Farmer And Doctor, Who Is More Important? See Answer

farmer and doctor

Farmer and Doctor, who is more important? – Every society thrives well due to people who work round the clock to make things better, by which there are two common professions individuals tend to compare and get the differences between them, leading to commotion, debate and fight as a result of who is more important between a farmer and a doctor?


Farmers and doctors have continued to play an immense and undiluted role in individual lives, and we can say these two co-exist and are relatively dependent on each other.

However, in every debate, we must have a winner. It is imperative to explain the meaning of a farmer and a doctor; afterwards, the winner between the two occupations will be revealed.

So, let us begin:


Who is a Farmer?

A farmer is a person who owns, works and cultivates on farmland or rears animals intending to produce food, whether in large or minute quantities; there are two (2) common types of a farmer, which are:


  • Commercial Farmer
  • Subsistence Farmer

Commercial Farmer

A commercial farmer is a person who owns and operates on farmland or rears animals intending to produce food (plants or animals) in large quantities and for the benefit of society. These types of farmers contribute to the affairs of society and, likewise, the economy.

farmer and doctor

They can also be regarded as farmers whose aim and objective is to operate on farmland or rear animals and put them on sale afterwards.

Subsistence Farmer

A subsistence farmer is a person who operates on a small piece of land to plant or rear animals to feed on it and also with his family. These types of farmers produce food for themselves and their families.

Members of the society don’t benefit from a subsistence farmer, and such farmer’s farmland is commonly found: At the back of the house or in a garden.

Importance of Farmers to the Society

Then we now move to the importance of farmers to the society:

1. Production of Food

Food nourishes our body, and it is something you can’t run away from as every ordinary human being, and even animals need food for continuous activities of the body.

Moreover, farmers are the ones behind what is called food today, and it would be wise if we say that there would be no food without farmers because they are the beautiful souls that produce food either by planting, cultivating or processing, by which we got some through purchase, gifts and other means.

farmer and doctor

Above all, one of the vital importance of farmers to the members of the society is that they produce food.

2. Provision of Basic Amenities

Farmers have immensely contributed to the society and the nation at large. Can you believe that some of the basic amenities you use are produced by farmers? Yes, basic amenities like clothes, shoes, chairs, roofs and even drugs are all produced by farmers.

It is no more surprising that pharmacists, through doctors, got most of the drugs in the pharmacy from plant extracts, and sensibly speaking, some drugs won’t have been made if not for farmers.

One can say that farmers aid the provision of amenities.

3. Economic Stability

Farmers and agriculture have played a significant role in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and the social economy. This was possible due to the export of raw materials and food by earning valuable foreign exchange.

According to Statista, the agricultural sector through farmers contribute 30% of the Gross Domestic Product in Nigeria, while agriculture contributes 19.9% of the total GDP in India.


4. Provision of Employment

Another speculating fact that agriculture through farmers has effortlessly contributed to the economic stability is that it provides employment opportunities as it has become one of the adore sectors in the society.

The agriculture sector, through farmers, has lifted numerous people out of poverty because they are now employed, contributing to 40% of employment in India, 18% in Turkey and 35% in Pakistan.

5. Farmers ease life

Another strange and unpopular fact about to be revealed is that humans breathe in O2, which is oxygen, and we exhale CO2, carbon dioxide, while trees breathe in CO2 and exhale O2.

The above fact and statement depict the relationship between trees and human beings. Since Carbon dioxide is harmful to humans, but they are essential to the lives of plants or trees, farmers plant them to eradicate the effect of CO2.

Wisely speaking, we can connote the fact that farmers ease life.

Who is a Doctor?

A doctor is a person that is licensed to practice medicine to treat, maintain and restore individual health, whether physically or mentally. These are the kinds of people that treat people through study and diagnosis.


A doctor of medicine is said to have obtained a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of surgery, generally known as MBBS.

Importance of Doctors to the Society

Let me explain the importance of doctors to the society

1. Saving Lives

One of the priorities of being a doctor is to save lives, by which you call upon a doctor in times of emergency or when you are physically or mentally sick.

Philip Gold says, “Doctors save life – it’s up to create lives that are worth saving,” this excellent quote is trying to pass a message to humanity but emphasizing one of the importance of a doctor.

Trust me, the rate of mortality will rapidly increase if the world lacks the existence of doctors.

2. Improved well being

Doctors are known for improving and extending the life and well-being of every individual in the society. People with “death sentence” sickness, also known as terminal illness, now live longer than expected. Respect the power of modern medical technology through doctor’s research, study and observation.



Our instinct always instructs us to visit the hospitals whenever we are experiencing some discomfort or pains; the doctors are those who will diagnose and prescribe drugs for us to improve our well-being.

3. They control epidemics and conduct research

Due to the medical researchers alongside doctors, the outbreak of diseases, pandemics and epidemics are easily controlled and tamed. Doctors are responsible for informing, controlling and preventing the outbreak of diseases through study and public awareness.

When Covid -19 was newly outbreak, researchers and doctors were busy running tests, conducting practical experiments and research to find the cure for the pandemic, which they did successfully.

farmer and doctor

If not for the sake of doctors, a lot of members of the society would have died before their time.

4. Humanitarian Work

Doctors save lives, yet they also reduce people’s suffering and improve lives through providing free health care services, public awareness and advocacy programs to members of the society on essential health issues.

As if it is not enough, doctors sometimes work voluntarily on a mission to provide care and help to accident and emergency victims. They also train medical personnel in developing the tradition of personal hygiene among members of the society.

Farmer and Doctor, Who is More Important?

Convincingly, Farmers and doctors are equally crucial in the society because we can’t live without food, and we might die if we are not treated by doctors when sick.

As I have mentioned earlier, a farmer and a doctor co-exist, and both occupations depend on each other, while a doctor cannot live without a farmer and vice versa.


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