10 Habits of Successful Students

habits of successful students

Habits of successful students – Becoming a successful student does not happen overnight as they are some habits you need to incorporate and practice daily, as they will help boost your academic performance, creativity and composure.

As Mother Theresa will say, “little drops of water make a mighty ocean,” which is also attributed to cultivating successful students’ habits as it takes the frequent practice of a set of activities and becomes a routine.

These successful habits differentiate students who always fail their exams from those who pass them; however, you might be willing to learn what these successful students are. Still, before diving into the main topic, you must know who is a successful student.

Who is a Successful Student?

A successful student is a learner who always dares to be different by trying to solve a challenging question avoided by many and gives proper attention to their performances and works on how to improve them.

habits of successful students

Being a successful student makes you attentive in class, time manageable, and take responsibility for anything that comes your way,

Habits of Successful Students

Going the extra mile with a quality effort to get excellent performance at school and other settings is what makes you a successful student.

Are you looking for how to raise your performance at school and learn quality success habits as a student? Below are the top habits of a successful student. Ensure you read this post to the end; it will be an excellent investment of your time.

1. Self Discipline

Successful students inhibit the characteristics by controlling their emotions and weakness, are determined to give in to fatigue, and don’t relent until they achieve their dreams and goals. They go to class regularly with an iota of punctuality and make sure they pay attention.

self discipline

Self-discipline is one of the essential habits for successful students; as the former US president, Theodore Roosevelt, once said, “with self-discipline, most anything is possible.” This excellent quote attests to the fact that to be a successful student, you must practice self-discipline.

However, without self-discipline and tenacity, the possibility of success in all aspects of your life will be very low, making self-discipline the first on the list.

2. Time Management

Generally, successful and intelligent students possess common attributes as they can utilize their time correctly by doing the needful at a suitable period. They know there is always time for everything, making it easier for them to increase their productivity.

Brian Tracy says, “your greatest resource is your time,” this excellent quote implies that the instrument you need in cultivating the habits of successful students is time, and it depends on how you utilize your time.


Time management is easier to cultivate when you schedule your tasks even before that day, the time assigned for doing your assignments, studying and even sleeping. It makes you more organized and gives you room to do one task after the other.

Creating a do-follow and realistic timetable should be one of your priorities to be time manageable, and ensure your schedule is easy to follow, so you can easily stick to it.

3. Goals Setting

When discussing about successful students, speak about goal-setters with intelligent and achievable dreams. Successful students jot down and know what they want to be in the future and the steps they will take to reach the peak.

Setting a goal deals with knowing your purpose and objectives in life, especially academically, and then writing what you want to attain and get your desired outcomes.

goals setting

Above all, you must know that your goals must not be unrealistic such as reading 200 books in a month, which is nearly impossible.

4. Optimistic Thinking

One of the differences between students that perform excellently and those that don’t is that successful students think positively. They take charge of their low performance by analyzing their weakness and what caused the poor grades, which has positively impacted their thinking.

James Allen says, “as a man thinketh, so he is,” this denotes that successful students are confident and hopeful for better grades, and they get it because they think positively and work toward it.

habits of successful students

One of the main reasons students get to think negatively is due to failures, now, do not feel bad, and you should channel the negative thinking to studying better and improving your weakness.

5. Learning from Failures

Failure might sound awkward to most people, but there are always lessons to learn from, as nobody is above mistakes. Hence mistakes or ignorance cause losses and successful students learn resiliency and strength from failures.

Ever wondered why most students meet with professors or their tutors for comments after they have gotten their exams or assignment script? It is not because they are arrogant but because they are willing to learn from their failures.

habits of successful students

Richard Branson says you should not be embarrassed by your failures; learn from them and start again. Learning from failures is one of the habits of successful students as they are not afraid of failures; such students are not giving up and are willing to learn from defeat.

Successful students use failure as an opportunity to build up their tenacity, creativity and even motivation. They change their attitude toward work and are more committed to their studies.

6. Quality Relationship

“Show me your friend, and I will tell you who you are,” this wonderful expression means you are an honest reflection and definition of whom you flock with. If you are willing to be a successful student, you should make friends with top students.

You can start by joining a pre-existing study group that consists of excellent students or create your own, and it will lead to an avenue of making friends with students that you want to become a better version of.

Students are successful because they mingle with the right people, which helps them build a better version of themselves; good friends will advise and encourage you to become a successful student. It is natural for successful students to work with top students because “birds of the same feather flocks together.”

7. Striving for Progress

Another noting habit about successful students is that they strive for progress and not perfection because they are proud and appreciative of their handiwork and have aspirations to do better.

Striving for progress as a student makes you excel faster in your academics and every other facet of life. As the famous leader Winston Churchill said, “perfection is the enemy of progress,” this denotes that you should strive for progress as it is one of the habits of successful students.

8. Maximally Use of Available Resources

Successful students are always known to visit libraries and borrow; they know it is essential for their studies, and they are known to make significantly good use of any resources available for study purposes.

Even though they have limited resources for learning, they go the extra length to borrow valuable materials from libraries, friends and even their seniors; this is not because they understand the advantages.

9. Extracurricular Activities Participation

You might think successful uses all their days studying, and then you could not be more wrong because one of the habits found in successful students from our recent studies tells that they participate significantly in extra circular activities.

As the famous saying goes, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” this implies that it is okay to study and read, but ensure you participate in fun activities such as games club and even reading games. It will make you more motivated and even happy as you build your way to becoming a successful student.

10. Honesty and Integrity

One of the essential habits of successful students is being truthful and kind to people who might come their way, which heavily contributes to their academic success.

Successful students value their integrity more than anything else, even their grades because they believe it leads to promotion and one of the skills in becoming successful.

Therefore, as someone longing to become a successful student, you must do away from every form of academic dishonesty, such as examination malpractice, impersonation and many others and ensure you maintain great integrity.


Reading this post to the end, ascertain you have made up your mind to become a successful student, yet it is not enough as you have to cultivate the habits mentioned above and be assured that academic excellence is yours.

However, the habits of successful students, when cultivated, will not only help your academic life but will impact every area of your life positively. We hope you have learned from this article and do well to share it with others.

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