivalent to getting your Bachelor of Law (LL.B) degree.

You will need excellent and strong communication skills as a lawyer, so you should participate in activities like debates, public speaking, and holding elective positions. This will help to improve your confidence. You can also be a student lawyer taking part in research studies and reading legal articles online and in the library.

2. Bachelor’s Degree from an Accredited University

This is another condition you must fulfill before becoming a lawyer in Ohio state. The Bar admission office of the Supreme Court of Ohio makes it compulsory that you should have a bachelor’s degree to become a lawyer.

You can get your degree before you go to law school, while in law school with approval, or through the dual undergraduate and law school programs. The program runs concurrently and is usually approved by the court and the University.

3. Write and Pass the LSAT Compulsory Examination

The Law school Admission Test (LSAT) is a compulsory examination that all intending lawyers must write and pass to be admitted to the Law school to study law. This is the requirement laid down by the American Bar Association, the body that regulates the Law school in America.

The LSAT is usually a 6-hour exam that tests your reading comprehension, logical reasoning, analytical reasoning, and writing skills. To prepare well for the exam, you can always visit any LSAT training center in Ohio to take the practice test.

4. Attend an Accredited law school

If you pass the LSAT exam and you get the minimum score, then you can make your plans to attend any accredited law school in America. It takes approximately 3 years for you to complete the law school program.

Although, the length of time differs in some jurisdictions outside the country. Upon graduation from Law school, you are given a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree.

In Law school, you will undergo the necessary training in courses like criminal law, constitutional law, employment law, corporate law, the law of tort, and property law. You will also learn more skills in legal drafting and legal reasoning as a lawyer.

5. Pass the Ohio bar exam

After the law school program, you are required to sit for the Ohio state bar final examination. The test usually takes place in the space of 3 days after your law school program.

You will be tested on contracts, ethics, criminal, constitutional, property, torts, and transactions. It would help if you studied very hard to pass the exam. This is the last and critical stage you will go through to become a lawyer in Ohio.

6. Admission into Ohio State Bar Association

Once you have passed the law school exam, you will have to attend the bar ceremony where you will be officially admitted as a lawyer in Ohio state. After that, you must undergo some sets of pupilage as a new wig.

It is a compulsory 2 years program that you will do either in a law firm or a company. This process will lead you through the practical aspect of the practice of law and prepare you better to become a better lawyer. The training covers the following topics, professional etiquette, client fund management, and law office management.

How to Qualify as a lawyer in Ohio as an International Student

According to Ohio. R. Prac. Law. Jud. 1, the following are the requirements for becoming a lawyer in Ohio as a foreigner;

A “Foreign Legal Consultant” is a person who satisfies all of the following criteria:

  • (A) You must have been admitted to practice law in your foreign country and have been on good behavior for at least 4- 6 years after your call to the bar ceremony. Section 2 of this rule
  • (B) Possesses the character, fitness, and moral qualifications requisite for a member of the Bar of Ohio
  • (C) Possesses the requisite documentation evidencing compliance with the immigration laws of the United States
  • (D) Intends to practice as a Foreign Legal Consultant in the State of Ohio and to maintain an office in the state for such practice
  • (E) Is at least twenty-one years of age
  • (F) Obtains a Certificate of Registration as a Foreign Legal Consultant from the Supreme Court according to the requirements outlined in this rule

Additionally, you must also sit and pass the bar exam to be qualified to practice after they must have reviewed your qualifying certificate. The review process usually takes up to 12 months. If you are successful, you proceed to write the exam just like everyone else.

Average Salary Of lawyers in Ohio State

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Ohio lawyers make an average salary of $56,120 per year, depending on experience, work, and legal practice.


Now you have learned how to become a lawyer in Ohio, even as a foreigner. Take the whole process seriously so you will not waste your time and funds. It is not cheap to study law. However, if you qualify as a lawyer, fortune awaits you if you are focused.

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