Best 10 Highest Paying Chemistry Jobs & Their Salaries

Highest Paying Chemistry Jobs

Do you know that some highest paying chemistry jobs for entry levels and professionals can make you live a comfortable life anywhere in the world? This article will show you how to get the job, what industry pays more and the skills required for the position you are seeking.


It is well known that the chemistry career path has a lot of opportunities and jobs. This is because it is a very broad field with different specializations. Some of the specializations for chemistry graduates are organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, materials science, petroleum engineering, biochemistry, and more related fields.

You should also note that if you have a degree in chemistry, you can be employed in different fields like science, research, business, and healthcare. Your job scope may include conducting laboratory tests, combining chemical compounds, and interpreting scientific data.


So  ou aim to earn high as a chemist to live a good lifestyle, then you should consider some of these highest paying chemistry jobs and tips on getting the job right away through your interview.

Top Highest Paying Chemistry Jobs

They are several jobs online for you to check out; however, we have compiled a comprehensive list of some of the highest-paying jobs in chemistry that you can always apply for online. We have arranged them in the list of descending order( highest paying to the lowest paying chemistry jobs).

1. Chemical Engineer

Average Salary £34,604 per year


This occupied the number one spot on our list. The primary duty of a chemical engineer is to design, develop and manufacture drugs, food, drinks, and other products through chemicals. If you are an engineer in chemistry, you can apply and work in refineries, hospitals, laboratories, and chemical research centers anywhere in the world.

Highest Paying Chemistry Jobs

Additionally, some of the highest paying chemical engineering jobs based on specialization are:


2. Chemical Manufacturing Engineer

A chemical manufacturing engineer’s job is to develop and design manufacturing processes majorly. They achieve this goal by applying chemistry, biology, physics, and mathematics principles. Some products they develop are food, drugs, fuels, paints, and chemical weapons.

3. Biochemical Engineers

Biochemical Engineers use cells and protein (organic or natural) materials to develop products. This could be from animals or bacteria like Algae to do their research and have a product.

4. Petroleum engineers

Petroleum engineers major in designing and producing methods for extracting oil and natural gas from below the earth.

5. Pharmacologist

Average Salary £30,622

Pharmacology is another high-paying chemistry job that you should know. They are professionals that study how medicines and drugs generally affect humanity and wildlife.

They have research skills and communication skills. This is because they are the ones who develop drugs, test them, and determine how they react to the human body before they dispense them and approve them.

They are different fields in the pharmacology department. Some of them are neuropharmacology, cardiovascular pharmacology, and veterinary pharmacology.

A pharmacologist can work in the following places; hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, health insurance companies, and government organizations.

6. Synthetic Chemists

Average Salary £27,673

Synthetic Chemists work in fields like food science, pharmaceuticals, fuel technology, and cleaning products. They conduct a test on compounds and molecule reactions and purify chemicals to get a good product.

They work hand in hand with chemical engineers and pharmacologists. Synthetic chemists are usually found in the following industries; you may find opportunities for work in any industry, such as healthcare, manufacturing, food, and beverages.

7. Wastewater Operator

Average Salary £28,849 per year

This is another highest-paying chemist job that you should apply for or consider. Water chemist studies the chemical components of water to ensure that the water is safe for consumption or use. We, humans, need clean water to survive, and the wastewater operators do that for us.

They collect water from different ecosystems to make rules and regulations on water usage. They are usually found in the following industries; laboratories, consulting firms, universities, research centers, and the government.

You will require a High School diploma, on-the-job training, state licensing, or an Undergraduate Certificate in Water and Wastewater Management

8. Analytical chemists

Average Salary of £25,935 per year

This is another highest-paying chemist job that s available for you. Analytical chemists study the chemical structure and nature of chemical substances for various purposes, including drug development, forensic analysis, and toxicology or other related fields.

Analytical chemists have various areas of specialization, including toxicology, pharmaceuticals, and forensics.

It is not easy to become an analytical chemist, and this is because, In addition to having a university degree in chemistry, biochemistry, or any other chemistry-related field, you must also master and have all the skills and techniques necessary for you to research chemical substances.

An analytical chemist can work in the following industries; laboratories, hospitals, research centers, and the government.

9. Forensic scientists

Average Salary of £23,571 per year

Forensic science applies scientific knowledge to detect crime, collect evidence, and take photographs. Thus, you can rightly say that forensic scientists work in laboratories and at the crime scene. Furthermore, Forensic scientists help the law enforcement agencies like the police force, including legal and military organizations, to discover the contents of items or objects like drugs, chemicals, fingerprints, or hair strands.

They can be asked to identify unknown items at a crime scene, which will help them investigate the case.

Forensic science is divided into forensic chemistry branches: forensic odontology, forensic linguistics, forensic optometry, and forensic pathology. Forensic scientists can be found in institutions, hospitals, legal firms, military organizations, and the police force.

Some of the skills required to be a forensic scientist are; Decision making, public speaking, oral and written forms of communication, and computer literacy.

10. Chemical technicians

Average Salary of £23,150 per year

The job of a chemical technician is to assist chemists and chemical engineers in conducting research, developing, producing, or even testing chemical products. They also monitor and test the quality of the products being manufactured to make sure that it is up to the normal standard.

Furthermore, they can also set up and take care of laboratory instruments, prepare chemical solutions, compile results and prepare technical reports with graphs and presentations.

Most chemical technician employers usually require an associate’s degree in applied science or chemical technology.

Alternative High Paying Chemistry Jobs

The field of chemistry is very wide. They are other alternative high-paying chemistry jobs that you can apply for which are still related to chemistry. They are as follows;

  • Quality control chemist: They ensure that materials used in the production meet the necessary standard
  • Organic chemist: Their primary job is to study carbon control in the human environment
  • Hazardous waste chemists: They study the atmosphere and create plans to manage waste and pollution daily
  • Oceanographers: They only conduct research and scientific works about the sea and report on finding how to preserve the animals there
  • Geochemists: They study the chemical components that make up the earth, like rocks and soils. They are experts in geography


We have given you a comprehensive list of the highest-paying chemistry Jobs that you can find and submit your application.

Do well and consider the requirements, the skills, and the salary involved before you choose the one to go with. Update your CV, prepare for the interview and make your application.

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