Education Vs Money, Which Is More Important?

education vs money

Education vs money, which is more important? Money is good; it can get you good clothes, a house, cars and many more. But how do you know education cannot get you this as well? Given this, I will take you on tour within this page to discover the several benefits of education over money and vice versa.

By the end of this article, you should be able to know the direct answer to the question, education vs money, which is more important?

What is Money?

Money is the most common medium of exchange.

Anything could be money, but most especially the currency a given country permits for exchanging goods and services.

What is Education?

Education is the activity of instructing. It is important to note that when we talk of education, two things co-occur: learning and teaching.

So with the knowledge of these two terms, we shall get into the main topic.

Why Education Is More Important Than Money

What are some reasons education is said to be greater than money in today’s world? In this part of the article, we shall answer that.

1. Educated countries are developed countries

When you check the list of the top countries economic-wise, take note of the countries you will find there. Then go on to search for the top educated countries in the world. With these two, you will know that just like health is said to be wealth, education can be seen as an economy.

education vs money

The United States of America, China, Canada, etc., are some countries topping these lists.

On the other hand, educationally developing countries will not be able to manage their economy, so development becomes a severe problem for them.

2. You cannot buy knowledge

Knowledge cannot be directly purchased because it is an abstract concept. If you seek knowledge, you must be ready to learn.

As you’re reading this article on “education vs money”, you should know that money cannot buy knowledge, which is one reason the world will not stop having rich but dull people. This is not to criticize anyone.

education vs money

Although it is with money you get to that institution where you want to acquire knowledge (education), the same money cannot put the things you are taught in your head.

3. Formal education reduces crime rate

You must have had formal education in mind when searching for this. Well, what is formal education? It is that form of education that happens in a restricted environment, such as school.


When a country, for instance, offers a qualitative education, most citizens will become innovative and compete with one another in science, technology, economy, etc. All of these will help reduce the crime rate because many educated individuals would have established themselves and sought more workers; employment opportunities.

4. Education brings peace of mind to a great extent

Although the kind of country you reside in may not have a good shape, you will derive this inner joy and peace of mind from yourself when you are educated, especially if you are the type that appreciates achievements.

You can look at it from the angle of a class of students preparing for an examination.


If the system is not corrupt (not taking bribes), the most prepared student, who has gone more miles to educate themselves for the success of the given subject, will be one of the happiest in the hall, not the rich person who has nothing upstairs to offer.

Moreso, when you get educated to an extent, you will realize you no longer value material things as much as knowledge. This feeling is fantastic and can and naturally bring out that inner joy and peace in you.

5. Education can get you money

Meanwhile, you may no longer be moved by material things as a highly educated person, and the wealthy individuals come to you for knowledge because they also want to get educated.

They are taking us back to the peace of mind, rich people want to get richer, yet they want to get educated. This means they will let go of one (perhaps partly) to get the other.

education vs money

Regardless of a person’s status, if they lack education, especially in an area where it is essential, they will need the assistance of a well-educated being (a teacher).

6. Free education is more common than free money grant

To tell us how important education can be, many universities in advanced countries offer it for free to students that are ready to learn, considering their previous academic achievements.


However, we must realize, on the other hand, that is it government or non-governmental organization, any group offering this will have to fund it with money on their own for success.

7. Education is money

Putting the definition of money into consideration, one would be able to say that education is also money in a sense. The reason is that it helps you become a knowledgeable person – knowledge, in turn, can be traded for anything.

8. Education (knowledge) is the greatest asset

Pardon me, please. Only that, to be straightforward, we cannot separate knowledge from education.

Why is education the greatest asset? You cannot ensure education, yet it lasts way longer than money. If a person does not know how to manage their money, the chances of losing it on time are always there and high, for that matter.

Meanwhile, you may lose the money that took you years to acquire, and an educated mind remains so forever because it is abstract and becomes part of us once obtained.

Education, though informal and non-formal (then), came before money in the history of humanity, so why do we want to have money before knowledge?

Why Money Is More Important Than Education

Money is one of the essential needs of everyone in the world we live in today. With money, you can make a significant change in any given geographical entity if you know how. But then, can money indeed win over education? It is indeed, education vs money, so let us look into that.

Note that: we would talk about what money can and cannot do.

1. You get to school with money

Parents who want the best education for their children will find a lot of money to ensure their children attend the best schools, which knowledge alone cannot help achieve.


2. Money cannot buy you peace of mind

Unlike the inner joy and peace, one gets as an educated individual, money alone will only make you get concrete items that won’t go down well for the person in question.

How do I mean? If, after all the wealth one has accumulated with stress, you end up noticing that he cannot purchase all that you need, such as peace and perhaps, you won’t feel good.

3. Money alone cannot get you knowledge

You need a person who has already been educated to get a formal education, whether through a book, face-to-face contact, etc.

After having money, if you need an education, you must prepare your mind to be open. That is not so when you already have the knowledge and seek money.

No amount of money can automatically make you understand what you are being taught.

4. You can inherit money

One of the impossible things is to inherit an education. Once you are not taught, you cannot have it. But on the other hand, one can acquire wealth by birth, which gives money the upper hand.

Nonetheless, this can also pronounce education more valuable because one must work for it to get it. That your parents are professors does not guarantee you will be educationally sound.

5. Money will get you material things

If houses and cars are what you want, then you want to go start finding money.

However, getting a sound education may be one of the best ways to get a lasting source of income.

6. Money purchases faster than education

Although when you are educated, you can make money by educating others or being innovative, one who has money doesn’t have to go through a long process to get herself the things that he wants.


Whether education is the most important or money could also be determined by the context where we find ourselves. The truth is that education cannot render you fit on some occasions because nobody will care to know the abstract first so the money may be more critical in such cases.

Have you read this article because you are confused about which of the two options to go for? Then I would let us know this.

education vs money

To live a worthy life, you must work to be physically fit, intellectually sound, and economically stable/buoyant. Thence, you want to strike a balance between money and education because they work hand in hand.

In conclusion, it is left for you to decide which of the things listed in this article of “education vs money,” as the benefits of education and money you prefer the most. Because we cannot prioritize the same thing, money might seem more important to you. Nonetheless, because of this, we would say that education is more important than money. So seek it!!

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