Easiest Nursing Schools To Get Into : 5 Best Picks

Easiest Nursing Schools To Get Into

Easiest Nursing schools to get into – I could recall a few years ago when my sister finished college. She has always wanted to be a registered nurse and get her degree from the best nursing universities in the world. Although funding was a problem, we searched for the most accessible nursing school to get her degree.


It was not an easy task to develop the design because you had to choose from a lengthy list of nursing schools online. They had various requirements and fee structures. We also checked the nursing school acceptance rate to determine the ratio of chances of gaining admission to the school.

It would be best if you understood that nursing is becoming increasingly competitive every day. One can not undermine the importance of the benefits of nurses, and almost everywhere in the world, except in some underdeveloped countries, nursing is one of the highest-paying jobs you can always apply for if you have the necessary documentation.


The United States is regarded and held in a high position compared to doctors and pharmacists and there is a high demand for nurses in hospitals and other necessary places.

The good thing about the story above is that we could find the list of the most accessible nursing schools to get into for your nursing degree. She got admitted and currently, and she’s a nurse currently. So I asked her, and she shared with me how she was able to find the most accessible nursing school to get a nursing degree.

How to Gain Admission into the Easiest Nursing School to Get into

Ooh!! She also gave me a list of pre-conditions you have to meet to increase your chances of admission into nursing schools. Here are the pre-conditions below;

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1. Get Good Scores in biological sciences Courses

There is no nursing school that will specifically request that you have a Diploma before you get admission. However, there are some courses you must have passed before being eligible to be admitted.

Easiest Nursing Schools To Get Into

These courses are primarily biological science inclined: Anatomy, Microbiology, Physiology, Psychology, Chemistry, Sociology, and Algebra. This course requirement is relative, so you have to check the one your school requires.


2. You should Have a Good GPA

This is another easy way to get into any nursing school you want. A high GPA means you have a higher chance of getting admission, while a low GPA means otherwise.

Most nursing schools’ minimum GPA is 2.5. However, the higher, the better your chances against other applicants. If you are looking to get into a high and well-known nursing school, your GPA should be around 3.8 and above.

3. No Criminal Record

No country in the world would take the risk of accepting an application from an applicant with any trace of a criminal record. This also includes any record of drug abuse or addiction to any drugs.

You might not see this as a requirement, but the truth is that they have a check on your criminal record.

4. Pre-nursing care experience/ Working Experience

The nursing school, my sister, applied to did not state that you should have any prior experience to increase your chances of being accepted. However, we later discovered that it was a factor that was also considered. This experience could be from your previous work experience or internship.

So after school or while waiting for your application, find a place to start working and have some hours of experience as a nurse.

5. Good Score on English Proficiency Test

A good score of at least 6.0 in your IELTS distinguishes you from other applicants and a future nurse should have good communication skills because you will use them at your workplace.

You will communicate with doctors and patients, and your employers.

5 Easiest Nursing School to Get Into

Below are the straightforward nursing schools you can get enter with ease:

1. South Dakota State University

South Dakota State University has been in existence for the past 80 years. It offers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral nursing courses.

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It has a hog acceptance rate above 90% and is the first school considered the easiest nursing school to enter. You should always check the open seats available before you apply.

 South Dakota State University Requirements for Admission

The requirements for admission to this nursing school are very considerable and low.

  • A cumulative GPA of 2.7
  • Pre-nursing GPA of 2.7

Additionally, you must have completed any of the following courses with a grade of at least C:

  • Chemistry Survey and lab
  • Introduction to Sociology or Social Problems or Sociology of Rural America
  • General Psychology
  • Human Nutrition
  • Organic & Biochemistry with lab
  • Lifespan Development
  • Anatomy with lab
  • Physiology with lab

2. Cox College

Cox College is another easiest nursing school to enter that offers a bachelor of science in nursing with low requirements. The acceptance rate for COX College isn’t as high, but your chances are high if you meet the requirements.

The only issue is that it has more course requirements than other nursing schools. Although, that should not be a big deal to you because you passed through those courses earlier in your school days.

Cox College Admission Requirements

These are the essential requirements to gain admission into Cox College of Nursing:

  • Official high school transcript or GED certificate
  • High school cumulative GPA of at least 2.0
  • Minimum composite ACT score of 18 or higher or an SAT combined score of at least 860

Additionally, you must have completed the following courses:

  • Human Anatomy
  • Human Physiology
  • Microbiology
  • Pathophysiology
  • Fundamentals of Chemistry
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Life Span Development

3. Illinois State University

Illinois State University is a gift to students who performed terribly in school in science courses. This university has low requirements and an acceptance rate of 15-30%.

No minimum GPA score or a minimum SAT or ACT score requirement is needed either. You only need to send in your application and hope that your low GPA gets you into the school because surely they will not admit everyone who applied.

4. Regis University

Regis university has a high acceptance rate of 71% and average requirements for admission. It could be among our list of the easiest nursing schools to get Into.

Still, since it’s a Catholic private school, I had to move it lower because not everyone is comfortable attending an inclined religious school. You can skip it if you wish; it’s understandable.

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This isn’t a school for everyone because the Christain faith and practices will bind you while you study there. It has a long list of requirements that you have to meet.

Regis university Admission Requirements

The high acceptance rate and the fair requirements have made it easy to enter this nursing school.

  • No minimum GPA or SAT scores
  • Proven experience in pre-nursing work; the site doesn’t specify how many hours though
  • Two letters of recommendation

Completion of the following courses with at least a C grade

  • Human Anatomy with lab
  • Human Physiology with lab
  • Microbiology with lab
  • Nutrition
  • Statistics
  • Health Care Ethics
  • Religious Studies
  • Chemistry with lab
  • General Psychology
  • Developmental or Child Psychology
  • Introduction to the Profession of Nursing

5. Drexel university

Drexel university offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and like the other universities on this list, it has low requirements for admission and a high acceptance rate of 76.9%.

Drexel University Admission Requirements

Surprisingly, there is only one requirement for you to gain admission into this nursing school. This has to be the easiest nursing school to get into without stress.

You must have completed the following prerequisite courses with at least a C grade in any of them:

  • General Chemistry with lab
  • General Psychology
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Anatomy with lab
  • Physiology with lab
  • Human Nutrition
  • Microbiology with lab

Note: It won’t be stated anywhere that you need a pre-nursing experience or letters of recommendation to get admission.

However, strengthening your application will be a plus if you have some experience and get a reliable and verifiable recommendation letter from your past employers or teachers vouching for your character.


Wow! That was a quick one and we have given you the list of the easiest nursing schools. One good thing about them is that they have meager requirements and high acceptance rates. So getting admission should not be a hard one for you.

Meanwhile, it could be effortless to get admission into any of the nursing schools we have recommended, but it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to get a good grade in nursing school. So you should be ready for the task ahead of you.

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