Does FULOKOJA Accept Second Choice? See Answer

does fulokoja accept second choice

Have you asked yourself, “Does FULOKOJA accept second choice candidates for admission?”

 I strongly recommend that anyone interested in applying to the Federal University Lokoja (FULOKOJA) read this post and pass it along to other people they know who might be interested in attending this year.

 The fact that you’re looking into whether or not FULOKOJA will accept students who placed second or third on the JAMB admissions list is a positive development. Many candidates don’t do this before selecting their institutions, which is a significant factor in why many students fail to get into Nigerian colleges and universities.

Approximately 20% of Nigerian students were denied admission to any college or university last year because they did not ask questions before making the right school selections.

 While this is the case, you must double-check the institution’s policy on second choice applicants before submitting your JAMB application materials to Nigerian institutions. Let’s get right to the topic, shall we?

does fulokoja accept second choice

 Does FULOKOJA accept second choice?


 The Federal University Lokoja accepts and will give candidates admission that makes them a second choice in JAMB if they meet their cut off mark.

 The FULOKOJA administration has already made clear to prospective students that admission to various departments/courses is not only open to those who have made their first choice from among the available possibilities.

 There will be admissions consideration for those who choose FULOKOJA as their second choice.

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 FULOKOJA does not consider it a waste of time and effort if you applied for admission this year and made the University your second option.

 How to make FULOKOJA your second choice

 However, there is a way for people who might they made a mistake for so long to fix it. The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has designed the JAMB change of course and institution form because candidates are likely to make mistakes in their course and institution selections.

 To amend any mistakes, you may have made in your course or institution selections; please complete this form. Thus, students who seek to move FULOKOJA to their first choice University from their second preference can do so.

 Why does FULOKOJA give admission to second choice candidates?

 One of Nigeria’s top Universities is FULOKOJA, which ranks among the world’s leading institutions. As a result, the University is nearly complete, and more students are submitting applications every year to get in.

 By not limiting admissions to those who have made FULOKOJA their first choice, the Universities can increase the yearly in-flow of candidates. 

 Note: The JAMB change of course and institution form has an expiration date that you should be aware of, and I am here to remind you of it. Because of this, those who might want to make the transfer from their second choice to FULOKOJA should do so right away.

 I sincerely hope that this post has been able to solve your question. I’ve just explained that the Federal University Lokoja accept applicants who are not their first choice.

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 Don’t hesitate to use the comments box below to ask questions, and feel free to contact us.

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